When My Husband Regretted

When My Husband Regretted

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Aurora Lewis hid away her feelings for Rowan Keller when she had to marry him for business' sake. But after two years and watching him go through half a dozen girlfriends and disrespect their marriage, she decides to call it quits. But Rowan can't let that happen and now he has to play his cards to keep his marriage and business shares intact.

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I see great potential in this book. I feel like Aurora was week before but with her child coming into being, she will take a stronger stand. Thats what I hope at least. If not so, I am leaving this book. But I have enjoyed what I have read! ...
2024-03-05 13:55:01
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Gladdy Emma
Enjoy the story so far!
2024-03-05 10:56:16
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Delinda Schumacher
55 chapters 3-3-24
2024-03-04 04:40:12
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Elizabeth Harris
loving the book I think he was talking about ophilia when he was on the phone. how often are tge updates?
2024-02-19 11:40:12
user avatar
can someone please tell me if this is another weak female lead who takes a cheating playing stupid husband back?
2024-03-01 15:27:40
81 Chapters
1. ~Aurora~
_________________________ . . . "Rory, do you even hear her?" Sonya yelled as she came down the stairs, stomping her thigh-high boots. I looked up from my laptop and lifted my hands, shrugging. "I didn't. What's going on?" I asked as I closed my laptop and got up from the living room couch. "She's being disgusting. That's what! I am sixteen years old. What does she take me for?" Sonya came to a stop in front of me and pointed at the stairs where I saw no glimpse of her mother. I knew better than to listen to a sixteen-year-old's one side story so I waited for her mother and my mother-in-law, Elizabeth Keller, to come down the stairs. "What's going on, Beth?" I asked her, a small smile playing on my lips. Teens and their mothers made up for some fascinating drama, and I missed that experience with my mother because I was in a boarding school on another continent, but watching Elizabeth and Sonya fight over the smallest things was very endearing. "You need to come upstairs and
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2. ~Aurora~
~2 years ago~"This is such great news!" Bianca Stanley, my best friend, squealed as she jumped around in our apartment. I rolled my eyes, sitting back on the couch and resuming the movie I was watching."I know." I smiled. "Dad finally thinks I am ready to face the world."Bianca stopped hopping around and looked at me with a wide smile on her face and pride in her eyes. "My baby is all grown up." She sniffed dramatically as she wiped away invisible tears making me roll my eyes. "You make Momma hen so proud.""All right drama hen. Sit down!" I patted the spot next to me on the couch. She sat down excitedly and gave me a side hug, not failing to rearrange a few bones in the process. She had too much strength that she wasn't aware of."We will go clubbing!" She exclaimed. "I will inform all our friends and we will go clubbing to celebrate you finally getting the job that you wanted in your dream company."She was already on her phone as she spoke and I knew better than to try to talk h
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3. ~Aurora~
_________________________...~The present~"I want a divorce.""What?" "Is there any connection problem, Rowan? Did you not hear me clearly? Should I text you instead?" I sass, rolling my eyes. "I think there is, Aurora. Because you clearly could not have just said what I think you did." Obviously, what I said must have gotten rid of all of his sleep because his voice is clear and alert now."Try listening more carefully now Rowan. I said I want a divorce." "Excuse me?" The indignancy in his voice makes me almost want to snort. He is reacting as if he did not see that coming despite his actions."You heard what I said, Rowan." I roll my eyes again as I take the turn to our penthouse. "I am going into the apartment and packing my bags right now.""We signed a contract!" There is shuffling on the other side and panic in his voice. He cannot get a divorce now, because if he did, then Simon will pull out all the investments he has made for the new project.It is one of the reasons
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4. ~Aurora~
_________________________...Bianca and Roselyn wanted me to move in with them until I find a place for myself. They said that it is my apartment and Bianca and I used to share the place before my marriage. But I refused, feeling that I should not invade the privacy of the married couple. And also because I may be the landlady but they are tenants who pay their rent on time.My first thought was to stay at a hotel until I found a place, but then I realized – why should I pay to stay somewhere when I have a friend with a uselessly big condo all to himself?Eric is out of town due to a conference but on calling him, he informed the security guard to let me borrow the spare key he had. The idiot asked me to try to clean up the place while I am staying over, but I have a feeling that he was saying that just to lighten the mood.He might be a monkey and a complete womanizer – worse than my ex-husband-to-be – but he is an amazing friend and he knows to respect people, unlike my ex-husban
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5. ~Aurora~
