Shadowhunters: Atonement – Time to Admit You Love Will

Please note: the following article contains spoilers for those who have not read The Mortal Instruments series or seen the Shadowhunters show.

Am I the only one thinking Simon and Maia have way more chemistry than Simon and Clary could dream of having?

Remember a few episodes back when Maia and Simon were driving in his van.  The pair in a small, locked space generated more electricity than the entire stock footage shot of NYC at night.  Tonight Maia tagged along to Simon’s house under the pretense she was making sure his Underworld depression didn’t lead to an unexpected slaying of Grandma Lewis.  However, she showed up at his boat house dolled up like Phoebe from Friends and introduced herself as Simon’s girlfriend.  Either Maia is totally jonesin’ for the Daylighter or she is the horniest character on this show.  She’s definitely out passed Izzy. This leaves me wondering: Was her smoochfest in the alley with Jace some complicated way to get back at Simon for checking out at their date and hooking up with Clary?


I don’t know.  I’m probably reading way too much into the Jace kiss – or lack of follow up afterwards – but you can’t tell me that you didn’t love the Yom Kippur scene.  The show is at its best when it strips away the glitz of the Institute and reveals the characters at the heart of the book.

Unlike stripping away Sebastian’s/Jonathan’s skin.  Wow.  Fan sites went crazy with hatred last week with that reveal.  I’m not a fan either, but I get it that it was easier for TV to handle it this way than try to explain why relatives don’t recognize the impostor. Fortunately, we had Will Tudor most of the night.  Oh yes, Sebastian, the accent does make you oh so charming!

Alan van Sprang is a good actor.  I don’t fault him one bit for doing the best he can with the material he has been handed (cough, Chernobyl zombies, cough).  But Will stole that scene with a combination of alarming glares and creepy smiles.


I never doubted you, Will!!

I loved Clary’s revelation that Jonathan (aka Sebastian) didn’t die in a fire, but is the show intending to come full circle next week already??  The preview hinted at outing Sebastian next week as Jonathan.  Can’t we just enjoy a few episodes of characters not knowing and being duped?  Kinda like how this map of Middle-earth totally fooled them.


Also, I’m ready for the Lightwoods to do more.  I need Alec out of the Institute and fighting.  The show tried forcing Izzy into the boring, be-like-mom role last season.  We don’t need Alec following in those footsteps.  Bow in hand, please.


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Photos courtesy of Freeform


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