The Untouchable Ex-Wife

The Untouchable Ex-Wife

By:  Mizuki Sei  Updated just now
Language: English
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Regret soon consumed Stefan after the divorce. He never expected that his boring ex-wife would move on overnight, and be living her best life. Not only did a young heir of an influential family claim to be her underling, but a famous celebrity confessed to being her fan as well. Even one of the wealthiest people in the country referred to her as their senior…‘I don’t care how strong your background is, Renee Everheart. I’ll make sure to tear down your walls!’ With that, the second son of the Hunt family set out to protect the woman in secret. Stefan: “My ex-wife is so fragile that she can’t even stand on her own two feet, you mustn’t take advantage of her.”To which everyone replied, “Who would dare to mess with her? She’d rip our heads off if we ever get into a minor disagreement!”Stefan: “My ex-wife is far too naive, you shouldn’t toy with her feelings.” And yet people would say, “I’m sorry? We’ve never seen a naive woman act so unapologetically!”Stefan: “Come, darling. Let me introduce you to this powerful figure!”To which the powerful figure responded with a deep bow, “No, no, she’s the boss around these parts! I hope you accept my sincerest admiration!”Since then, Stefan has had to live a double life. He was an almighty CEO during the day, but come night time, he’d be sobbing on his knees, hoping to win Renee’s heart back.

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The Untouchable Ex-Wife by Mizuki Sei is a billionaire novel about regrets and redemption. Divorcing Renee is one of Stefan's biggest regrets. Renee is nothing without him. That is what he thought in the past. However, after their separation, Renee was able to spread her wings. She received a lot of attention and support from influential people. Stefan could not recognize who Renee came to be. As a powerful CEO, Stefan acts unaffected in front of the crowd. But behind closed doors, he is a lonely man wishing Renee back into his life. Will his desire for a second chance be granted?

