The Vampire King's Abused Human Mate

The Vampire King's Abused Human Mate

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“Do you intend to replace her?” I shook my head frantically. I didn’t care how much he loved her. I wasn’t her, and I didn’t want to be involved with a vampire… “P-Please, h-have mercy, I—” “You’re being so sweet tonight,” he said, his voice husky. “Usually, you would have swatted my hands away… Have you missed me so much?” He was insane. He had to be. I had never met him before in my life, yet he was gliding his hands all over me, taking a firm hold of my breast like some horny teenager and licking my neck as if I would get in the mood. ******* Trinity is a 21 -year -old human, and a psychologist. She had a whole life, a boyfriend, parents, and an enviable job. Until she was kidnapped from the human world by a vampire... In her past life, she has never seen a vampire, she fears and begs him to let her go home. Lucianus, a ruthless, arrogant vampire nobleman. Even as a vampire king, centuries ago his wife was killed by humans. He hates humans, but when he met Trinity, he took her back to the castle and regards Trinity as his own blood slave due to the same appearance as his wife. But what would happen if Trinity was not the vampire's wife? Will Lucianus let Trinity leave or torture her?

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Amber Moore
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2023-11-05 09:11:01
65 Chapters
200 Years Ago…She couldn’t be dead. He wouldn’t believe it, yet her eyes stared past him into the afterlife, cold and dead. Her body was limp as he kneeled and lifted her into his arms. In the distance, he heard them, those humans, screaming. “Send those demons back to hell where they belong!”The scent of ash and blood filled the dark sky, but it was all an afterthought. The human’s Holy War against vampires, their pope, and their fear all mean nothing to him. Not without her. The days of bloodshed and terror faded away at the sight of her pale, blue-tinged face. She couldn’t be gone. She could not have left him behind in this world to persist without her.“Look at me,” he whispered, stroking her face. “Look at me and say something.”His jaw trembled, and his eyes burned as she did neither. They had vowed forever, yet she did not move. Slowly, he dropped his gaze to her chest, where the glint of silver, still burning her insides, caught his eye, turning her blood to ash and spark
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Chapter 1
TrinityI had had only planned to pick up some cash from the bank. My mother was sick, and my father was taking care of her while I worked at my dead-end waitressing job. It wasn’t glamorous, but it was enough for now while I was still in school. I had only meant for this to be short deviance from my route home. Normally, I wouldn’t have even thought about deviating from my route this late in the winter because of how dark it was, but this bank location was close enough on the way home that it wouldn’t make me too late. My job was on the better side of town, so I thought I’d be safe. Then the robbers had come in swinging their guns and demanding the money from the tellers. I had been the only other person in the bank that wasn’t behind a desk, so as soon as the police showed up, they dragged me up from the floor and pressed a gun to my head as they hustled me into the car and dared the cops to shoot. I remembered trying to keep quiet and not draw any attention to myself as they drov
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Chapter 2
TrinityI lowered my head and followed the three women to the bathroom and let them put me in the bathtub. They tended my wounds and washed my body like she was some precious princess. Meanwhile, I had to force myself to breathe through my rising panic as I tried to figure out if I could escape this place in one piece. They put me into a dress that was more fabric than I would have ever chosen but wasn’t tight or uncomfortable. I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror.The gown was trimmed with a metallic color somewhere in between gold and copper. I thought of red gold for a moment, something out of an old mythology book. The dress flattered my figure, but it wasn’t something I would ever wear outside of a renaissance festival.I looked like I belonged in a painting from the Middle Ages. When I was dressed, and they’d fixed my hair the way they wanted, they led me out of the room and down the hall. I tried to breathe, taking in every inch of the building and trying to plot my way out.
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Chapter 3
Lucianus She was as beautiful as I remember in the dress, trimmed in the blood gold of my station. Our station. My lips twitched as she glanced around and walked cautiously toward the main table. I remembered how timid she’d been the first time she’d dressed for dinner like this, as a proper vampire noble. She was as timid and as beautiful then. I couldn’t help myself from touching her. The warmth of her sent a thrill through me as I thought about her could fading body from so long ago. I taster her skin and shuddered. I wanted more of her. The way that she had trembled and squirmed beneath me.Looking back, I realized that her fear had been reasonable. It had been years since I had considered what I looked like to anyone. I preferred to spend my days drifting through the castle as little more than a wraith before going to the human world to catch my next prey.I had missed her so much. To have her back like this, so completely untouched by time, made that battlefield from so long a
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Chapter 4
