The Handmaid’s Tale – Choose Your Own Adventure

Last week’s Handmaid’s Tale had an explosive ending, one I didn’t see coming.  Having time to digest the episode, it is fitting.  Much of the episode focused on Serena Joy.   We saw in flashbacks her passion for her cause and courage to confront protesters, and we witnessed her tentative olive branch to Offred after almost losing the baby.

* Under His eye, there are spoilers!

BrunchSerena’s story is fascinating to watch, the choices she makes, how she manipulates a situation to her advantage whenever possible.  But Nick was the one who I kept thinking about days later.  Newly wed to a child bride who appears to be a Gilead loyalist from birth, she’s already dropped the seed of danger to his life by wondering if he’s a gender traitor.  In Seeds we watched the Commander promote Nick through marriage to unravel Nick’s influence on Offred.  In First Blood, Nick himself appealed to Commander Pryce to be transferred, with the note to protect the handmaid.  Strange request as no one will protect a handmaid unless the handmaid is pregnant, and that only buys one nine months.

But with the explosion at the Rachel and Leah Center and no idea of who survived, Nick’s request and trajectory is in limbo – until tomorrow night.  So let’s play choose your own Nick adventure.



adventure crop resize.jpg

As you can see, Nick’s life doesn’t look like it will have a happy ending.  Stay tuned tomorrow night for the second to last episode of season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Photos courtesy of Hulu.

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