Shadowhunters: January 2, 2017!

Shadowhunter fans!  We have a date!  January 2, 2017 will be the premiere of Season 2.  But don’t wait 3 months to glimpse our favorite adaptation. Check out the Season 2 preview on MTV here with the gorgeous and swoon-worthy accented Nick Sagar as Victor Aldertree. If there is one thing casting of Shadowhunters does […]

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Ed Decter Leaves SH; McG Calms Fans

Angels!  Listen up!  Our Shadowhunter world is getting shaken up.  Word just hit that show-runner Ed Decter has abruptly left the show!  This is the person Katherine McNamara called “the amazing captain of our ship” in Novel2Screen’s exclusive interview. It hasn’t been released why outside of the typically answer of “creative differences.”  There were rumors […]

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