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A particularly dark tale. Not for the faint of heart. He was the all-powerful Magistrate Mathis. The man that accused the witches and then found them guilty in the dungeons of WitchFall Fortress. I had feared ever being one of them, but not enough to be dissuaded from figuring out why he didn't seem to be what he was. So I followed him into the woods one day and discovered the one secret he was willing to wreak havoc to keep. The secret he'd make me pay for ever knowing. And if he couldn't have me on my terms, well he was certainly powerful enough to find a way, wasn't he? The most horrible kind of way... Barely understanding what was happening, I soon found myself in the worst place I could possibly be. Under his complete control...

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I took a chance on this book. I ended up liking it. It is different from what I usually read, but it was a good read.
2023-12-31 09:42:25
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Natalie Blaszczuk
The book is dark but very well written. The author is very talented and I have enjoyed many of the other books.
2022-11-02 15:08:17
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I just finished it. Quite wrell written. Thank you dear author
2022-09-02 19:51:35
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Really really good, the story is so interesting and so different. I definitely follow and read your other books dear author :)
2022-09-02 13:50:35
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oddly satisfying.
2022-08-24 02:24:34
default avatar
Really interesting and unusual story. Very well written.
2022-07-17 07:57:15
78 Chapters
Cover courtesy of eroticdarkfantasy.art on Instagram.**********This is a particularly dark erotica with horror elements. Please read with caution.**********A wave of power coursed over me and I suddenly wanted to curl into a ball. His fury was like being caught in a whirlwind.I felt like I couldn't breathe. He shoved me back against a tree and caught my chin."You think you're a clever girl but let me be very clear. You open this pretty mouth of yours..." He trailed a thumb roughly over my lips. Dragging over the bottom one. "Not only will I have you thrown in WitchFall, but everyone you care about."My eyes narrowed on him. "Are you threatening me?""You've no idea." He scoffed. "The things I'd do to one as pretty as you, would give you nightmares.""I know what you are! I'll tell everyone!"He ripped the neckline of my dress completely on the right side. Baring my entire breast and part of my ribcage. His callused hand scooped the weight of it. Molding it against me as he felt
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WitchFall on the Hill
***Note from the Author:This novel has dark, forced sexual elements, brutality and raw demonic aggression. Please read with caution this is a dark erotica tale.Some elements could be triggering for some.***“He’s like a king living up on that hill.” Udora remarked to me in a hushed voice.Living in WitchFall Fortress on that hill. Guarding the WitchFall dungeons. I thought bitterly. Having not like the man since he’d accused my friend Mara of being a witch and taken her away.I never saw her after that.It was safe to assume that she’d died in WitchFall.Most do. I knew. It was a massive torture chamber where witches confessed to their sins.We watched the older man coming down off the hill from his towering fortress. His powdered wig and overly elaborate cravat carefully in place.“An evil one.” My eyes narrowed.“You only say that because of his pursuit of you.”“No. There’s something wrong with him.” I insisted.“Saria, you been saying this for years.” She groaned. “He’s the mo
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I Should've Never Followed
He was instantly out of the water. Stalking naked across the short expanse of moss and flowers to my hiding spot. Catching my arm, he hauled me out. “What are you doing here?”“You thought you had everyone fooled. But you don’t fool me. I knew you weren’t what you were pretending. You’re a witch yourself.”“Men are not witches.” His lips twitched in annoyance as he held my elbow nearly above my head.At such an angle it hurt my shoulder a little. I wasn’t a tiny woman, but he was far taller than me.“You, who’ve accused so many women of being witches, is one yourself! We’ll see what happens to you when I tell the whole village!” I glared up at him. Furious he’d deceived us all for so long.And I’d lost friends he’d accused of witchery. Friends which I’d never seen again after they were taken to the WitchFall Dungeons.His dungeons.“What did you do with them all? Sacrifice them to feed your power?” I accused.He lifted a brow. “Something like that.”***He yanked me sideways two steps
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Called Out
It was two days since I’d glimpsed Mathis’ real form.Since I realized what he was. And I couldn’t seem to get his terrifyingly handsome physique out of my mind. Watching his body stepping into the burbling water was a vivid recollection.Finally, unable to withstand the secret anymore, I went to the town Mayor, Adrian Marx. And I confided in him what I’d seen and what Mathis really was, what he’d done to me.Adrian had been a close friend of my father’s for years. I knew him well.And he knows me. He’ll know it’s true.But after I’d confided everything, clutching my arms across my chest and rubbing my biceps to work some heat back into them, Adrian launched to his feet.“This is blasphemy! Everyone knows the magistrate is an upstanding citizen! What you’re saying is utter falsehood. Stuff that could get someone killed!”He scoffed. Beginning to pace.“A warlock. They don’t exist!” Adrian tossed his hands in agitation. “Everyone knows they’re a myth conjured by witches in vengeance! O
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Sinister Vengeance
