Voyager: “Mock Four”

This is the fourth article in a series of “mock” season-three Outlander episodes. Click on the links for Voyager Redux! “Mock One”, Voyager: “Mock Two” and Voyager: “Mock Three”. Bienvenidos, mis amigos, and welcome back to our mock season three of Outlander. As you can see, I’m already switching from French to Spanish, getting excited about our upcoming voyage… Read More Voyager: “Mock Four”

Ed Decter Leaves SH; McG Calms Fans

Angels!  Listen up!  Our Shadowhunter world is getting shaken up.  Word just hit that show-runner Ed Decter has abruptly left the show!  This is the person Katherine McNamara called “the amazing captain of our ship” in Novel2Screen’s exclusive interview. It hasn’t been released why outside of the typically answer of “creative differences.”  There were rumors… Read More Ed Decter Leaves SH; McG Calms Fans

Voyager Cheat Sheet

VOYAGER CHAPTER BREAKDOWN: PART ONE: BATTLE, AND THE LOVES OF MEN: These short three chapters are only 4% of the book, and they include Claire’s memories of being home with the infant Brianna while missing Jamie, and the modern-day (1968) research of trying to find what happened to Jamie. But of course, we’ve already covered… Read More Voyager Cheat Sheet

Interview with J. Ryan Stradal – author of Kitchens of the Great Midwest

Last month I had the pleasure of reading the novel Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal.  (Review here.) This month I was overjoyed to interview J. Ryan about his New York Times Best Seller, which also has been awarded the Indies Choice Book of the Year Award – Adult Debut Winner by… Read More Interview with J. Ryan Stradal – author of Kitchens of the Great Midwest