Shadowhunters Season 2 – What to Expect

The premiere of the second season of Shadowhunters is a day away.  I scoured Freeform’s website for every trailer, promo, and list to decipher what’s to come for fans.  If you weren’t excited before or on the fence, I think you’ll want to give Season 2 a chance.

Mid-summer the show lost its showrunner.  For those not in the TV industry that’s a BFD.  McG assured fans not to freak out.  Director Matt Hastings was brought on board, and now it is time to freak out – because Season 2 is looking sweet.

What do we know going into Season 2?

  1. Shadowhunters isn’t going to follow the book series to a T. (Can we say random Alec wedding, anyone?)  They don’t want the show to be exclusive.  They want new fans who have never read Cassandra Clare’s series as well as die-hard fans of the books all kept on their toes.
  2. Jace is off on a tanker getting brainwashed by his dad, Valentine. This is roughly a blend of the end of City of Bones and City of Ashes.
  3. Alec and Magnus are open to – well – everyone. At least all wedding guests.
  4. Simon is a vampire – and not a very good one.
  5. Clary has her mom back, but she’s lost Jace, who she gained as a brother, which makes the whole kissing thing super awkward, but Simon and Luke are totally stoked and bets are back on for Clarsimo; and she’s got a dad, who happens to be a psychopath. Follow all that?

I don’t think Shadowhunters will completely disregard the books for Season 2, but it is safe to assume there will be surprises for the fandom.  Here’s a list of 10 predictions for Season 2.

  1. Matt Hastings is bringing a new look to Shadowhunters.
    Dominic Sherwood stated that this season looks more cinematic than the past. Looking at the renovated set of the Jade Wolf and details in the Hunter’s Moon, I think he’s right.  Matt added about the Hunter’s Moon, “It’s a good place to get a good sandwich, play pool, listen to some good music, throw a dart or two and make bad decisions.  It’s a bar.”  Oo!  What bad decisions will be made there this season?!
  2. The weapons are cooler! The blades went from pointy glow sticks to swords with angelic etchings that illuminate.
  3. Welcome Maia! The complex and beloved werewolf is hitting the screen this season and making life complicated for Jace, who ends up on the bad side of her day.
  4. Clary goes badass on The Institute.
  5. Serious mother/daughter drama between Jocelyn and Clary – like we haven’t seen in the books. I’m diggin’ this.  Mother/daughter relationships are crazy complex, and I’m open to the show delving deeper into this relationship.
  6. Speaking of complicated moms: Maryse. Looks like she’s leading a manhunt for Jace.
  7. From the mouth of Emeraude Toubia: Isabelle goes darker. And I don’t think she’s talking hair color.  In fact, there’s something of a relationship with newcomer Victor Aldertree??
    Perhaps this is to string out the Sizzy relationship longer as Simon is clearly still hot for redheads at the moment.
  8. Speaking of Simon, there is very little in the promos of our beloved Jewish vampire and my favorite character, outside of him mastering the Darth Vader choke hold.
    This could go two ways.  Either there isn’t enough Simon in Season 2 (which will seriously piss off the fandom).  Or something is up with Simon, something super secret that the show is keeping hush hush about.  Perhaps he’s learning the Force?
  9. What isn’t secret, Clary and Jace jump off the tanker together, yet somehow Jace ends up in prison at the City of Bones, ala City of Ashes, and breaks out.
  10. Alec and Magnus’s relationship will not be easy going. Harry stated it starts out more as a friendship and trust has to grow.  WHAT?!?!  He clarified that you just don’t kiss someone once and end up in a relationship.  Sigh, fine.  There will be Malec angst.  I can live with that as long as Magnus isn’t a groveling puppy dog and Alec shows more than a fleeting interest in the warlock.


There you have it, angels and non-believers.  Personally, I’m stoked for Monday.  Season 1 had its ups and downs, but Season 2 is looking gorgeous, complex, and spicy.  And there is proof that both Dom and Matt have shirtless scenes.

Yeah, I’m there.  Watch Shadowhunters Monday nights at 8pm/7pm on Freeform, and join me each week for Shadowhunter recaps.

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