As soon as the front door closed, Mathis drug me halfway across the room and to the table.He caught my hips and tossed me atop the edge of it. I leaned back and my palms flattened on the table to balance me. Trying to stay as far from him as possible.He caught his wig and tossed it to the side.“What are you doing!” I cried.“You don’t worry about that.” He lowered enough to catch the hem of my skirt between my ankles and hoist it up. Tossing it around my waist and atop the table.“Mathis!” I cried in objection.He quickly lifted his shirt against his flat abdomen and plucked at the strings binding his breeches. Freeing them enough to lower around his hips. He reached inside and pulled his half-hardened staff from within.I yelped and lifted my knees enough to put my feet on the edge of the table and moved to scurry backward across it. Knocking over a candle.He tilted his head to glimpse me with my thighs spread and my knees up before giving me an appreciative look. “Quite beautifu
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A Wrong Choice
My lips whitened. “You wouldn’t. You’re bluffing!” “I absolutely will.” “No.” I shook my head vehemently. My voice hardening. “You’ve had me all you will. You’ll not keep me your hostage, warming your bed.” “Funny you should say that.” He smiled. “I was just thinking on keeping you my captive. “For just that reason.” He brushed a finger down the tip of my nose. But the threat was unmistakable. “You’re a despicable cad.” I spat on his overcoat. “Do you see!” Mathis turned and gestured to the spittle seeping down his shirt. “She’s still possessed by the witch. She told me this one commands her.” He turned on Udora. “What?” Udora blinked in horror. “But I’m not a witch! I don’t command Saria. If anything, she tells me about!” "It’s true!" I cried. Trying to defend her. Mathis gave a whistle that echoed through the corridors and foyer of WitchFall. Six large men were summoned by the call. Mathis nodded toward Udora. Linking his hands behind his back as though he were hapless m
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“You’ll come to me tonight.” Mathis said. Green eyes alight. And though I could feel I was making a grave mistake, I saw no other option. My eyes flitting sideways as I searched for a way out of what he was demanding. “And you’ll let me see her?” “After you’ve sated me.” By letting him enter me again. I understood that much. I swallowed. “I don’t know how.” “Oh, I’m an adequate instructor, My Little Spitfire.” Dark promise filled his tone. I stared at him in confusion. Feeling parts of my body tighten apprehensively. “Why me?” He’s handsome enough in this form that he could send many of the village’s girls dancing after him to follow him up into his fortress and be his lover. Why’d he want the one girl who wouldn’t desire him? “Because…” He inhaled deeply, as if drawing fresh air. “Of what you are. And what you’ll be able to offer me.” A toss in his sheets? Plenty of others could give him that. It doesn’t explain why he so doggedly pursues me. “I have nothing.” “Oh,” He pu
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What Dark Fate
I surrendered to following Mathis’ voice through the woods. Despite that I didn’t trust him and thought he was the bearer of all things evil, I wasn’t really sure how to get out of Warlock Wood and it seemed like following his directions was more promising then guessing and ending up lost and never found in these woods as I’d heard so many had before. Not a fate I desire. Chewing my cheep and walking reluctantly I followed his whispers. Telling me when to turn right and when to peek left. Like some twisted trust exercise. Which is truly what I felt this was. Soon the trees peeled apart and revealed a series of stones. Laid out like low benches around a long bit of tree trunk which was cut in half. Exposing the pale wood in the center. Swirled with intricate knotholes and carved deeply with symbols I didn’t recognize. I fingered one of them and upon merely touching it I felt such immense shivering of energy rippling through me that I jerked my hand back as though burned. Feeling lik
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Udora's Fate in My Hands
I tried to pull away from Mathis, but his light grip turned biting. “Ouch!” I have to get out of here. “Now, now Spitfire…Haven’t we discussed this?” He means that he’s in charge and I’m helpless. I thought in terror. “This is all because you want to make love to me?” I asked tenuously. Utterly confused at the length he was going to press the issue. “Love?” He scoffed. “Not in the least. I don’t make love. I’m no hero for a lady to fall in love with.” He said it with such derision his meaning was clear. “Haven’t you figured that out by now?” He’s right. He’s vile. Completely evil. The villain. “So, you want to make me miserable?” I asked in a shuddering voice. Understanding dawning with awful clarity. “Only as much as you can possibly endure.” I stared at him in horror. He laughed coldly. “Come, Spitfire. It’s time you see.” See what? He caught my hand as he turned and pulled me behind him. I’m going to find out. But I badly, badly, didn’t want to. Though his grip wasn’
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The Chamber
I was staring at Udora’s silhouette in her cage. Not even completely certain it was her since I couldn’t see her at all. It could be his dark magic. But part of me knew this was just me trying to talk myself out of doing what he was about to ask me to. Something horrible. I remembered what he’d said twice now. I don’t lie. “Is it really her.” “Every inch.” He affirmed triumphantly. Beginning to back up, in the opposite direction Pulling my hand with him. Forcing me to follow on stilted feet. As we passed the stairs and reached the darker side of the dungeon, things grew astronomically more dreadful. I bumped into something I thought was a pillar and jumped forward. Nearly slamming into Mathis who laughed cruelly as his hand swept my lower back. “Have a look at what you’re so callously bumping into.” He laughingly directed. Opening his other hand allowed a red and orange fire to bloom to life in his palm. Brightening this bleak corner. And I realized that the slight creaking I
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