TrinityI couldn’t think. How long had I been here? He had told his servants to take me down to this dark place. I hadn’t seen even a glint of red light or torch light since they’d brought me down here. Something clinked in the dark. I turned sharply, startled by the sound. The door opened, and light flooded in, burning my eyes. I squinted and covered my eyes, wondering who it was. I didn’t recognize the person, but my heart filled with hope as she came towards me. He had to have realized his mistake. Had my pleas reached him? How long would it take to go home?I got up just enough, a little dizzy from the time since I’d last eaten or drunk anything. Then, she shoved me back to the ground. I twisted as she kneeled over me, and someone else came to restrain me. “Let me go!” I cried. A sharp, hot pain cut through my palm as I screamed. I felt dizzy, feeling the blood leave me. I shuddered and tried not to cry at the pain. Then, she wrapped something tight around the wound, and the
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Chapter 5
TrinityThis time, I made my breathing seem weak. The torch was relit just as he opened the door and the light of it filled the room. I realized then that the torches had to last at least a few hours at a time. If vampires ate at the same rate that humans did, I estimated about four hours. I shuddered. I was lucky to have made it a day losing blood so frequently without food or water to help me replenish. If I had any doubts about whether or not these people didn’t intend for me to live long like this, I didn’t have them any longer. The weaker I seemed, the easier it would be to get this done as soon as possible and make my escape. He left me quickly the next time he came. I blocked out the pain. I didn’t even whimper. It took him several minutes to get his fill, then he stood to leave. I waited, shifting just enough to make sure more of my skirts were caught between the door and the frame of it. I heard him walk away.Finally, his footsteps were gone. I sat up quickly and checked t
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Chapter 6
TrinityThere was no way out. I couldn’t outrun him. I pressed myself against the wall, waiting for the moment that he would attack and kill me. His eyes were blood-red as he approached, looming over me. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. The fear was making me dizzy, but slowly, I started to accept that I was going to die and there was nothing I could do about it. I felt oddly calm, almost hysterically calm like I’d taken Valium in the middle of a gunfight or something. I felt on edge and oddly too calm. My hands were shaking. My heart was racing and my mind was so clear that I could almost see my memories glittering like little stars in my mind.“Food has no right to run away,” he said. His eyes narrowed. “You’re asking for your death.”My heart lurched as I stared at him. “You kidnapped me.”His eyes narrowed at me as if he didn’t expect me to speak. It made me angry in a way that I couldn’t suppress.“You’ve kidnapped and tortured me! You’ve done terrible things to me. What ma
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Chapter 7
LucianusI returned her to the dungeon, dragging her naked through the hallways and strung her up so her toes barely grazed the floor. She didn’t wake up then, letting out a soft groan and turning her head. The light caught her face, and I thought of my wife’s face in the cool light of torches at night. My blood boiled as I pushed that thought and lifted my hand so the long, cursed whip appeared in my hand and spiraled into a pool on the floor. My mouth watered. The fury in me was itching to get out, even as I just wanted to drain her dry and ravish her. She woke up with a screech of pain when I swung the black whip, and it cut across her chest, turning the skin red. It would take almost nothing to break her skin. The cry infuriated me. I struck her again and again until the welts turned bloody, and she was screaming in agony. The scent of blood made my mouth water even as I couldn’t seem to pull back on my fury. I saw her eyes looking at me from within her dead face and imagined w
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Chapter 8
TrinityThe woman scoffed at me. She stood and struck me across the face. My face stung, but I didn’t cry out. Was she allowed to do that? How hard had she hit me? My ears were ringing like a bell, and my jaw throbbed. I tasted blood in my mouth as if I had cut my cheek on a tooth. I was more surprised there was any blood left.“You’re an idiot if you think you have the right to call our master by his name just because you have the late lady’s face,” she hissed. “Do your best to learn your place and await the day that the master will release you into death. Do not speak any further. You will only irritate me.”She left then and closed the door behind her with a loud, metallic groan, yet I didn’t hear a lock click. Was that the castle’s doing or her doing? I didn’t know, and I couldn’t bother to focus on it. Until I was down from this position, until my hands were free, trying to run away again would be impossible. Besides my hands, I couldn’t even imagine being able to walk. Somethi
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Chapter 9
Lucianus When my servants arrived with the news, I was irritated, but I was also oddly impressed. She must have been conserving her energy, her strength, to be able to take the blade and do so much damage so quickly. That or the woman there had simply underestimated her. It didn’t matter. The issue was whether or not I was going to allow her to get away with this. She was a blood slave as far as I was concerned, a prisoner of mine. Never have any of my prisoners been allowed to decide on their own freedom, least of all human ones. I drifted through the hallways as little more than a shadow until I reached the dungeon cell where they had left her. Her arm had been bandaged tightly, but my servants knew nothing of human medicine. No more than me, anyway. I pulled the vial of elixir from my pocket. Once when humanity and vampires had not been at war, we had had something like a peace treaty. They offered us a steady supply of humans in exchange for magic. Humans had always been greed
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