The Magicians Are Back!

And the quest is on!  It looks like we are in for ships, high seas, and keys!

Need to get caught up on The Magician King fast?  Here’s my listicle for last season that pretty much covers how the show is tracking with the books.  Hey, we ain’t Novel2Screen for nothin’.  Consider this your spoiler alert.

The show decided to mush books 1 and 2 into two seasons while simultaneously dividing book 2 between seasons 2 and 3.  Brilliant!  So, yeah, we already met the dragon, but now we have ships to board!

In the season 3 opener, the fairies are still stalking the castle as magic is down everywhere.  (Thanks, Quintin.)  Julia is the only one with a flicker of power, and Quintin is itching to fix it all.  Enter Bacchus with one of my favorite lines comparing Quintin to a wet washcloth.  Because when you need help restoring magic and getting sh*t done, why not go to the one god who doesn’t care about anything but partying?


I have a theory about Julia and her ability to do magic when everyone else is sparkless.  If you’ve read The Magician King perhaps you know where I’m going.  If you haven’t, skip to the next paragraph because I’m about to lay down a spoiler.  (Ok, now I have to write something unrelated for those people still hemming and hawing over if they want to read a spoiler to actually skip past this.  Haven’t yet?  OK, here you go then.)  Julia is a demigod.  Or at least her powers are manifesting in that direction.  She becomes one in The Magician King, and the show is loosely but pretty much following the books, so it stands to reason that meeting Heloise, Reynard’s goddess mama, and showing mercy on him granted Julia some special god mojo powers.

Although I find the dynamic between Quintin and Julia more engaging than Eliot and Margot, I’m always pleasantly surprised by the high king and high queen of Fillory.  In last week’s episode, they stole the show with their pop culture coded conversation, subtitled for those who aren’t caught up on the past 20 years of television.  As a huge Buffy fan, I was particularly pleased with Eliot’s insistence that Hush is the best Buffy episode ever.  Because it is.  Duh.  Silly Margot.


And there were bunnies.  Bunnies everywhere.  Think about it.  When you receive that horrible, angry email from someone who is blowing off steam in your direction, wouldn’t it just seem less damaging coming from a fully, hopping critter?  Damn, I wish bunnies could replace email.


The Tale of Seven Keys set the tone for another great season of The Magicians.  I can’t wait to find out what’s in store for us tomorrow night as Quintin selects the ship in port for their grand adventure on the high seas!


Watch The Magicians Wednesday 9pm on SyFy.  Follow Chris on Twitter @ACCooksonWriter and Novel2Screen for more Magicians, interviews, and more!

Photos courtesy of SyFy.

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