The Girl on the Train

You’ve had about a month to go see The Girl on a Train.  This means no excuses.  No spoilers – because you already read and watched.  Here we go! I had my doubts if Hollywood could pull this one off as well as the book reads.  It’s a nonlinear novel that jumps around three women’s point […]

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Voyager: “Mock 11”

Aw, yeah, people, it’s all getting real now. We’re getting down to crunch time. We’ve reached episode 11 of 13 out of our Outlander mock season three (and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the whole series HERE). So last week, the masks came off at the Governor’s ball, and […]

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Voyager: “Mock 10”

This is the 10th article in a series of mock Outlander season-three episodes. For the rest, click here. Okay, very exciting episode this week, people. We are going to the governor’s party, hence the masquerade masks. (And yes, I realize that the party isn’t actually a masquerade ball, but in some ways, it kind of […]

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Shadowhunters: January 2, 2017!

Shadowhunter fans!  We have a date!  January 2, 2017 will be the premiere of Season 2.  But don’t wait 3 months to glimpse our favorite adaptation. Check out the Season 2 preview on MTV here with the gorgeous and swoon-worthy accented Nick Sagar as Victor Aldertree. If there is one thing casting of Shadowhunters does […]

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Voyager: “Mock 9”

And… back to the ocean! Bienvenidos, my Outlander-lovin’ friends. Very excited to be back this week, talking about Voyager (AKA: Outlander Season Three). To be clear, for people who have just jumped on this crazy train, these are mock episodes that I’m creating based on the novel Voyager. I have no idea what’s ACTUALLY going to […]

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