Book vs. Movie: Denis Villeneuve’s Dune

A contemporary adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune has long been anticipated by science-fiction fans, and after almost a year past its intended release date, the film has landed in theaters and on HBO Max. But will it capture the hearts of loyal fans as well as new audiences?

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The Successful Screenwriter Interview

Recently, I had the pleasure to talk screenwriting with Geoffrey D. Calhoun on his podcast The Successful Screenwriter. In the interview, we chatted about industry tips for screenwriters, trends in the indie film market, and how writers capitalize on market their scripts to filmmakers. Please check out the podcast here and subscribe to The Successful Screenwriter […]

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The Babysitters Club

The first Babysitters Club I read was Claudia and the Phantom Phones Calls. I was soon addicted. I don’t know if it was the spooky atmosphere of the book or the terrifying atmosphere of the night I bought the book, but I distinctly remember when and where I found Ann M. Martin’s book. My mom was […]

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The Adaptation Watch – Part 2

Part 2 of The Adaptation Watch focuses on the contemporary stories coming to the big screen and streaming in 2020.   The Outsider – release date January 12, 2020 on HBO; starring Ben Mendelsohn, Cynthia Erivo, and Jason Bateman. Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, this series will serve up what […]

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The Adaptation Watch 2020 – Part 1

It’s time to see what adaptations are coming up in 2020 – your Novel2Screen abridged list. Yes, abridged because there are a LOT of books being adapted to films and limited release TV series this year, thanks to the content demand from numerous streaming services. I’ve got your list boiled down into three simple categories: […]

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Down World Wins Watty Award

Hello, amazing Novel2Screen readers! Rebecca and I have been on hiatus working on our novels.  More Novel2Screen articles are on their way, but we promise the silence has all been for good as I have an amazing announcement to make…. Drum roll, please! Rebecca Phelps’ YA Sci-Fi novel Down World WON a Watty for Best Young […]

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Shadowhunters – Lost Season

Spoiler Warning. Angels, I’ve been struggling this season. We’re only four episodes in, but I feel like we’ve seen so many repeated plot points and wayward trajectories that I’m holding on to this finale by a thread. A final season shouldn’t mean a failing season, but that’s what it feels like to me. Through Lost Souls, Original Sin, Beati […]

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