Outlander 3.9: Doldrums (and Superstitions)

Spoilers aplenty here, friends, about the show and the book. Watch “Outlander” 3.9 before reading. Welcome back (ahoy?) to our discussion of Outlander’s season three. Before we start, I want to tip my hat to the writers that came up with the title “Doldrums,” which dictionary.com tells us can mean A: a state of inactivity, […]

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Outlander 3.8: First Wife (from Hell)

Spoilers ensue about both the show and the book. Watch Outlander 3.8 before reading. Hello, darlings. So this episode, “First Wife,” (the eighth out of thirteen) pretty much combines my Mock Episode Four, which I called “Home”—not too different from the “Home Sweet Home” that writer Matt Roberts considered for it—and my Mock Episode Five, […]

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Outlander 3.3: On Debt and Duty

  SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER. We’re talking about Outlander season three, episode three, as well as the book Voyager in this article. Ye be warned. So first off… #MurtaghsStillAlive fans say “Whaaa! Whaaa!” Yes, but they were wrong, weren’t they?! All right, lovelies. So last week, I sounded off a little bit about the […]

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