Unbreakable bonds

Unbreakable bonds

By:  Jana Nash  Completed
Language: English
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When Axel and Ellen’s mother, the Great white witch, dies giving birth to werewolf children, they are given up for adoption. Not knowing who they really are. Axel was raised by humans and had to navigate being a wolf with no one to turn to, but his best friend. Lucy is also a wolf raised by human parents. Axels younger sister shows up, revealing his family history. Everything Axel thought he knew about himself is tossed into a tornado of chaos as he tries to be the man he was raised to be while also embracing who he really is. Another witch adopted Ellen Axel's twin sister. She thought she had no wolf, but her mother trapped her wolf to protect her from her cruel grandfather, who would have her killed for being a female firstborn and a half-breed, and he called them. They must battle their genetic history while embracing their destiny and trying to let their mates love them.

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67 Chapters
Axel grew up in a small town adopted by human parents when his mother died during childbirth. He never needed to look for his birth father because his foster parents were all he needed. Kade and Laurel treated Axel like the son they always wanted. He was given everything a boy could want. When Axel shifted for the first time, he had no idea what was happening to him. His body got really hot and itchy. He had this pounding headache for days. They lived on the forest side of town, so he decided to take a walk and get some fresh air, maybe take a swim in the river if that helped cool his aching itchy body.   He stumbled over rocks and tree roots, the smell of the trees becoming stronger, and he could hear everything. The wind in the trees, the heartbeats of rabbits running and the rushing river seemed to be so loud he covered his ears. He did his best to breathe through the pain he felt all over his body. He laid on the ground next to the river, waiting for the pain t
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AXEL We left the packhouse, Alpha Killian, nowhere to be found. Maddox said he had pack business to deal with. I placed Lucy in the back seat, and buckled her in Laura Lucy's birth mother Slid in, and placed Lucy's head on her lap. Lanie, my Mate, with her feet on her lap. Maddox was driving, and I took shotgun. We had two warriors in front in an SUV and a warrior and Liza in the back in an SUV. Maddox said those were Killian's requests if Lucy, his Mate, came to the mountain moon pack. As we left on the dusty road, we saw a large black wolf standing on the mountain ledge. He let out a heartbreaking howl. I recognized the wolf as Diesel Killains wolf. He was hurting. I could not imagine letting Lanie leave for months, even if it was for her own good. They had been through so much. I was excited to get to Mountain Moon pack and start our family. Now that Lucy was coming with us to train with Liza, I felt like my family was whole. Even if it was only temporary. I really did th
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AXEL "Where are you taking me?" Lanie wined. In her defence, I made her trek through the backcountry while seven months pregnant. "well, it's not my fault you got yourself knocked up." I loved teasing her, she got so wound up sometimes, and her face would get all pink and frustrated. I wanted some alone time with my beautiful mate, away from training and family bonding. Having one Bennet wolf was enough work but having four of them around all the time was a lot. What I learned so far is that all Benett wolves are moody! Lucy was just good at hiding it. Finally, we broke through the tree line and made it to the ridge. The trees were all changing colours, and the lakes looked like glass. I spread out a giant sleeping bag and started taking things out of my duffel bag. Thermos with hot chocolate, chocolate-covered strawberries, jelly-filled donuts. Thank you, Lucy, for making these. I looked over, and Lanie was all snuggled up in blankets and sleeping bags. She was gri
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KILLIAN I could smell her as soon as I walked into the packhouse. I knew I would drag her home if I let my guard down, so for now, I had to be firm, commanding and indifferent. After all, she left me, I knew she needed to get her wolf under control, and the best way would be for her to be close to her family and Axel. I didn't think it would be this hard. I walked into the kitchen to see Lucy sitting there drinking her coffee. I guess Ellen didn't tell her I was coming because she looked shocked and aroused. I think she does still find me attractive. She needs to stop that look before I clear the counter and take her in front of everyone. I broke our intense staredown and turned to get coffee. She looked thin. Axel said she had missed some mealtimes. She won't eat for Axel. She will eat for me, or ill take her home. I knew she couldn't say no to waffles and bacon, so I started rummaging through the fridge and pantry to make breakfast. When I finished, I placed her plate in f
