The Magicians – The Bad News Bear

Could any other bear be so adorable?

teddy bear love

No.  Absolutely not. He’s that ragged artist, brooding over his drink in the dark corner of the wine bar, who you’ve decided you can change.


Others have tried and failed, but you’re different.  Hopeless cases are your weakness.  You like scrubbing the bad luck off a person and need a new case. New Year. New Bear.

Besides, it isn’t like his owner Frankie loves him.  He tosses him from person to person in need of a little luck. Sandwiches delivered via bird.  Even that doesn’t earn respect.

No, this bear needs a home, a hug. Someone who will nurture him and remind him that he’s more than an object for acquiring Deweys. He’s a bear with a heart.  It’s not his fault bloody fingers and broken chandeliers follow him everywhere.  He didn’t make this choice. He was created this way.

But after a day with him, you question your ability to change him—and wonder where the python came from.  Perhaps that chick Marina isn’t worth the effort. Perhaps she could wrestle the bad luck from such a bear better than you, because as you’ve held on tight to his sweet tan fluff, Margo went god hunting, Alice is sneaking around the library, and your books are all “out for circulation.”


You give up on changing that cute, dirty bear. Maybe you don’t need a pet project when you already have magic to save.

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