Shadowhunters: The Kiss List

With Clary and Jace finally kissing on Shadowhunter, let’s look back at the past 7 episodes and see what has adapted well and what – not so much.

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Do Short Stories Make Better Movies?

News comes this week from Hollywood that Gillian Flynn’s short story The Grownup has sold to Universal Studios for “high six figures,” which is a holy-crap-that’s-a-lot-of-money amount of money for a spec sale. The question is: Is it worth it? And the answer is yes. And no. And that most powerful word in the English language: maybe. […]

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Shadowhunters: Moo Shu No Go

*Spoiler Alert for those who have not read the series, potentially the entire 6 books. Oh, Shadowhunters. Every time I want to fall in love, you hang me upside down like Simon in the locker room of the Jade Wolf. (Why does a restaurant have a locker room?) Episode 5 Moo Shu to Go wasn’t […]

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Top 10- Upcoming Latino Films 2016

This is the third article in a series about diversity in filmmaking. See the first two articles, Top-5 Upcoming Black Movies and Top-5  Upcoming Female-Directed Films. A friend of mine recently made a joke on his Facebook feed, referencing the controversy over #OscarsSoWhite and the African-Americans who have chosen not to attend as a result: “I […]

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