The Magicians – The Bad News Bear

Could any other bear be so adorable? No.  Absolutely not. He’s that ragged artist, brooding over his drink in the dark corner of the wine bar, who you’ve decided you can change. Others have tried and failed, but you’re different.  Hopeless cases are your weakness.  You like scrubbing the bad luck off a person and […]

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The Magicians – 2018 Winter Olympics

If the magicians were athletes, what would be their winter sport? Caught up in the excitement of the Pyeong-Chang Winter Olympics, I kept wondering that question.  Clearly I got snowboarding and magic on the mind. Here’s my breakdown of our beloved characters and their showing at the Winter Olympics. Eliot– With all the glitzy costumes […]

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The Magicians – Be the Penny

It’s safe to say Be the Penny was one of the best episode of The Magicians. It was my favorite, and that means ranking above the Les Miz episode, which is almost blasphemy for me!  Penny, a rather forgettable character in the books, is brought to life brilliantly by Arjun Gupta and the writers of the […]

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