Shadowhunters: Forever Fallen – The List

Please note: the following article contains spoilers for those who haven’t read The Mortal Instruments or seen the TV show.

I’m two thirds of the way through Lady Midnight and I really want to get back to it because Emma’s dealing with a lethal combo of revenge and heartbreak, so I’ll make this brief.  On some levels this was one of my favorite episodes.  But again, the smaller side stories stole the show.

Forever Fallen (In Love)

  1. Ducks.
    Is Simon training the ducks of NYC for a future attack on Jace??  He says to Maia he is honing their skills since they’re getting lazy.  Clearly Simon knows more than he is letting on!  Watch your back, Jace. SH 18 DUCKS
  2. The Music.
    For the first time, the music felt on point with the tone of the episode.  I’m so happy Sebastian didn’t take out the pathetic excuse for Shadowhunter guards to techno music.
  3. Sebastian’s Smile.
    OMG.  Will Tudor has mastered the creepy smile.  The look on his face when he left Max’s hospital room after hearing he may not survive was horrifying and perfect.
  4. Magnus and Alec.
    I enjoyed the flashbacks to their courtship since it was glossed over in season one.  And I love watching Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario on screen.  I could also simplify that sentence to “I love watching Matthew Daddario.”  (Don’t tell Matt, but Alberto was super duper adorbs in this episode too.)sh 18 CRUSH
  5. Maia’s Story.
    The highlight of tonight’s episode was Maia’s gut-wrenching tale of how her former boyfriend, Jordan, turned her.  What I loved was how close to the book the story remained and how beautifully Alisha Wainwright delivered it.  OK, Alisha, you’ve convinced me.  You can be my Maia.  SH 18 OMG


Forever Fallen (Not So Much)

  1. The Fairy Queen’s Lust for War.
    This is a trump card revealed late in the novels.  I was surprised to see it played early.  Then again, we are already meeting Sebastian and his cover is blown, so why not let the Fairy Queen declare civil war?
  2. Luke’s Mundane Life.
    I’m over it.  His new partner annoys the sh*t out of me.  I don’t care that he’s a cop.  I don’t think Luke cares that he’s a cop.  Every time we are taken into that world I lose interest.
  3. Just Track Max Already.
    In the last episode, Izzy was training Max how to track people.  She was really adamant he get this skill perfected.  Perhaps because she can’t track worth a darn.  She’s rushing around the Institute worrying because he’s gone missing, but after all that training she doesn’t think to track him?

Time for some Lady Midnight.  No spoilers, Angels!

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