Tortured Soul

Tortured Soul

By:  Preshy writes  Completed
Language: English
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Peggy is a married woman who has been in need of a child. Not because she needed one at that moment but because the people of that strange town pressured her into it. But Peggy makes a mistake, she ends up sleeping with her husband on the midnight of Halloween and now she is being tortured at any opportunity as part of the rituals. She abandons her son which she found out was destined to destroy the world along side Lucifer his father. However, after growing up, he discovers that it is not the life he wants. He, even after knowing the danger, let his friends start a dangerous and evil quest. Will he or will he not succeed in his goal? Or is he doomed to destiny? Read to find out. First ten chapters are free!

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Such an interesting plot with lots of thrills...
2021-12-20 14:09:23
user avatar
What a Fab storyline. loving it ...
2021-11-09 18:44:14
user avatar
your novel is absolutely intriguing ...️
2021-11-08 14:09:15
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Preshy writes
Thank you all for the love. First ten chapters are free for all my readers. Last ten chapters will be free as well if I get one of these: 200k views or 100 votes
2021-11-07 18:44:15
user avatar
Preshy writes
I hope you all love my book. I made the first ten chapters free for readers. .........
2021-11-07 18:40:02
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Pretty Writes
First ten chapters free! ... awesome.........
2021-11-07 18:20:52
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I like the book cover as well as the story
2021-11-06 14:15:03
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Rehana Siraj
plot is interesting and awesome.
2021-11-04 23:40:22
user avatar
this book is interesting ......
2021-11-04 23:33:37
user avatar
Great one there preshy
2021-11-04 18:46:55
user avatar
Authouress preshy
Just awesome. ...............
2021-11-04 17:24:34
user avatar
Teddy Bear
This story is alluring!
2021-11-04 14:10:37
user avatar
Akomolafe Faith
Wow Nice plot
2021-11-15 23:12:12
61 Chapters
Chapter one
Deep into the woods stayed a small village. Almost known to be nameless if not for the oldies that told of the name it used to be called.  The truth is indeed that this place used to be a cheerful and happy one.  At least not until he was born.  A demon coming into the world in the form of man.  But I dare not reveal too much at the first chapter because it might leave you with nothing but nightmares.  I'll go slow and you know what your part is in this book? Try not to chicken out and read till the end.  You'd think I'm joking about this but keep reading if your curiously drives you to do so. First few chapters might be a breeze but what happens after that is a mystery.  The identity of the unknown will be revealed towards the end. It will shock you to know who has been behind this the entire time that had brought that demon into the earth. So you would want to stick around, I dare you. 
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Chapter two
I didn't bother to stop my car and go looking for her. There are a lot of strange and supernatural beings that I had heard being spoken of by some old people to the younger ones. What if that girl gets attacked by one of them? But I was more scared of coming out of my car in the middle of nowhere than going to save children. I just continued driving and I arrived at school. When my mind went to what I had seen earlier, I brushed off the thought about the little girl from my mind. I don't want anything that would ruin my mood today at all especially since I'm not the heroic type. After parking my car, I head straight for the school building. "Good morning Mrs Susan. How was the weekend for you?" I greeted one of my colleagues as I approached a class. "It was wonderful miss Peggy." She replied. "Excuse me?" I reacted. "Oh. I'm so so sorry. I wa
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Chapter three
A smile ran across my face as I saw who it was. My husband had returned from work this early for the first time. Hos job usually took till midnight because of the huge demands he gets from people within and outside this town.  He must have left some things unattended to just to be with me for today. He is such a wonderful husband to me. Henry POVMy wife smiled as she opened the door and found me standing in front of her. This is the first time in a long time that I had ever returned home early from work and I could tell she was happy to see me. "Welcome home darling!" She exclaims in excitement and throws her arms around me. "Ouch!" I exclaim. She had hugged me so suddenly and tightly that I felt air go out of me. "Nice to see you too Peggy. I had no idea we haven't seen each other for years now." I said jokingly.  "I never knew you woul
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Chapter four
Peggy POVI don't know why my husband keeps insisting that we go through with this. It's Halloween night for Pete's sake. But then again utterly was my fault. I should have waited till the next day before talking about children with him again. I don't know what had gotten over me and had made me forget. This is unlike me to have forgotten such a thing but then again, no one in town celebrated it. The fact that no one celebrates Halloween here still didn't mean my fear of what we were doing had gone away. Everyone here is strange and creepy. As I and my husband continued with our business, I felt like it wasn't just the two of us anymore. Something in me told me to look around and I did. Immediately, I regretted looking. "What is that?!" I yelled. "What is what? Stop it Peggy. You know I don't like being pranked like that."
