Let’s Talk about Something REAL – Web Neutrality

Hi Novel2Screen Readers!

Typically at Novel2Screen, we don’t get super political.  Unless of course we’re reviewing The Handmaid’s Tale.  But for the most part, we come together here to enjoy great books, fun shows, movies we wish were as good as the books, and silly memes.

But we need to address the reality of web neutrality.  All the fun blogs you follow, the niche craft sites you use, everything that isn’t supported by companies with lots of money – yeah, that’ll all disappear if web neutrality goes.  Just like small mom & pop stores can’t compete with Target and Walmart, small websites can’t pay ridiculous sums of money to have optimal search engine placement.

To link it to a film reference, as in Disney’s Cars, Main Street isn’t Main Street anymore.  Without web neutrality, the Internet super highway will divert traffic from Main Street so you only see the companies with the big money.

For more information about this issue and how to help, please check out this article from fellow blogger and amazing art guru Kathy Barbro here.

She writes: This is a very big deal for everyone because sites can be pushed to the top or sites can be buried into obscurity not based on merit, but how much they can pay. Apps, online services, video services and much more can be purposefully slowed down so you are forced into Comcast’s video stream service, Verizon’s music player, or whatever product/service the big companies want to see at the top. It would remove the free market principles our economy has been built on and eliminate competition.

Please take a moment to read her article and find out what you can do to help.

Kathy’s amazing blog teaches parents and kids how to draw and paint wonderful artwork.  Her techniques and projects have been used in my kids’ classrooms.  The results from all the children are amazing.

So while you’re saving web neutrality and calling your congressmen, browse her site for some fun holiday projects.  I know my little girl and I will be tackling her unicorn this weekend.

Thank you,

Chris & Rebecca

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