_______________________...I wake up to twelve missed calls and twenty-nine new messages. Wow, this is probably more than all the calls and messages he has made to me in the last two years.I am contemplating whether to call back and see what he wants or let him worry some more about the fate of his company when the doorbell rings.I stand up from the couch and with my hand wrapped firmly around my phone, make my way to the door, pressing on the security cam button.I raise a brow when I see that it is Joshua Steelman, Rowan's secretary. The dude is so desperate to get in contact with me now that he sent his secretary looking for me huh?I open the door."Joshua." I smile at the middle-aged man but get no smile in return. Like Boss, like secretary!"Mrs. Keller." He addresses me, his lips in a thin line. I have told him one million times that my name is Ms. Lewis, not Mrs. Keller, but the man just does not learn.This dude is a total ass-kisser and does whatever Rowan wants him to.
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6. ~Rowan~
_______________________...I am shocked to see the condition my mother is in when I visit my parents. I just arrived in New York yesterday night and the only reason why I got to get any rest is because they needed it too, otherwise, it does not look like my father cares even the tiniest about me. Well, it's not like he ever did. "She really asked for a divorce?" She asks. "She really left your home?""Yes, she did." Dad looks almost annoyed at my mother, though it is nothing compared to the death glare he has etched on his face every time he glances over at me. "What else did you expect, Beth? That poor kid must have gotten fed up of everything that she has had to put up with because of her wretched marriage to this insolent brat of yours! It was a long time coming and you knew it so no need to pretend to be all shocked now.""But I wish she would just talk to me. Maybe I could have talked her out of her decision!" My Mom continues to wail. As much as I did not want my Mom to eve
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7. ~Aurora~
___________________________...What the hell was I thinking?Seriously, what the living hell was I thinking?I stare at the picture of the two of us taken on our wedding day. And it is safe to say that it was the only moment in the whole of my marriage when he was the reason for my smile. He has only left bitterness in this marriage now. And I don't understand why I sit and ponder on the same things over and over again. Rowan and I were nothing but a business deal and all through the two years of hell that everyone including myself called a marriage, he made sure that I remembered my place in his life - or to be more specific, he made sure that I remembered that I had NO place in his life."What are you looking at?" Roselyn's voice breaks me out of the series of bizarre and nightmarish thoughts in my head.I show her my phone."Walking down that aisle was the last beautiful memory of my life." I sigh. Well, that is a bit dramatic - I have had good memories in the last two years e
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8. ~Aurora~
___________________________...Pathetic.I just feel so pathetic that I cannot even look my friend in the eyes even though she is just trying to comfort me.How can I be so freaking pathetic?"Calm down Rory, it's alright. It's going to be alright." Roselyn rubs my back as I cry into her shoulder, her bump in the way. I felt the babies kick one or two times and Roselyn told me that even my niece and nephew were worried about me. But that just made me cry even harder."I do not need your permission to see my wife!" Rowan sounds so angry and he is so freaking loud that the both of us jump. My wife? Really?After all that he has done in the past two years, he is really going to stand there and assert his relationship with me? I know that Bianca is a match for him. Actually, Rowan is not a match for Bianca. She can do more damage with words than anyone can physically. She is that bitch who will spit fire to protect her loved ones."Oh yeah, but you need permission to enter this cond
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9. ~Aurora~
__________________________...Bianca was so mad at me that she refused to speak to me. Roselyn wanted to know if there was something that I was hiding from them, but I could not tell them or anyone what I was going through right now. I was facing a dilemma that I could not overcome. It was safe to say that I was at an impasse. It was safe to say that I had become a puppet and I had handed all the strings to Rowan Keller.Fuck.How did this come to be?I wish someone would just take me away from all of this!"What the hell are you thinking, Rory?" Gabriella is screaming through the video call while I unpack my bags. Yep, I am back at the penthouse, and I feel so utterly humiliated and as if all of my self-esteem were thrown onto the floor and trampled upon.Rowan and I know what is the thing that is keeping me from getting a divorce, but to the rest of the world, I am the spineless wife who took back her husband without putting up a fight or showing anything that a woman with minim
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10. ~Aurora~
___________________________..."Who said I am putting up a show?" He smiles an innocent smile, one that makes me too confused."Huh?"What is this shit planning now? Language, Rory! Seriously, this guy is programmed to bring out the worst in me. I think that should be a sign enough for me to run for the hills but here I am, being an idiot and repeating the mistakes of my life again and again. "I am genuinely trying to give our relationship a chance, wifey." He pouts.I narrow my eyes at him. "What next? Cars have started to run on water? Penguins are migrating to Mexico?"Rowan gives his smile one more time – shake out of it Rory, he is doing that on purpose. "Why don't you believe me?""I would believe scammers over you," I state without skipping a beat."Ouch, you hurt my feelings." He clutches his chest dramatically.The old me would have found all of this ultra cute but after what happened today, there was nothing he could do to get me to feel any of what I used to feel for h
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