Ed Decter Leaves SH; McG Calms Fans

Angels!  Listen up!  Our Shadowhunter world is getting shaken up.  Word just hit that show-runner Ed Decter has abruptly left the show!  This is the person Katherine McNamara called “the amazing captain of our ship” in Novel2Screen’s exclusive interview.


It hasn’t been released why outside of the typically answer of “creative differences.”  There were rumors that Freeform planned to bring Cassandra Clare more into the fold and provide more creative direction for the show.  Could this be where the clash originated?  Totally conjecture.  I don’t know.  Perhaps Cassie isn’t as involved as Ed wished?

Either way, this is a huge shake up for Freeform’s top rated show in the hours of gearing up for production.  Just earlier this week Katherine McNamara released training videos of her kicking an instructor’s booty Shadowhunter-style.

It’s no surprise that McG himself took to Periscope to rally the fans around the show.  He touched on all our favorite topics: Malec, Clace, Sizzy, and every mash up of character names imaginable.  Here’s some of his thoughts:

He said the table reading went well and he isn’t going to comment on Sebastian yet.  (Damn.)  Maureen is also a secret.  The new season will pick up right where Season 1 left off.  Does that mean we get to see Jace and Valentine on their floating sausage factory barge?  Or will we open on Katherine bawling in Alec’s arms.  Really we only need Alec – his arms, his eyes, oh, sorry…I digress.

He spoke of where Malec is going this season: “I love Malec!  Malec will break your heart, lift you up, take you down.  You will be crying.  CRYING!”

Uh oh.  Angels, can we handle this?!

Clizzy is a huge part of Season 2, he said, as well as parabatai crises.  As far as Sizzy he said, “Count to ten.”  I’m not sure how we are supposed to interpret that.  Perhaps episode 10?  Ten seconds into Season 2?  And apparently a Simon Lewis fight scene is a go.  We can only hope that Alberto Rosende posts some of his training videos.

McG ended by saying, “Keep being passionate about Shadowhunters.  We want to get it right for you.  Love your passion.  It lifts us up.”

The fandom wants it right too.  Here’s hoping for the best for Season 2 and the best for Ed Decter, the cast and crew.  Oh, yeah, and McG.  Thanks for the chat and secrets!

Check out information on Ed Decter’s departure here: http://deadline.com/2016/08/shadowhunters-showrunner-ed-decter-exits-season-2-freeform-1201798920/

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