Shadowhunters: Mea Sebastian

Please note, the following article contains spoilers for those not familiar with the books or haven’t watched the show.

Finally, he’s arrived!

I’ll be honest.  The entire episode could’ve been Sebastian and Izzy in his flat, and I would’ve been happy.  Everything else seemed pointless.  All I wanted was Sebastian.

In the world of The Mortal Instruments, Sebastian puts Valentine to shame as a villain. Where Valentine is brash, Sebastian’s suave.  When Valentine needs followers and Chernobyl zombies (remember those guys?), MEME CHERNOBYL ZOMBIES Sebastian flies solo.  And as Valentine chuckles at his incestuous deception, Sebastian will embrace it.

I’m already in love with Will Tudor.  Yes, it is partially the accent.  That’s pretty hard to resist here in the States.  sEBBY ACCENT

But it’s also the sincere smile and peacefulness that surrounds him, which is a complete contrast to his horrible nature, making him the most complex character on the show.

The rest of the episode felt a little sloppy to me.  Perhaps it’s another result of trying to cram too many story lines (Izzy the junkie, Jace’s self-hatred, Clary finding out she and Jace aren’t siblings, Simon the Daylighter, the Greater Demon Azazel, Luke’s pack considering overthrowing him – oh, and he has an annoying new partner) into one episode.

Perhaps this is the purist in me coming out, but I hold Azazel from the books dear to my heart.  I loved Simon being part of his summoning in book 5 and asking Clary to clarify if his name was the same as Gargamel’s cat.  Then Team Good finally returns Azazel back to his hell dimension because the Greater Demon was literally annoying the sh*t out of them in Magnus’s loft.  (OK, not literally…) That comedy was deeply lacking from this episode.  My only laugh came when Simon tried to hug Jace, and Jace told him “No” no less than three times.

There was some entertaining bromance between Jace and Alec.  Good to see the parabatai bond back, but all I could think while watching the show was, “When are we going to see Sebastian?!”

And once he arrived I didn’t want to let him go.


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