Throne of Wolves

Throne of Wolves

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"I, Torey Black, Alpha of the Black Moon reject you." His rejection hit me instantly. I couldn't breathe, unable to catch my breath as my chest heaved up and down, my stomach churning, unable to hold myself together as I watched his car speed down the driveway and away from me. I couldn't even comfort my wolf, she immediately retreated to the back of my mind, prohibiting me from speaking to her. I felt my lips wobble, my face scrunching up as I attempted to hold myself together but failing miserably. Weeks had passed since I last saw Torey my heart seeming to break a little bit more as the days went by. But lately, I found that I was pregnant. Werewolves pregnancies were much shorter than a human's. With Torey being an Alpha, it cut the time down to four months, whereas a Beta would be five, Third in Command would be six and a regular wolf would be between seven and eight. As suggested, I headed to bed, my mind full of questions and wonders. Tomorrow was going to be intense, there were a lot of decisions to be made.

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user avatar
Loving it so far!
2024-03-08 12:40:05
default avatar
more pls...
2024-03-04 23:01:38
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
186 chapters 2-21-24
2024-02-22 01:34:07
user avatar
it's engaging and well written
2024-02-20 19:34:38
default avatar
Love it got into by accident don’t regret a thing
2024-02-06 06:49:03
default avatar
So what’s the point.?
2024-02-06 12:33:51
user avatar
Angie Showering
Started off good but jumped too fast with lots of gaps in the storyline that were never explained and characters that were never mentioned again. Lots of errors where the characters were referred to by an incorrect name. I don't think the story was checked for errors before uploading. I gave up!
2024-03-21 23:23:12
default avatar
Don’t waste your time. Bad writing, short stories that don’t overlap correctly, messed up names like it’s copied from someone else, incomplete stories. Had high hopes at the beginning. I can’t believe I wasted money on this.
2024-03-07 13:20:44
235 Chapters
Chapter 1
Eva's POV I could barely keep my eyes open as I rested my head heavily on the palm of my hand. My cheek went slightly red from the impression my fingers and palm had made.My brain barely took in the words my English Literature teacher was relaying, my mind unable to comprehend the information she was providing.What I did hear seemed to follow straight through one ear and out the other.My absence of attention or care was due to a lack of sleep and exhaustion. I hadn't gotten home until past 1 am last night, and for a reason unknown to me, I could barely get an hour of sleep.My wolf had been scarce, she had moved further into the back of my mind since my parents passed but lately, she had made her presence more known.I had thrown myself into border patrol shifts, doing more than 4-night shifts a week and the occasional double shift. It was a distraction and it allowed me to grow stronger and stronger.Something the Beta of my pack, Jaxon, had agreed with. He would encourage me to
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Chapter 2
Eva's POV When the final bell rang at three o'clock, I walked toward the parking lot. My eyes immediately scanned for Jason and Luke, the Alpha and Beta properties were practically beside each other so we would share rides.Neither of them had any extracurricular activities after school today which meant I caught a ride with them this morning instead of going in my own vehicle.They stood beside Luke's black Dodge Charger, Jason leaning against it as they spoke to the Third in Command's twin daughters.I approached them, quickly walking towards Jason's side, and giving the twins a small smile which they returned. The twins had newly shifted, their wolves present in their eyes.Both Debby and Claire had not yet gained full control of their wolves, having newly shifted they were still in practice.Their older brother and our future Third in Command, River, had taken the next three weeks off school to follow through with his own training."Ready to go?" Luke questioned once the twins sa
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Chapter 3
Eva's POV Jason and I drove towards the mall, it was around a half-hour drive from home. The others were meeting us there, Luke was still with his dad, and Kelvin and Lucy had gone to breakfast with Kelvin’s parents.The whole ride consisted of Jason complaining and freaking out over a human girl who seemed to be infatuated with him, I couldn't help but laugh as he described how disturbed he was at her behavior.To be fair to him, she did seem to be lovesick and slightly obsessive but that's what happens when you hook up with someone who wasn't your mate.The problem was that the boys seemed to believe that if they hooked up with a human, they didn't have to be concerned about the consequences when their mates show up. Or deal with the clingy emotions of teenage girls."You hooked up with her three times, what do you expect?"He groaned at my reply, not appreciating my unhelpful answer."I told her I didn't want anything serious. I'm going to have to meet up with her, she keeps texti
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Chapter 4
Eva's POVI spent the majority of Saturday in bed watching whatever I could find on the television. Lucy had phoned me to say that both she and Elix would be arriving around 7 o'clock to pick me up.We had all changed plans, the guys wanted to get to the party earlier which meant Lucy was going to drive us girls down and leave her vehicle there overnight.Apparently, the party was being held in the Alpha's old house. They had moved and were renovating their old property into a second pack house since their numbers were increasing and needed more space.Alpha Torey had called Luke last night, inviting him and anyone else he wanted to stay which meant we would all be residing on his territory overnight.Already prepared, I washed and blow-dried my hair the night before. I didn't want my hair to suffer too much from the heat when I straightened it later after my shower. I had already hung up my dress in my wardrobe and hadn't fully decided on what shoes I wanted to wear.Jason and I had
