12 Book Adaptations to get excited about in 2023

With each New Year comes a fresh lineup of literary adaptations, and 2023 will not disappoint audiences. Much-anticipated sequels (Dune, Shadow and Bone) finally arrive to satiate followers. Beloved classics (Wonka, The Color Purple) get new spins—and songs. Judy Blume adds another film adaptation to her career as an author, as does Bram Stoker. Whether you’re into […]

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The Show and the History

Our Flag Means Death is comedic romp that follows the ridiculous, yet real-life story of aristocrat Stede Bonnet and his mid-life crisis decision to abandon his family and sugar plantation in Barbados to become a pirate. Yes, you read that correctly. This is a true story. You cannot make this up. The show stars Rhys […]

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The Adaptation Watch 2022

As we enter 2022 we have a brand new and substantial slate of literary adaptations coming to big and small screens near you. Here are the titles we’re looking forward to (not counting continuations of shows like Shadow and Bone, coming back to Netflix for a second season later this year). Some are films, some […]

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The Successful Screenwriter Interview

Recently, I had the pleasure to talk screenwriting with Geoffrey D. Calhoun on his podcast The Successful Screenwriter. In the interview, we chatted about industry tips for screenwriters, trends in the indie film market, and how writers capitalize on market their scripts to filmmakers. Please check out the podcast here and subscribe to The Successful Screenwriter […]

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The Babysitters Club

The first Babysitters Club I read was Claudia and the Phantom Phones Calls. I was soon addicted. I don’t know if it was the spooky atmosphere of the book or the terrifying atmosphere of the night I bought the book, but I distinctly remember when and where I found Ann M. Martin’s book. My mom was […]

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