Shadowhunters: The Kiss List

Freeform finally delivered the moment Shadowhunter fans have been waiting for all season long: the kiss! Clary and Jace finally kissed at the end of Episode 7 – Major Arcana, but were fans happy?

The kiss on Shadowhunters instigated by Clary in the middle of the Institute war room with everyone watching, including Alec, was so different from the novel’s romantic kiss in the garden at midnight where Clary stumbles into Jace’s arms. The TV show smooch wasn’t bad. However, it felt more driven by Clary’s relief to be alive and actually making a correct choice as a Shadowhunter than driven by romance.

This got me thinking: what are the changes to screen that have worked or failed on Shadowhunters so far? Since we are halfway through the season, let’s take a look.

The Good

  1. The Silent City – The TV show provided a simpler set than what is described in the novel, but it worked, the Silent Brothers looked great, and the scene translated well to the small screen.
  2. Magnus Bane – Casting Harry Shum, Jr. was brilliant. He brings so much life to the screen and to those he shares it with. I just wish Chairman Meow was with him.
  3. The Cast – Yes, I’m shocked I’m writing this as well b/c I’ve been pretty hard on them, but I’m growing to like them. I’ve had the hardest time warming up to Katherine McNamara, possibly because she has the largest shoes to fill or possibly because I found her acting all over the place (a little bit flat, a little bit Disney XD), but I think the group is starting to gel.

    And Dominic Sherwood has some brilliant facial expressions.

  4. Malec – I’m really enjoying watching this relationship develop. I don’t even care if it follows the book or not. Just give me more Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum, Jr.


The Not So Good

  1. Luke Garroway, NYPD – Turning Luke into yet another NY cop on TV just feels forced and boring. With the plethora of cop shows we didn’t need to add to them.
  2. The Institute – Why are there so many people there? This is supposed to be a story about teenagers trying to solve the problems of the previous generation on their own. Not to mention, it’s hard to find time for romance to bloom when you can’t find a room that isn’t crawling with Shadowhunters.
  3. Camille/Simon’s Transformation – I find Camille boring. I also feel like too much time has been spent on Simon changing into a vampire. I would’ve preferred more time with Simon and Clary hanging out with Jace, Alec, and Izzy and allowing these characters to bloom without rushing the plot. Simon doesn’t even transform until Book 2, but it is happening in the next episdoe. Oh, the pages we are jumping…
  4. Lack of Detail to “the World” – Whether it is making the werewolves enemies, stating that only a warlock can cure an Alpha’s bite, making the gang escape into an electrical room to flee a police station when they just cut the power, thus making the electrical room probably the place people are going to be checking out, or forcing Clary to run alone through a network of underground tunnels from said electrical room to The Institute with no GPS or map, all these little elements that feel forced and not fully thought out keep the show from reaching full potential.


W-T-F Choices:

  1. Chernobyl – There is no reason for Valentine to be hiding out in a radioactive wasteland. The Mortal Instruments is considered an urban fantasy due to New York City playing a crucial role as the setting. So, why – WHY – make the villain hideout in a ridiculous location halfway across the globe?

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7 thoughts on “Shadowhunters: The Kiss List

  1. I’m waiting to find out that Chernobyl is actually the name of a long abandoned housing project somewhere in New York in which everyone up and ditched as soon as they heard about that other Chernobyl.

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  2. I wholeheartedly agree with the list
    Like u spoke my mind
    Except i liked the book version of Malec romance
    The cat is crutial to the Infernal Devices it’s a link

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    1. Church?! How could I forget Church!?! Yes, I miss the cat characters too. I’d so much rather have the Institute empty with Jace getting his info from Church than the James Bond war room they created, but alas it is hard to find good cat actors these days. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I love the show, but I can’t stand the overuse of seraphe blades . . . You only need a seraphe blade to kill a demon. Shadowhunters (good or bad) would never fight each other with them.

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