The Magicians – 2018 Winter Olympics

If the magicians were athletes, what would be their winter sport?

Caught up in the excitement of the Pyeong-Chang Winter Olympics, I kept wondering that question.  Clearly I got snowboarding and magic on the mind.

Here’s my breakdown of our beloved characters and their showing at the Winter Olympics.

Eliot– With all the glitzy costumes and points awarded not just for athletic ability but artistry, Eliot would be a gold-medal figure skater.  His height would make him as commanding on the ice as Viktor Petrenko, with a mop of hair that rivals Johnny Weir.  No brainer.


Dean Fogg – He’s old-school Brakebills.  Only an old-school sport will do, but one with a tinge of danger.  The ski jump.  Showing the next generation obsessed with the half-pipe how the Olympics got it done in his days.


Penny – Speaking of the half-pipe, Penny’s rebellious nature will have him shunning all traditional sports and picking up the snow-board with Shaun White.  A pair of 1080s and Penny is travelling down the half-pipe to bronze.  Yeah, only bronze – got keep him brooding.


Quentin – This lost soul in need of a quest is looking to anything and everything for answers.  He’s either getting timed on his downhill skiing combined with moguls, or he’s doing the Nordic combined – downhill skiing with a ski jump, just to impress Dean Fogg.


Margo – In Fillory with her team of royal advisers, Margo is doing her best to drive that bobsled of a failing monarchy to the end line.  Getting caught up in the fairy queen’s manipulation may lose her time on the track, but Margo will find a way to avoid the major crash out of the 5 turn, if her team behind her doesn’t mess things up.


Alice – When it comes to technique and strategy, Alice is your girl.  She’s isn’t as much into sports as playing the game to her advantage.  She’s taking home gold in curling.


Julia – We’ve seen so many versions of Julia, with more to come.  She’s a warrior, a fighter.  A woman you don’t want on your bad side hunting you.  She’s long distance skiing to her goal and shooting down all in her way.  She’s a biathalon athlete.


Kady – Perhaps she could make it on a hockey team, but she isn’t much of a team player.  Kady is picking up speed skating.  She always is focused on one thing at a time, whether that’s saving Penny or helping Julia catch Reynard.  But when she crashes, she crashes big and takes out a few of her competitors with her.


That is your 2018 The Magicians Winter Olympic line up.  But the real question is who is shipping whom in the Olympic Village!

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Special thanks to The Magicians Fans Facebook Group.  

Photos courtesy of SyFy.

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