The Outlander Problem: AKA-Why Do We Read Historical Fiction?

Literary agent Jennie Goloboy recently posed an interesting question on Twitter: “Can you write a successful novel in which the hero is supposed to stop an event that we know is going to happen, like the JFK assassination?”   It’s a good question, and she follows up by saying that every time she’s seen it, […]

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The Huntsman: Winter’s War

There was one reason I wanted to see The Huntsman: Winter’s War.  It was this.   Perhaps I was the only one as the film only made $20 million in its opening weekend compared to The Jungle Book, which made $60 million this weekend.  You could argue we should be reviewing The Jungle Book over […]

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Why I Love The Magicians

The Magicians has quickly become one of my favorite TV shows.  The fact that it got picked up for a second season only halfway through the first season is a testament that many others feel the same.  It’s Fantasy.  It’s Sci-Fi.  It’s Drama.  It’s Thriller.   It’s Comedy.  It’s Awesomeness. Based on Lev Grossman’s books, the […]

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Shadowhunters: Morning Star Wars

Contains spoilers for those who are not familiar with The Mortal Instrument series or Shadowhunters TV show. Tuesday night’s season finale of Shadowhunters was a fun way to wrap up the first season.  Actually, it wasn’t a wrap up at all.  It was more like an “Oh crap, now we gotta go rescue Jace before […]

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