Shadowhunters: The Problem with Day Jobs

Please note: the following article contains spoilers for those who have not read The Mortal Instruments series or seen the Shadowhunters show.

Due to my day job cutting into my Shadowhunters play time, I took a week off of blogging.  Bummer because The Fair Folk stayed true (almost) to the series with Jace and Clary’s kiss at the Seelie court.

I also loved the opening between Jace, playing the piano, and Sebastian.  Knowing their backstory made this scene powerful.


But the rest of the episode was sluggish.  I wasn’t invested in Luke trying to kill Valentine because Luke didn’t seem invested in it.  He’s never played dirty cop before, so his motivations didn’t ring true for me.

But we did get gorgeous shots like this.

SH 2.14 bridge

The kiss-off at the Seelie court the previous week provided more than one tearful scene between Simon and Clary tonight.

If you’re a fan of the books, you probably haven’t been on this Clarimon ship, which really just sounds more like a bizarre hybrid of a clementine and lemon that you avoid in the grocery store.  I loved the books.  So, is it wrong of me to be happy to see their relationship fall apart?

I mean, I love it because the two do crying on screen so well.  Katherine McNamara has more conviction when crying than persuading others to let her have her way.  And her way is always the worst idea ever.  Still everyone is like, “Ok, sure, we will allow you to bring Simon to the Seelie court and let you tag along in tracking him down later even when he needs space and seeing you is the worst thing for him, but sure, this once.”

OK, I’ll be honest.  I was cheering because I don’t want them together.  Simon and Clary feel more like brother and sister than Jace and Clary, so seeing them kiss on screen and in bed – just ew.  Besides, now the door opens for Sizzy!


Sebastian showed more of his dark side.  I know I’m supposed to hate him, but Will Tudor is still just so gosh darn cute.  I am perplexed why the show felt the need to make him look like a burnt demon.  I know his backstory, but the over the top FX took an engaging scene between Sebastian and Valentine and made it hokey.


And right when I thought Valentine was going out of the picture!  By the way, did anyone else think the removing of Valentine’s circle rune was the most anticlimactic event on TV?  The thing just faded away!  They could’ve cut it out with a spoon a la Prince of Thieves!  Oh, Alan Rickman, I miss you.

I leave you with this final thought.  OMG, it must’ve be so flipping cold in Toronto when they shot this.  In every outside, evening shot, icy, white billows of breath envelop the actors’ words as they try not to look like they are freezing their patooties off.


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Photos courtesy of Freeform

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