Interview with Author Jason Michael Primrose

The Andromeda Project is Jason Michael Primrose’s debut sci-fi novel, the first in The Cluster Chronicles series.

No stranger to science and science-fiction, Jason had a short story published in the science journal Beyond the Science Kit.  Reviews of The Andromeda Project have called it “a superbly-written character adventure,” “fantastic world building,” and “fast-paced action.”  Novel2Screen is over the moon to introduce you to break-out author Jason Michael Primrose in our exclusive interview.


Jason Primrose
Author Jason Primrose

Chris:  What is the story of The Andromeda Project?

Jason: The Andromeda Project is about Allister Adams, a young super human who joins an organization in search of ancient alien artifacts lost on Earth. The team is a band of misfits with scattered purpose, but they need to work together to find the gems before a rogue organization uses them to seize control of world power.


Chris: Your website states that book was born out of the mind of a 7-year-old. Were you in elementary school when the story first came to you?

Jason: When I was in elementary school, we used to be able to do this really cool thing where we could publish little ten page books, so I wrote Dragon Wars and that became The Andromeda Project.


Chris: How has it evolved through the years?

Jason: It has much deeper meaning to me and is a greater reflection of my perception of the world. As I’ve grown, it’s grown. As I’ve met more people and learned more about humanity, it’s changed to reflect that expanded perspective. It’s funny to think back to childhood and how simple things once seemed.


Chris: Which authors inspired you as you wrote the novel?

Jason: Definitely Neil Gaiman, he’s an amazing storyteller.


Chris: Are there any film influences?

Jason: I always look for great storytelling in films. I love the Marvel films and think they do a good job of balancing multiple characters and keeping pace.


Chris: Sci-fi tends to have a select but enthusiastic readership. What about The Andromeda Project makes it accessible to non-sci-fi readers?

Jason: I think it pulls you in more because the language and setting are more now-ish, so what I’m describing feels like the very near future. Some of the book’s elements are more fantasy and can never happen so don’t be too critical of my hard science (or lack thereof).

AP quote 1

Chris: You’ve mentioned that perspective and understanding are major themes in the novel. Did you intend to write about those themes or did they manifest as the story developed?

Jason: They developed on accident! When I was writing, trying to balance the character’s relationships with themselves and each other as they move through the story toward conflicting goals, that’s what came out of it. I realized that like most people and most characters in stories, my characters didn’t take the time to understand the other people around them. So even though my characters didn’t change, I wanted to make sure the reader was forced to take the time to learn about each character.


Chris: How do you feel The Andromeda Project relates to the current political climate in the U.S.?

Jason:  There’s a lot of things that go on behind closed doors that we can’t control.  Even when you think you’re at the top (aka Nicolas Delemar head of the Andromeda Project) there’s always someone above you pulling the strings.  Money really is power. No denying it.  Our countries and governments fight all the time, but at the end of the day they want to preserve human life. Secret alliances run wild in the current political climate!


Chris: The Andromeda Project is book one of a larger series – The Cluster Chronicles. What is the meaning behind the title The Cluster Chronicles?

Jason: The Cluster Chronicles refers to a dream sequence had by one of the characters that detailed the fall of a republic of civilizations across 2-3 galaxies, collectively known as “The Infinity Cluster.”  The qualifying act is the re-activation of ancient artifacts sent to Earth for protection.

AP quote 2

Chris: There’s an extensive bit of world-building in your novel. How did you keep track of it all?

Jason: I think I read my book about 25 times.


Chris: Who was your favorite character to write and why?

Jason: I know this is going to sound weird because I love Allister, but Florence was actually my favorite character to write in book 1. I know Allister so well but Florence was new, I was getting to know her as I wrote. For book 2 that’s changed, but I won’t reveal my new favorite yet.


Chris: What can readers expect from the second installment?

Jason: A deeper dive into the characters, more action, some of the questions they may have asked will be answered.


Chris: How do you handle writer’s block?

Jason: Sometimes I let it be and take a break. It means I’m pushing and whatever comes out will be unnatural. Sometimes I push through to get the juices flowing because sometimes I’m blocking myself and it’s not the universe.


Chris: Some critics have said that this book lends itself to the silver screen. Have you considered adapting it for the future?

Jason: That would be awesome! The series is certainly adaptable for the big screen or even television. I am open to entertaining conversations about that. Right now, I’m focused on writing and releasing the second book, but after that, we’ll see…

Please check out The Andromeda Project on Amazon and other retailer.  

Andromena Project Cover

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