Interview with Jillian Thomadsen, Author of All the Hidden Pieces

Novel2Screen’s next summer book recommend is a character-driven thriller perfect for your vacation read.  All the Hidden Pieces is a fast-paced mystery that’ll leave you guessing to the end.   When Greta Carpenter gets a call upending her life, she and her family hastily pack their bags and disappear.  Detective Roberta Hobbs is assigned to the Carpenter case, […]

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Interview with Shreyans Zaveri

This summer Novel2Screen introduces a selection of books through three interviews with up-and-coming authors.  Our first author, Shreyans Zaveri, takes readers on a perilous and dark rescue operation into a Russian bunker during the last days of WWII. As a photographer and visual effects artist, Shreyans Zaveri is always searching for the story behind the […]

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The Handmaid’s Tale – After

In last week’s article, I made the mistake of calling After the second to last episode for this season.  Perhaps it was wishful thinking to escape this dreary, morbid world like June, but I was wrong.  We’re only halfway there. At least After offered hope in a new direction: the trio working together to take down the […]

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