Shadowhunters – Mid Season Kidnapping

The mid-season finale for Shadowhunters did what the show does best – leave fans divided and arguing over the trajectory of the story.

From the beginning, Shadowhunters has intentionally changed the storyline for many characters while keeping the essence of the plot intact, hoping to keep readers surprised.

Surprise!  It was a big one.  One that made me go, “Ooo!!”  If you haven’t seen the mid-season finale, stop reading and go watch it, then come back here because this is your spoiler warning.

Remember my last post where I reminisced about naughty Jace backpacking around Europe in the magical traveling house with Jonathan?  Yeah…that may not happen.  (Sob!)  In true Shadowhunters fashion, Jace was not the one who disappeared with Jonathan at the end.  Clary is gone.

Let that sink in.  What does this mean?  Do we not get naughty Jace?  Do we get naughty Clary?  Will she live happily ever after in Edom with Jonathan as his queen?  So many questions that only August will answer.  Until then, let’s break down what has worked with the show this season.

  1. Luke and Maryse  – I’m so perplexed by this pairing.  My emotions are conflicted.  It seems obvious the show is hinting that these two star-crossed friends will end up finding solace in each other’s arms, and oddly I think I’m ok with that!  Maybe I’ve fully given myself over to the show and let go of attachment to the books, accepting the show for what it is.  Jocelyn’s gone.  Robert is douche.  So, why not?  Yet, part of me is like, “Um…you guys were like friends, yet enemies, and Maryse, you fully supported Valentine who tried to kill Luke.  All kinda complicated sh*t you need to work out.”
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    Luke and Maryse
    Image thanks to Freeform – Shadowhunters site.  Fans are diggin’ it.
  2. Maryse stripped of Shadowhunter status and runes – This shocked me.  At first I was totally against it, but I’m now all on board.  Honestly, Maryse doesn’t have a huge role in The Mortal Instruments series outside of running the Institute and handing out orders.  Now she is in the thick of it but humbled by her new mundane status.  In away, she’s to Luke what Simon is to Jordan Kyle.  I’d love to see a spin-off show of Maryse trying to make it as a mundane in NYC.LAUNDRY
  3. Jordan Kyle – I’ve enjoyed the dynamic he’s added to the show.  Simon and Maia are a great couple, despite not being together in the books.  Adding him injected the show with more energy.  However, we now lost Maia.  I’ve grown to love watching Alisha Wainwright on screen.  Never does she feel like she’s reaching for her part or falling flat.  She’s committed to Maia, as is Alberto to Simon, which might be why they pair so well.  Hoping she returns fast.KYLE
  4. Sizzy?? – With Maia out of the picture, I couldn’t help but notice who was there in the hospital to comfort Simon.  Enter Izzy stage right.  As much as I love the chemistry between Alberto and Alisha, I’m dying to know if the show can pull off Simon and Izzy, or if they even will try.  Looks like we are heading down that road, angels!IZZY LOVE
  5. Matthew Daddario – Nope, nothing particular he’s done.  Just love watching him.  He’s a highlight to any episode.  I could watch sixty minutes of Alec brooding on Magnus’s balcony.  Just Alec…BROODING
  6. Simon and his sister – We all knew Simon’s sister Rebecca rocked.  I’m glad they stayed true to her story and their mom’s.SPARKLE


Yes, there are ways the show has not lived up to our expectations.  Sometimes the energy seems dead, like when Clary seemed completely unperturbed by discovering Jace was the Owl.  Or when Alec let Jace get captured by Lilith again.  One fist smash on the carpet?  Seriously?  That’s more like a throw Magnus’s end table across the room moment.  Also, there’s a ton of Shadowhunters on Death Row.  And very little comedic moments this whole season, which needs to change.  Cassandra Clare’s novels are full of witty, hilarious moments and quips.  The show truly needs to tap into that.

But I’m not here today to rip the show apart.  I’m here to celebrate the excitement I felt at the close of the mid-season finale.  I’m actually eager to see where they take the Clary/Jonathan plot twist.  My hope is they commit, run with it and push boundaries.  We know she’s not dead, but Jace and Simon don’t.  What dark path will that lead them down?

But I do want some naughty Jace.  I think we all deserve a little, right?


Stay tuned fore more Shadowhunters in August on Freeform.  In the meantime, check out Sweetbitter and The Handmaid’s Tale that Rebecca and I are reviewing each week.

Photos courtesy of Freeform.

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2 thoughts on “Shadowhunters – Mid Season Kidnapping

  1. I just have two complaints on the article. 1. That Clary seemed unperturbed by Jace being the owl. And saying the energy seemed dead. There were plenty of clues that pointed Jace as being the owl. His disappearances, his lack of memory as to where he was and did. Him not going to his treatment at the silent brothers; both Clary and Magnus knew this. 2. Alec most definetly did not allow Lilith to take Jace a second time. He was passed out!, and Magnus tried to keep Lilith from taking him but he was exhausted do to the magic he had used to bring them all back.

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    1. Thanks for reading! No, Alec didn’t let Lilith take Jace, but I do think the acting could’ve been more intense, more angry reaction to his failure. Same with Clary. Just IMO I felt the reaction Katherine McNamara had to the reveal was flat. But really enjoyed this season overall!


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