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Chapter 5
Eva's POV My eyes fluttered open, my head pounding from the amount of alcohol I had drunk last night. The room was still pitch black, a slight gap between the curtains proving it was still night-time.A thin blanket was scattered over me, goose bumps erupting against my skin due to the lack of clothing on my body. I shivered a little from the coldness that swept my arms and legs.I groaned from the headache that caused my eyes to be heavy, it was as if I had been trampled on by a herd of elephants. When my eyes finally realized that I wasn't in my own room, I looked around.My conscience and the memories of last night crept up on me, reminding me of the events that happened.Laid beside me was my mate, he was lying flat on his stomach, his back muscles prominent yet relaxed as he slept, a small smile gracing his features.I smiled, unable to stop the butterflies that filled my belly. Last night was unexpected but I held no regrets, we were mates and although we had mated, we had not
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Chapter 6
Eva's POV Weeks had passed since I last saw Torey, and my heart seemed to break a little bit more as the days went by.But lately, I had felt myself healing, the pain still there but the ache loosening.Jason suspected what had happened, he had tried to pry the details from me but all I would do was cry.I eventually opened up to him, admitting what happened and after that he stuck by me, never leaving my side.Jaxon and Linda were concerned, and I knew Jason had told them, Jaxon ordered him to do so. I was thankful that I didn't have to be the one to explain it, I was incredibly embarrassed and ashamed.Lindsay had taken turns with Jason to check up on me, she never pushed me to say anything and she promised that they would not mention anything to the Black Moon Pack. They wouldn't reveal what had happened to anyone but our Alpha.Jason looked furious when Jaxon had ordered him to stay away from Torey and his territory. Jaxon had forced Jason to go on a run, his wolf needing to run
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Chapter 7
Eva's POV The decision had been made to split my home in half, I would spend six months here and six months in Texas.It wasn't the easiest of decisions, and it wasn't going to be easy being back and forth and never in one place, but I couldn't fathom the thought of not seeing Jaxon, Linda, and Jason. They were my family, and I didn't want to give up on them completely, but I knew I had to distance myself from Torey. Although, his pack was only an hour's drive from the Blood Walkers' territory it was still too close for comfort. I was worried that he would find out about my pregnancy and that he wouldn't want the baby as I did.I couldn't handle the idea that he would reject her the way he did me.Alpha Reed had ordered the pack to keep my pregnancy quiet, they were not allowed to discuss it with any pack other than our own. He hadn't expressed why but there were a lot of rumors circling around.Luke and Jason caught onto a few which didn't end well for those spreading the false ru
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Chapter 8
Eva's POV "Torey, it's me again. I've been calling and leaving you messages for the last three months and you still haven't called me back. What I want to talk to you about has nothing to do with our relationship or lack of it." I stared down at Luara as she sighed deeply in her sleep, cuddling close to her blanket as she occupied her crib."It's important and I need to speak to you about it, I can't keep leaving you voicemails when we both know you've heard them all. It's not something I want to discuss with you over text. Please Torey, if you have any respect for me and our wolves, you will call me back."I stroked my daughter's head, lightly brushing my fingers across her smooth skin. Her features are the same as her father's, making my heart ache.I gulped, my mouth becoming dry suddenly overwhelmed with my emotions as I spoke my next words."I won't call you again and if you can't pick up the phone and call me back to find out what's so important, then that will be it. I won't b
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Chapter 9
Torey's POV – the morning of his birthday party:I woke up from the sensation of someone's fingers trailing up and down my bare chest. I pried my eyes open to realize that it was Killa. She had turned up at my house last night, wanting to "speak to me".We had an on and off again relationship, it wasn't anything serious, I had made this clear to her on many occasions, but she didn't seem to grasp that concept.Killa was gorgeous but far too clingy for her own good, she was obsessed with the idea of becoming my Luna.I groaned slightly, moving her hands away from my chest as I sat up, my own hands reaching up to clutch my head from the hangover I was experiencing. The guys had come around last night, having a small celebration for my birthday before the real thing tonight.I felt Killa shift, sitting up herself as she went to touch my shoulders. I quickly got up, walking towards my bathroom for a shower. I didn't even turn around when Killa's voice purred, I could practically see her s
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Chapter 10
Eva's POVFour years later......Luara and I had traveled across America back to my home territory in California to visit my family and friends from the Blood Walkers Pack. We had arrived over 12 days ago and were due to leave tomorrow.Linda and Jaxon had taken us in, and I was finally able to meet my newborn nephew Remus. He was gorgeous and looked just like Jason but had Sophie’s bright blue eyes.He was such a calm and quiet baby, he laid so peacefully within your arms and reminded me so much of Luara when she was his age.I felt the happiest when I was with my family here, I had missed them terribly while in Texas.Although I had made many friends and memories in Texas, I wanted to come home. So much had happened while there over the past month, and it had made me realize that we needed another new start.While studying at college, I had met Nathan, he was two years older than me and lived only a few doors down the hallway of the pack house. At first, he was charming and sweet bu
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