Werewolf novels are a kind of literature which portrays werewolves and some shapeshifting men or women-beasts, involving exceptionally various genres. Werewolf novels integrating with romance, horror and other elements from modern perspectives will describe unexpected stories to enrich your reading experience. As a kind of novel taking werewolves as its main element, it will be different from normal stories’ plots and open your windows of imagination besides adding some fun to your boring life. No matter whether you know about werewolf novel series and how much you know about it, you can start here from now to enjoy a fantastic and magical journey with werewolves in stories.

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Her Destined Alpha
Moonlight Muse
Alpha Jax
C.J. Primer
SIX-PACK SERIES BOOK THREE *While this book can be read as a standalone, I'd highly recommend reading books one (Alpha Gray) and two (Alpha Theo) for context before this book* JAX : I'm no stranger to one night stands. Lots of girls want a hook-up with an alpha, so why should this one be any different? Maybe it's because she's the best I ever had. Maybe it's because she refused to tell me anything about herself. We agreed to one night, no strings attached. The problem is, I can't get that night out of my head; I've been obsessed with finding this girl since. When she shows up at the squad complex for training, I feel like it's my lucky day- until my best friend introduces her as his sister and things get... complicated. I can't go against bro code, right? Even if Quinn is my dream girl. Even if there's a crazy attraction between us that's harder to resist every day. I'm so screwed.  ~ QUINN : One night. It was supposed to be one night of anonymous, meaningless with a stranger. I just wanted to have a good time and forget about my cheating ex. It definitely did the trick- I haven't thought about my ex since, but now I can't stop thinking about that night or the sexy stranger who had all the right moves. When I arrive at the complex for a fresh start, I'm shocked to see him again- and even more surprised to find out that he's not only an alpha, but also one of my brother's best friends. Theo would Jax if he found out about that night. He can never know- which means I have to keep my distance. Even if I can't stop fantasizing about Jax. Even if it kills me.
Cassandra M
"Arise, my Luna." His voice rang in the air and sent shivers down my spine. I looked down at the ground, slowly rising to my feet while holding my breath.  "My name is Clair, Alpha Aeon." I answered respectfully, but I refused to look at him. Frustration rolled off of his aura before it changed into anger. I swallowed hard as bile threatened to rise from my throat.  "Have I done anything to despise you?" His hand snaked around my nape as he took one step closer. "My wolf is so close to marking you, Clair. I can assure you, it'll be painful. I'm the only one standing in the way. Submit, and we'll make it less painful." He moved his hand to my jaw, forcing me to look at him. "Look at me. You'll be mine! And I will make sure all others before me are forgotten." I closed my eyes, and the tears fell from my eyes. I was already losing this battle. I took a deep breath, ready to nod my head, when a ferocious growl marred the air, shaking the ground where I stood.  "I dare you to touch what's mine!" I snapped my eyes open, turning in the direction of the threat. He's here.  He came for me.  My Alpha came for me.  ¤¤¤¤¤ ALPHA JACOB GALHART of the Black Shadow Pack never wanted a mate. He has led his pack for years without a Luna and was content to remain that way. But it was time to produce an heir. Not wanting to find his mate, he set his eyes on this one female, Clair Montrell.  He thought he had everything planned out until she turned out to be the fated mate he never wanted. But would he be able to let her go?
Alpha Theo
C.J. Primer
SIX-PACK SERIES BOOK TWO *If you've stumbled upon this book and you haven't read book one, I highly recommend reading Alpha Gray for context before diving into this one!* THEO: I'm next in line to be the alpha of my pack, but my father doesn't think I'm ready. In his eyes, I'll never be- he wants me to grow up, straighten up, to be someone I'm just... not. At least I've got the security squad in the meantime, and I'm taking on more responsibility there. I assumed working with the IT unit would be a total bore, but the new girl on the unit has me intrigued. I'm used to getting any girl I want, yet she's rebuffed all of my advances. She's a goody-goody, thinks she's too good for me- and , she probably is, but that won't stop me from trying to get in her pants. Underneath every good girl persona is a bad girl just dying to get out. Challenge accepted. ~ BROOKE: All I wanted to do when I came to work for the IT unit at the security squad was keep my head down and do my job. I was doing it pretty well, too until Theo got assigned as liaison between the IT unit and squad leadership. I had a crush on him as a kid, but now that he's grown he's a foul-mouthed, womanizing hothead; a total alphahole. Other girls may fall for his good looks and his devil-may-care attitude, but not me. He's hanging around the IT unit to observe and report, but he's zeroed in on me for some reason, keeps trying to get under my skin. And just when I think I can escape him, fate delivers the cruelest twist yet.
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