The Handmaid’s Tale: The Bridge

Escape to Gilead with Rebecca and Chris as we continue our conversation about The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.

If you haven’t done so yet, check out our Readers’ Guide for Margaret Atwood’s book (AKA: Don’t Panic), and our take on previous episodes.  Also, stay tuned for exclusive information about The Handmaid’s Tale straight from the creator’s mouths next week! 

Long story short, this episode (the penultimate one this season) was appropriately called “The Bridge” because they were kind of killing time to bridge all the setup with what I’m sure will be going down next week.
I fear for next week.
19073825_10212923447024711_437361218_nI like the storyline of going back to Jezebels. In the book, it’s a one-off episode. But this turns it into a proactive event for June.

Although, I have to say, convincing Fred to go back was a bit too easy, or too convenient, I guess. Of course, they only have an hour and they have to get her to Jezebels somehow. So, you know, I’ll let it slide.

I agree that convincing Fred is too easy, but yeah they gotta move the story along. Also, I do like how she manipulates it all to be about him and his ego.  “Let’s go to the bar, not because I want to go, but because I love how every admires you!”

19073641_10212923521786580_1880230056_nI LOVED the kitchen scene between Serena and Rita. I totally thought Offred was gonna get caught.  The fact that she didn’t kept me on my toes, and instead, Serena was caught trying to take a nip of scotch.  

I love how all the women realize this is totally effed up, even Serena who had a hand in it all.  And in my heart I know Rita’s son fought against Gilead, which made that exchange between them so powerful.


Yeah, Serena and Rita are gonna need that scotch to get through this hell hole life.

But of course, that’s the problem with drinking with a cult member. You’re all like, “My son was killed in that BS war you started,” and they’re all like, “Praised be.” And you’re all like, “I need more scotch.”

Speaking of women in repressed climates, did you hear Putin’s latest comment? Apparently, he stated he doesn’t have bad days because he’s not a woman.  Couldn’t help but think of all the Gilead commanders.

On another note, guys, I can only watch so many rapes at once. I’m about to go raid the scotch cabinet myself.  Which brings me to …

19075072_10212923446704703_636434217_nThe bridge scene (get it? It’s a play on the title. The Bridge. Get it?) is just killing me, mostly because you could see exactly how it was going to go immediately, and it just took forever to get there. Wow, but I did not think poor Janine was going to live through that sh*t. Poor thing. All she wanted to do was kill herself like any self-respecting handmaid has the right to do, and now she’s in the hospital with Nurse Ratched looking over her.

Not killing off Janine was a great option.  It also surprised me.  I thought for sure she was going to die even though I kept thinking, “No way is that bridge high enough to kill someone on impact.”  Having her survive was the surprise of that scene for me because, yes, I could see it playing out the way it did up until the hospital.

19073842_10212923447464722_1605367200_nOkay, the best part of this episode was the stuff with Moira, of course. This show always gets cooking when those two actresses get onscreen together. And the ending was a lovely pay-off. So, all in all, it whet my appetite for next week, but kind of just frustrated me with the raping and the killing.


The ending was phenomenal.  I was having a horrible evening and didn’t need another “oh f*ck” moment to end on.  Instead, we had Moira remembering the badass she is and taking charge.  Things haven’t gone great for her in the past, so I’m worried, but I’m hopeful that if anyone can get out she will!  And the scene between her and June at the doorway when June quoted her own version of “Don’t let the bastards grind you down” was heartbreaking.

Kids, don’t try this dystopia at home. It’s not for the weak of stomach (or those who can’t drink scotch right now because of a candida diet).

Photos courtesy of Hulu and MGM Television.

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