The Magicians – Lost, Found, F…ed

Last week’s episode of The Magicians didn’t have me jumping out of my sofa (like the Les Miz episode) or screaming at the screen “That’s awesome writing!” like Be the Penny. Probably because it was the reveal episode. Spell gone. Thank Julia again, for better or worse. But it did have one element that I’ve grown […]

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The Magicians Are Back!

And the quest is on!  It looks like we are in for ships, high seas, and keys! Need to get caught up on The Magician King fast?  Here’s my listicle for last season that pretty much covers how the show is tracking with the books.  Hey, we ain’t Novel2Screen for nothin’.  Consider this your spoiler alert. […]

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Why I Love The Magicians

The Magicians has quickly become one of my favorite TV shows.  The fact that it got picked up for a second season only halfway through the first season is a testament that many others feel the same.  It’s Fantasy.  It’s Sci-Fi.  It’s Drama.  It’s Thriller.   It’s Comedy.  It’s Awesomeness. Based on Lev Grossman’s books, the […]

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