The Vampire King

The Vampire King

Oleh:  Zhavia brook  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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Waking up in a gloomy damp cave is not a problem. Finding only a dirty men's shirt and high leather boots is also fixable. But what about the fact that you remember absolutely nothing? Who are you? Where are you from? Why was here? There is only one unknown ahead. Well, at least a noble knight got caught on the road. Picked up, washed, fed, but volunteered to help. And soon a young, handsome lord will appear. It doesn't matter that a vampire - we ourselves are toothy!

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A cold drop of water landed on the tip of his nose. When she awoke, she grimaced, feeling the drop continue down her cheek and roll into her ear. Struggling with the remnants of deep oblivion, the girl sniffed, tried to bring her hand to her face and brush off the annoying drop, but her hand stumbled on a hard, wet surface. She froze, listening to the world around her. Absolute, impenetrable darkness reigned everywhere. Silence rang in my ears, pulling me back into sweet oblivion. The girl almost succumbed to this alluring sensation, but another drop broke on the skin of her face, and the prospect of dealing with what was happening still seemed to her more tempting. But how? The girl lay on her back and clearly felt the cold, uneven surface with protruding corners, as well as the muscles that were stiff from all this.Another drop landed and hit right in the eye.- Yes, to you! .. - the girl nervously fidgeted in place and grimaced when her forehead met the hard and suspiciously close
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- And now we are heading to Kermalan! - said the knight, touching the horse with his heels.In the hands of the young knight, the stranger moved weakly, black eyelashes trembled. And she went limp again.Upon arrival in the town, the wandering knight immediately visited the nearest tavern. The hall was empty, and the young man was glad of that. There was not enough extra talk that would lead to problems. The innkeeper turned out to be a gloomy person, but did not get excited at the sight of strange guests. A stocky, strong man with a tangled red beard counted Felix's due change from one silver, and sent him to the spare room, after ordering the maid to bring the guests everything they needed.The knight gently arranged the girl on the bed. A young maid in a stained apron brought a pitcher of water and a small basin. The girl looked at the strangers with interest, but out of politeness did not linger longer than expected, leaving the guests alone in the room.Felix unfastened his belt,
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A young merchant's daughter stood on the threshold, her arms pressed to her chest and breathing in the fresh, cool morning air. Lida watched her father talking to an unexpected visitor. The girl's heart was beating excitedly, like a small bird in a cage, when she tried to peer into the darkness under the hood pulled down deeply over the stranger's face.Lida's father, smiling obsequiously, waved his hand towards the house, inviting the stranger to enter. The girl's eyes widened in surprise. So that her father in the morning, waking up earlier than expected, would not yell at the culprit of this action? For a scandalous and always dissatisfied merchant to fawningly mince next to a stranger?!“Is it some kind of aristocrat?” - thought Lida, watching the slow, graceful gait of a stranger. He suddenly reminded the girl of her beloved cat Chamomile. Her favorite moved elegantly and gracefully, and when she saw a mouse, she froze, expressing alertness and curiosity with her whole appearance
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- More corpses. One is killed, this is Alley, the merchant... his daughter is bled to death, like his sister, his wife is right in bed... horror! The house was not set on fire. When we arrived, there was no one there. And again, no trace!The girl sat down on the soft sofa and leaned back against the mountain of pillows with a sigh. Her lips pressed together tightly, turning white in a thin streak. Light eyebrows converged on the bridge of the nose, forming deep folds. The girl seemed too young for such traces of excitement to touch such a young face.“This is the eighteenth family we've been able to trace. Where is he heading? What is its trajectory?The man thought for a moment. Wiping his glasses, he replied:- From the Ridgrain Mountains, where the very first massacre took place, the trail leads from the Reef through Angan and the western part of the South Coast, and from Witch Mountain to Mirland ... How long has it been? Exactly! Five weeks from the first case.- Send all free s
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When Felix returned, his unexpected companion was almost asleep. The knight burst into the room in a whirlwind, throwing open the door sharply, causing the girl to almost jump to the ceiling.- Are you ready? the young man asked, and barely managed to dodge the pillow that flew into him. - What are you?- What am I? It's you "what"! What ghoul? Decided to get rid of me? I almost died of fright! The girl's furious gaze made the knight cringe. For a moment it seemed to him that her eyes blazed with hellfire.- They heated the water there, poured a barrel, will you swim?There was silence for a moment.- I will, of course! Are you still asking? - the fragile, gentle creature called the girl continued to demonstrate her strong vocals. - Come on, come on! Yes, hurry up!She jumped out of bed. Pulling the slipping remnants of her shirt over her shoulder, the girl lifted her chin and with a menacing look walked towards the knight. He lowered his head obediently and silently led her down the
