The Handmaid’s Tale – Choose Your Own Adventure

Last week’s Handmaid’s Tale had an explosive ending, one I didn’t see coming.  Having time to digest the episode, it is fitting.  Much of the episode focused on Serena Joy.   We saw in flashbacks her passion for her cause and courage to confront protesters, and we witnessed her tentative olive branch to Offred after almost […]

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The Handmaid’s Tale – Seeds

As The Handmaid’s Tale leaves the source material further behind, we are seeing a wider range of Gilead.  Episode 5, Seeds, brought us back to the colonies and revealed Gilead’s orchestrated arranged marriages. Despite not knowing why they relentless dig up the steaming earth, I’m glad to get back to the colonies.  There’s an energy with Emily and […]

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Sweetbitter: Everyone is Soigné

Hello novel2screeners! I wanted to take a moment to follow up on my previous article on STARZ’ new limited series Sweetbitter. I’m not sure how many of you have seen the first three episodes, but if you’re looking for something to watch, I definitely recommend it. Spoilers below. This very short series (only six episodes) is based […]

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Shadowhunters – Mid Season Kidnapping

The mid-season finale for Shadowhunters did what the show does best – leave fans divided and arguing over the trajectory of the story. From the beginning, Shadowhunters has intentionally changed the storyline for many characters while keeping the essence of the plot intact, hoping to keep readers surprised. Surprise!  It was a big one.  One that made […]

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The Handmaid’s Tale – Other Women

This article contains spoilers. Reflecting on last week’s The Handmaid’s Tale, I have little notes.  Perhaps because I enjoyed it better than Baggage.  June is back with the Waterford’s, which means glorious shots that look like Vermeer paintings and lies compounded on lies to keep face. Baggage’s biggest lie, outside of the lie of Gilead being Utopia, is […]

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The Handmaid’s Tale – Baggage

At its core, Baggage is about motherhood.  June making the choice to leave her daughter in Gilead.  Memories of June’s mom, the fighter in the family, giving June the strength to push forward to freedom. As a mom, this episode should’ve stuck with me, haunted me.  But it didn’t.  The only thing that haunted me was, […]

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Sweetbitter Episode One: SALT

Hello novel2screeners! Be forewarned, some spoilers below about the first episode of Sweetbitter on STARZ. So last week, I reviewed the book Sweetbitter (see the article here), and I really liked it, not the least of which because I too was a waitress in New York City in 2006. Stephanie Danler, the author of the […]

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Sweetbitter: A Bittersweet Moment

This week, I read Stephanie Danler’s debut novel Sweetbitter, in anticipation of the six-episode 30-minute dramatic series of the same name, premiering this Sunday, May sixth, on STARZ. Mild spoilers below. So, first off, I should say that I really liked this novel a lot, and found myself truly transported into its setting of a […]

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