Parallels: Time Travel for the Whole Family

What it’s about: Parallels follows the twisting journey of four teens–Romane, Sam, Victor, and Bilal–who are separated by a sudden glitch in spacetime while partying together in an abandoned bunker. Names you might know: The show stars Thomas Chomel (Clem), Omar Mebrouk (H24), Jade Pedri (Skam France), Jules Houplain (HPI), Naidra Ayadi (Polisse, Black Spot, […]

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The Show and the History

Our Flag Means Death is comedic romp that follows the ridiculous, yet real-life story of aristocrat Stede Bonnet and his mid-life crisis decision to abandon his family and sugar plantation in Barbados to become a pirate. Yes, you read that correctly. This is a true story. You cannot make this up. The show stars Rhys […]

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