Shadowhunters: Malec Gift List for Fans

Contains spoilers for those who are not familiar with The Mortal Instrument series or Shadowhunters TV show.

It was the wedding of the year!  Luke stated so; therefore, you know it is true.  Here’s what Shadowhunters and The Mortal Instrument fans were happy to see on screen and what didn’t make the cut, in my opinion.

Shadowhunters Registry Gift List:

8. Lydia – I’ve warmed up to her character over the past few episodes.  Last night I started thinking, “Wow, she’d be a great match for Jace!”  I know, Clace fans, shoot me now.  But you gotta give her credit for knowing Alec loved Magnus and for letting him go.  And the girl can rock a wedding gown.  Really hoping she isn’t dead…


7. Gold – The wedding dress and tux were primarily white, but the show did add a lot of gold beading and hues to both.  Thank you for acknowledging the Shadowhunter traditions.

6. Hodge – With all the Shadowhunters milling about The Institute since Day 1, I actually totally forgot about Hodge.  I was scratching my head when Lydia got conked out, wondering “Who is the traitor?!”  Nicely played, Shadowhunters!  Distracting me by all these storylines NOT in the novels that when you actually play by the rules I was surprised.

5. Lightwoods Peeved – Teens and adults alike still struggle today with coming out to their family and friends.  I’m glad the show is staying true to the novels with the Lightwoods not accepting Alec for who he is right away.  It’s important to show the discrimination that LGBT-Q people suffer – even with those who love them.

4. Simon Explaining The Graduate – The Simon we know and love was back!!  It feels like it has been too long since we had a Simon/Alec wit throw down.  Maybe I just want more of Simon’s goofiness all the time.




3. The Kiss – MALEC!!!  Need I say more?


2. Bromance – Yup, I’m putting this higher than the kiss!  Loved the scene where Jace and Alec open up about their fears.  Dominic and Matthew haven’t had many scenes just the two of them together lately; I forgot what great chemistry they have.


1. Matthew Daddario – He totally stepped up his game this week.  Lately, his acting has been a bit flat, one dimensional.  Don’t know if that is a directorial choice or what.  But he owned this episode.  Having one-on-one scenes with Harry and Dominic I’m sure helped.  In fact, the whole cast was solid in this episode.  Nicely done.


Not on the Registry:

3. Magnus – Don’t get me wrong, he is still one of my favorite characters and I still love Harry Shum, Jr. in this role.  But I’m not ok with Magnus throwing himself at Alec all the time, especially since we’ve seen barely a twinkle of an interest from Alec on the show.  Oh man, Alec dodging Magnus’s wine toast was brutal.  I wanted to reach through the screen and squeeze Magnus and yell, “Magnus, why are you torturing yourself like this?!”


2. The Kiss – Yup, you read that right.  It made both lists.  I enjoyed the moment; however, I would’ve liked it more if the relationship between Magnus and Alec was explored on greater depth – and possibly already a kiss between them.  A private one.  And this one would’ve been the big reveal to the world, much like in The Mortal Instruments series.  I just wanted to see Alec more invested in Magnus before this moment.


1. Ragnor Fell’s Horns – Fan forums have been exploding since pictures of Ragnor Fell were released.  Mainly people are upset – or pleased – that he’s not green.  Honestly, I don’t care what his skin color is as long as the make-up and prosthetics blend evenly.  Sadly, they did not.  His face was pinkish with a distinct line on his forehead that turned beige.


Only one more episode left in Season One!!


Is Lydia dead?

What are we going to do until Season Two?

Which cast member will you miss seeing the most every week?

Catch up on Shadowhunters here.  

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