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KILLIAN I was nervous coming here, knowing how Lucy and I left it. It's no simple thing to let your mate and Luna leave your pack. Where you can't protect her, you can't see and touch her every day. I knew she needed to go, but it didn't hurt any less, not that I would let anyone know that. We had to come to the Bennet pack for the birth of Lanie and Axel's twins. We also had to discuss protection detail on the twins and Lanie. The twins would grow to be more powerful than any supernatural in our world. If the wrong person got their hands on them, it could be the destruction of our world as we know it. Axel and Maddox were going on about the plans they had. I really didn't need to be here; Maddox was the one person I trusted most in this world, and he was a genius strategist and battle-prevention planner. He's why we had such a large pack and why we won every battle we entered. "Killian?" Shit, I was caught! "What do you think?"  "Sound
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VICTORIA I spent my life not feeling anything. Numb to the pain that my grandfather caused. He was a sick man. Twisted, evil, power-hungry. His abuse causes my first shift seven years early, causing my wolf to go mad. I have to keep her mildly sedated to keep her Tom hurting anyone accidentally. I knew she needed her sister. I just didn't realize it was Ellen. I had no idea how to find her. Now that I have her close, I'm not letting her go. I followed Axel to my room. My new home, where I would live for the foreseeable future. I preferred the tower room back home. You can see our entire territory from that room. It also has a Steele reinforced door. Nothing can get in or out without magic or a hell of a lot of strength. It was used to hold my Aunt, whose wolf went mad as well but refused to let anyone sedate her. When she finally died, the room was just left alone. Until I begged my father to let me live there. I was away at school during the year, but I liked the solitude o
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Victoria POVAxel asked me to go over all the security measures, make sure everything was effective and efficient. I found holes in about every one of their departments. I rerouted all their security cameras and alarm systems to a backup server that could not be tampered with. I rescheduled all the guard patrols, tightened the time between crossovers, and added two more hours of training required per day, one of those hours dedicated to hand-to-hand combat if your wolf is disabled. Thankfully Ellens mate Maddox can send some of his men to help fill some holes in the security team. Axel really did have a big road ahead of him, getting his pack trained enough to protect his family, let alone their borders. Axel growing up human, never had the opportunity to learn the way we did. Sometimes I take my father's training tactics and my training at school for granted. I need to call an Alpha who can help: "Hey!" "Hey Vic, I am surprised
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AXEL These extra training sessions Victoria scheduled were really helping the pack warriors improve. They weren't trained at all before I arrived. Liza had the whole pack cloaked to make it seem like a ghost town. We had at least four hundred eligible pack members who could fight. Laura was amazing helping with the twins and helping Lainie get her Luna duties sorted out. Ellen and Victoria were getting along like they had been sisters their whole lives. I am happy for her. She deserves to be loved like that. Part of me wants to know my little brother, and part of me what's nothing to do with them. If he is anything like my father or grandfather, we won't be friends anytime soon.  Today I was going to be just a regular guy. Drink my coffee go for a run, and pretend an entire supernatural world was not going to come after my precious babies. Just for today, I would be a regular guy. There was a knock at the door.  "Come in."  "Alpha, this
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AXEL I had to admit meeting my baby brother was not what I expected. He was strong, brave and wise—definitely, a better Alpha than I could ever be. Honestly, I didn't want to be Alpha; I did it for Lanie. We sat in this sweaty hut waiting for some realization of destiny. I'm pretty sure they just gave me some magic mushrooms and were going to laugh when I started to trip out. Victoria left, and it was just Damon and me. Alone in the hot silence. How was he not sweaty even a bit. I was sweating buckets and starting to feel like I could fly. Everything started to glow, and I could feel myself get weaker. I couldn't move my arms or legs. I could hear Damon in the background. He sounded so far away. "Stop fighting it." "fighting what? I feel paralyzed." "relax, let the herbs open your mind, just breathe deep and imagine you are in your wolf form and you are searching for something; use your senses to guide you."  Suddenly,
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 Astrid POV When Ellen said Axel was in trouble, I didn't think he would be dying when I found him almost dead from a deep sweat head dive. I was so angry at Damon for putting him at risk for his own selfish gain. Liam locked away those memories to protect Axel for a reason. He didn't need to remember meeting his father and grandfather. His father disowned him and Ellen removed his Alpha's title and stripped him of his family ties. I needed to find him before Axel did. I'm stronger and faster. I could kill him. Axel would never forgive himself if he killed his own father, even if he did deserve it. "Astrid, you can not kill Axel's father. You would start a war, and Axel doesn't need you to fight his battles. He is Alpha now. He needs to find his own way." "No one was asking you, Lucy. Keep this up, and I will keep you locked up for good.""Well, I would like to see you say that to Liza. She would put you in your place so fast." 
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