Shadowhunters: Season 2 Finale

Please note: the following article contains spoilers for the season finale of Shadowhunters as well as spoilers for the series The Mortal Instruments.

F SH LUKEWow.  I have so many emotions right now, not the least of which is a desire to party with Drunk Luke.  It’s no wonder the tightly wound NYPD cop and pack leader with too much responsibility gets a few drinks in him and becomes the life of the party, sticky hugs and all.  I heart Drunk Luke.

What I don’t heart is the Seelie Queen.  What is she doing messing around with Simon?!  This can only end badly for Simon.  I don’t recall this story line from the books (if it is there and I’m blanking, let me know!), but am I totally curious to see where this plays out.  This may be one of the first major change-ups from the novels that I’m interested to see unfold.

F SH CLACEI’m working backwards through the show as I recall the moments that stood out to me.  Katherine McNamara knows how to cry.  She does tears well; we’ve seen it before.  What we hadn’t seen was her violently slaughter another human – until now.  She stabbed Valentine no less than four times, and I felt every ounce of rage and anger coursing through her in that moment.  I’ve always doubted Clary’s ability to hold her own next to the Shadowhunters.  No more.  In fact, I don’t want to run into Katherine McNamara in a dark alley either.

I do have to ask this.  Who put a damn Circle member in charge of securing Lake Lyn?  Here is what I remember from Season One.  The Circle rune was put on Circle members AFTER they were caught by the Clave.  It was part of their punishment.  Remember Hodge’s would flare up and hurt him if he spoke about the Circle?

So why in the name of the Angel would you have a former Circle member keep Valentine away from the lake?  The Clave is so stupid.  (Yes, I’ve been reading The Dark Artifices so I may be projecting a bit.)

OK, moving on…

Magnus and Alec made up?  Yay!

Simon and Maia back together.  Yay!

Jace not dead.  Yay!

Luke’s annoying co-worker is back and ruining Drunk Luke’s fun.  Boo!

And, ladies and gentlemen, we have DRAGONS!  Technically, demons that look like dragons that split into multiple crawly demons when fired upon.  But still.  DRAGONS!  Shadowhunters is capitalizing on what HBO learned many seasons ago: everyone loves dragons.



However, no one in New York seemed to notice the demon dragon.  People either walked by carrying on about their day or kinda sorta were annoyed by demons crawling on their cars, but – eh – not so much.  I guess that’s New York for you.

And thus closes Season 2 of Shadowhunters.  This season was completely enjoyable with greater production value, fleshed out story lines, and multidimensional villains.  I’m talking about Sebastian, not you, Valentine!  Although, even Valentine got less annoying this season, which is saying something.  I have high hopes for Season 3 and belief that as this show grows so will the strength of the writing, the cast, and the creators.

One request, can we PLEASE give Isabelle a strong character arc?  She’s become forgettable, which shouldn’t be possible for someone as stunning as Emeraude Toubia.

It looks like Season 3 will pick up with book 4 – City of Fallen Angels.


Sebastian isn’t dead and Lilith rises!

It’s been a pleasure, Angels.  It is a long wait until next time, so I leave you with this.

f sh alec 2

Photos courtesy of Freeform.

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