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Felix woke up cheerful and full of energy. His new companion brightened up the usual monotonous days. Jumping out of bed, the knight noted to himself that he couldn’t wait to talk to this unusual, mysterious girl again.Stretching and yawning sweetly, Felix slowly got dressed. The wallet attached to his belt had become quite thin, because the knight had to rent another room so as not to embarrass his companion. The young man clicked his tongue and thought that it would be nice to find a part-time job in the near future.The innkeeper greeted the guest with a good-natured smile, and Felix happily shared the latest news with a pleasant interlocutor. Smelling the enticing smell of fresh pies, the knight hurried after his girlfriend. If they don’t quickly come down for breakfast, they risk being left without delicious, freshly baked pies with cottage cheese.Carefully opening the door, the young man looked into the room and saw a girl carelessly sleeping. A black stream of hair spread acr
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“Surely she forgot me, she married some count a long time ago and gave birth to him nice children.” She deserves happiness and a life of abundance...- But why did we run like that then? Did you find out where she is? – Ira began to be annoyed by his friend’s romantically snotty state.- Escaped? Oh yes! My uncle decided to marry me after my father's death. He kept saying: “There’s no point in snotting, live in the present, be a man!” He matched me with the daughter of a large merchant. One of the largest on the South Shore,” Felix paused, then blurted out, as if the name was poisonous: “Rikana... this is everything that the Inquisition is chasing, rolled into one... She is evil, greedy, rude, unbearably selfish and infinitely treacherous. I hid and ran from her as long as I could, then left, hoping that she wouldn’t find me. And this morning she found herself in a tavern. I can’t imagine how this annoying girl managed to find me! My gratitude to the innkeeper is limitless, because he
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The wine splashed in a transparent glass, and the fire in the fireplace made sunbeams jump on its smooth surface. The vast hall was warm and cozy. The cold did not bother the real owners of this ancient castle at all, but its servants - mere mortal people - simply needed warmth in the rooms.Silent servants scurried around the huge hall with trays, trying to please the visiting aristocrats, whose snow-white skin created an unimaginable contrast with their completely black clothes. Each visitor to the ball was a wonderful example of beauty and elegance. If a random passer-by looked at this ball, he would think that he was at a festival of the gods - everything looked so luxurious and magnificent.Tristan, dressed in black clothes appropriate for the occasion, sat by the fireplace in a deep armchair and thoughtfully turned a full glass of wine in his hands. Some young girls cast wary, but still admiring glances at him: only a blind or fool could deny the beauty of the young High Vampire
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- I don't care. I had my reasons for acting this way.“I would like to believe that these reasons are worthy of your safety.”The young man suddenly flushed.- Stop patronizing me, Telvisina! I don't need your snotty tenderness!The woman's eyes took on a predatory expression.- So you refuse my help? The Lord is unlikely to allow you to continue your search... for what seems to be very important to you.Tristan remained silent, thinking about Telvisina’s words. According to the laws of vampires, Lord Tantario could not disobey those who stood above him. Resisting the order meant throwing a challenge that the blond, unfortunately, could not win no matter how much he wanted. Lord and Duke Alter of Venier are strong due to their cruelty and cunning. But Telvisina, despite her weak manifestation of the vampire essence, was considered one of the most experienced and powerful because of her magical abilities. It was rumored that during her life she was a very strong witch, but no one knows
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Tantario frowned and brought his hand to his chest at the base of his collarbones. William, standing next to him, saw his strange, aloof expression on his face and shuddered. Tristan told him about the deal with Telvisina. And although the good-natured young vampire was happy with such a deal, he understood that it would be extremely difficult for the spoiled lord to cope with his thirst for blood. William was even more surprised that Tantario completely abandoned her, although in the short time that he spent in his native clan, the blond managed to waste a lot of energy on various strengthening spells and Summoning magic. And now he was tormented by bloodlust.“Tristan, I’ll go and find you a suitable...hmm...instance,” William began, gathering his courage and looking confidently at his Master. “You can’t waste your Power on trifles when other vampires in the clan can do it.” They still have nothing to do.Tantario's eyes flashed mockingly.“How caring you are,” the lord remarked cau
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