The Magicians – Lost, Found, F…ed

Last week’s episode of The Magicians didn’t have me jumping out of my sofa (like the Les Miz episode) or screaming at the screen “That’s awesome writing!” like Be the Penny.

Probably because it was the reveal episode. Spell gone. Thank Julia again, for better or worse.

But it did have one element that I’ve grown to love over these four magical season: Margo.

I don’t know when my love for Margo began. Certainly, not in book one where Janet is rather one-dimensional. As far as the show, I always enjoyed Summer Bishil and Hale Appleman’s banter as Margo and Eliot, but they came into their own more as High King and Queen of Fillory. Perhaps it was the Margolem episode. Not every gorgeous actress can pull off a golem.


Lately, all I want to see is Margo. Her story arc from bitchy physical queen bee to High Queen of Fillory to High King of Fillory has been truly entertaining. Her tell-it-like-it-is approach to life is refreshing, especially when countered with slippery characters like Julia, Alice, and Quentin, who you are never quite sure what they plan to do next.

Margo, or Janet in the books, doesn’t come into her own in Lev Grossman’s series until book three, in my opinion, when all of Fillory is battling and she’s riding high above on the hippogriff. While Eliot, Quentin, and gang were traipsing around the edge of the world searching for keys, or magic, or a girl’s dead father from a storybook, Janet was holding down the fort in Fillory, taking on swamp turtles, acquiring axes and superpowers. You know, those beyond magiciany powers. Kinda like Elsa. Who knows if the show reveal this story line of Janet’s from the books, but we can hope. I’d love to see Margo with souped-up powers.

My favorite moments from last week was when Fen relinquished the crown back to the rightful king and King Margo took on Bacchus. In another world, I think those two could’ve hit it off.

jazz ahnds meme

With the clique reunited at Marina’s and Eliot all glowy-eyes, tomorrow night’s episode should prove entertaining. And I’m predicting it’s Margo who reaches in and saves Eliot, because that’s what she’s been doing for all of them this whole time.

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