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Chapter five
"You need to go and rest now." I said to her. "I think I can handle myself just fine Henry." She retorted. "Fine. Suite yourself." I replied. I could feel her eyes on me. I know she suspected something was up but she just didn't know what exactly to suspect. Well, she can think whatever she wants to. All I know is that I've had my way with her and it was awesome. I just can't wait to see the results of my doing. I wonder how she would react if she finds out that she is pregnant. That would just be so fun to watch since she wouldn't even know how it happened. I just hope we get a child soon. Hopefully a boy. "Why are you smiling so hard?" She asked me. "Nothing." I replied, realizing that I had been smiling the entire time. "There is something fishy going on here and one day, it will come to the light." She said. "I'd
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Chapter six
Was I loosing it?! This is definitely happening for real. I just saw something I can definitely not unsee. My hands kept shaking as I tried my best to hold on to the wheel. I looked at the mirror in the car which showed the back seat. As I did so, an image flashed in it. I tried not to pay much attention to it but of course how could I ignore that? I looked at it again and what I saw drowned me in a pool of fear. It was the woman again. She had entered her beast self into the back seat of my car. I screamed my heart out at the sight. I tried to step on the breaks but my legs had no feeling. My legs refused to move and I tried to avoid having an accident even if my attention wasn't there. And this time she wasn't alone. The little girl which I had seen earlier the other day was sitting beside her, stroking the wooden doll she held. Now I had a
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Chapter seven
Get last ten chapters free with 100 votes and reviewsThe Unknown POV"Very good! Indeed you two did a great job!" I said. "We are glad you liked what we did." 'She'(the name of this demon is she) said. "This is no fun! I sensed the baby. I sensed a baby I could not eat!" The devourer of children said. "You cannot eat the son of Lucifer. He was sent here for a purpose and that purpose must be fulfilled at all costs. Demons will rule earth! Humans make it so easy with all their sins." I said to the children devourer. "It is so tempting. Such a baby would give me such unimaginable powers." If only I can get my hands on him." The children devourer said. "Then you shall die by the hands of Lucifer." I replied. "Since when did Lucifer start caring for anyone most especially his own?" 'She's questioned. "He doesn't. He just keeps what is still of use for him to accomplish his goal for
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Chapter eight
I watched as old Magritte walked to a sofa at the other side of the living room. The sofa was old and sunk down as she sat on it. Old Magritte was a very old woman but had widened eyes which reveals to people that she had obviously not been getting any sleep at all. Her clothes were old and had different miserable marks and holes all over. Her face had wrinkles and her teeth was hardly visible whenever she spoke because of the saggy lips she had. Her hair was made into a ridiculous looking bun and her feet looked like she had'nt visited the bathroom before. I can't even say any different for her house. I observed the house from within and it turned out not to be bad. Yes, the inside wasn't bad. It was actually worse.  She hung things from the ceiling that looked like charms. It creeped me out more than the old barn. What does this woman do? Is she so
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Chapter nine
"What?! But... But..." I said in response. I became speechless after hearing that from old Magritte. Why?! Why me?! Why would Henry sleep with me at that kind of period of time? Why at the midnight of Halloween? Why so? Didn't he know the kind of a place that we live in?! Isn't he aware of all the sayings of the oldies of the town? But then again... Why is anything happening to Henry? Why am I the only one seeing evil things and he sees nothing. How come he wasn't affected by what we both did. I turned, questioningly, to old Magritte. "How come my husband isn't being affected by all this?" I asked curiously. It's not like I wanted anything to happen to him but I just needed to know why he wasn't being affected by it all. "The one that suffers most is the one carrying the demon child in the womb." Old Magritte replied. "So nothing is meant to
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Chapter ten
" Firstly, I would like to introduce myself to you." The old man said.  "My name is Old McDonald" The old man said.  I almost laughed out but I managed to suppress my laughter.  Why would his name be Old McDonald? Like that name in children rhymes.   🎶Old McDonald had a farm e i e i o🎶 The thought of it made me laugh in my head after such a long time of suffering.  "Anything wrong?" Old MacDonald asked.  "No. Nothing at all." I replied.  I looked at his appearance and noticed he was dressed casually and clean, unlike Old Magritte who was very filthy. But I felt there was definitely something off about him.  Why wasn't he wearing shoes and what mark was that on his neck.  I tried not to focus on the mark so much so he wouldn't notice.  He suddenly pulled up his collar and the mark was covered.  I remember that I had seen
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