user avatar
this is getting disappointingly stupid and senseless
2024-03-28 18:36:50
user avatar
This story has become a joke. its become a little to sadistic for me. Nothing makes sense anymore.
2024-03-24 21:36:51
default avatar
Loved the story but it is incomplete. Stops at chapter 1738, waiting for more chapters.
2024-03-21 04:50:02
user avatar
Carol Ann Browne
love it but can't redeem the gems I earn for it
2024-03-17 22:07:09
user avatar
Aida Zoilo Gerigdig
I suppose to view the "watch video" so that I can open the next chapter , but sad to say that I can't..... how can I go on reading for the next chapter
2024-03-12 15:58:03
default avatar
Kayla Mckinney
love this book!!!! I can't stop reading and it just keeps getting better! keep up the fantastic work!!!!
2024-03-07 09:58:45
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Jesikka High
Stefan has become SO pathetic! First he chooses Briar over Renee in the beginning & everyone was scared of him, Now years later Briar is calling the shots again but without her fake help me persona that he kept falling for. He's still dumb even now he does what she wants.
2024-03-03 13:30:26
user avatar
Carol Ann Browne
this book is awesome. I just love it ...
2024-02-25 12:34:13
default avatar
Star Mercurio
Good one to read!!!!
2024-02-23 18:03:27
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
1625 chapters 2-15-24
2024-02-16 02:55:07
default avatar
Kate Honey Di
So Xavier never cared about leia…..
2024-02-15 11:15:22
user avatar
Carol Ann Browne
Most exciting book I've read. Love it...
2024-02-14 06:44:11
default avatar
NOT WORTHY, I’m giving a 5 start because if you do t they delete the review. This book is a waste of money. chapters too short and repetitive. Somewhere along the way the characters lost they identity and there is 1599 and no sing of ending I gave up.
2024-02-01 22:35:30
user avatar
frank Katola
I'm still currently in chapter 384
2024-01-31 21:25:14
user avatar
Miera Dean
Love the storyline..they hook you insanely...ha..ha.. kudos to the writer
2024-01-07 19:22:40
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1715 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Let’s get a divorce, Renee.”The man’s cold voice sounded from behind while Renee Everheart was in the middle of searing steaks. After hearing those words, she became seemingly numb to the hot oil splattering on her cheeks from the lightly sizzling pan.“We’re only husband and wife on paper. Now that four years have passed, it’s time to end this,” Stefan Hunt said with a cold, distant tone. Renee bit her lip anxiously. ‘Looks like this day was inevitable after all…’Her family was declared bankrupt four years ago. Her parents, unable to endure the stress of financial hardship, took their lives together, leaving young Renee to handle the mess alone. In the past, Renee’s grandfather fought alongside Stefan’s grandfather on the battlefield, and he even saved the latter’s life once. In his dying moments, he voiced out to his old pal his concern for his granddaughter and left Renee under his care. And so, a marriage of convenience was arranged between Stefan and Renee to put the
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Chapter 2
‘No wonder Stefan wanted me out by tonight. He had another woman he wanted to play house with! Hah, to think that I let that man affect my emotions! How I wish I could slap my past self!’Briar approached Renee with a cocky smirk. “So you’re Renee Everheart, huh? What are you still doing here? Didn’t Stefan kick you out? Get a move on! Have you no shame?!”Despite the provocation, Renee continued packing her belongings at her own pace.“Hey, are you deaf? I’m talking to you here!”“Sorry, I didn’t quite hear you.” Renee met her gaze calmly. “All I heard was some crazy bitch barking!”“How dare you call me a bitch?!”“I didn’t. Looks like you went ahead and got offended in the first place.” Renee replied as she got up with her luggage. She tilted her head at Briar, who was blocking her path. “Now, if you’ll excuse me. Nice little doggies should know how to stay out of the way.” “How dare you!” Briar’s face went bright red as she stomped her feet.‘Wasn’t she known to be a
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Chapter 3
The next day, Renee showed up at the courthouse at 8:30 am, even though they agreed to meet at nine.Not only did she arrive early, but she also made sure to put on heavy makeup and her favorite outfit, a rose-red halter dress. With her long hair tied up into a ponytail, the skin on her neck and back glowed under the bright sunlight.When paired with her elegant, yet cold demeanor, she looked angelic from afar.Unfortunately, she had caught a cold the night before. Her body was burning up, which made her feel quite weak.At 9 am sharp, a silver Bugatti Veyron cruised into the parking lot in front of the courthouse. Soon after, she was greeted by Stefan’s ice-cold expression as he exited the vehicle.His eyes sparkled for a split second when he saw Renee standing there, but this was quickly replaced with a contemptuous expression for some reason.“Well, aren’t you excited?” Stefan scoffed as he walked past Renee, heading straight towards the department that handled divorce cases.
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Chapter 4
‘Just look at how unabashed this man is acting! This is ridiculous!’ Renee thought. She had always viewed Stefan as someone who was morally sound and would never commit adultery.In the end… the very same man she thought so highly of, dropped a nuclear bomb on her. Not only did he intend on marrying his mistress, but they were expecting as well.This was the last push that Renee needed to move on completely. The tinge of sadness in her heart had completely vanished.“So this means you were cheating on me, right?”Before Stefan could respond, Briar hurriedly placed herself between them. Teary-eyed, she said, “Ms. Everheart, it’s all my fault! If it makes you feel better, you can punish me however you want…”‘Does this woman think this is some soap opera? She’d make a great actress, honestly.’“Really now?” Renee raised her hand up high as if she was about to deliver a slap.As soon as she realized what was going to happen, Briar squealed and darted behind Stefan.“Didn’t you say
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Chapter 5
Renee thought she was about to fall flat on her face.Just then, a man wrapped his strong arm around her waist, catching her fall. The fresh scent of peppermint filled her senses, entrancing the woman entirely. "You're burning hot… Do you have a fever?" Stefan asked her with a hint of concern in his voice.The urge to protect her sprang up in his mind, accompanied by the following thought.'She's so thin and frail, like a feather.'"This doesn't concern you!" Renee hissed through her teeth as she regained her balance. She stubbornly tried to free herself from his arms.After the procedure was done, she intended to walk away elegantly, leaving Stefan in the dust. She wanted to avoid casting the impression that she was using her illness to gain sympathy.However, no matter how tough she tried to act, her body was simply exhausted. Even after gaining her footing, she staggered backward.Seeing this, Stefan lifted her bridal style and said, "I'll take you to the hospital.""What
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Chapter 6
Liam's relaxed voice came to a sudden halt as soon as he noticed Stefan standing inside the ward.He studied the man before him as the man did the same. An odd tension settled in the room."Do you know each other?" Stefan asked Renee with a chilling tone.He wondered how an infamous playboy and a modest rich lady would ever get the chance to interact when they were from completely different worlds."Well…" Renee buried her face in her hands awkwardly. She was the one who texted Liam to meet at the hospital, but she didn't expect him to arrive so soon.'A soon-to-be ex-husband bumping into the dashing playboy… This was weirdly reminiscent of a scene from a romantic drama.’“Know her? She’s my muse!” Liam exclaimed as he approached Renee with a bouquet of sunflowers in his hand. With a sarcastic smile, he turned to Stefan. “Little do you know, Master Hunt, Miss Everheart has quite the reputation back in our school! She has so many admirers that she could build an army if she want
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Chapter 7
“I’ve got it right here. How would I dare slack off when you’re my boss?” Liam stopped his cheeky act and handed the woman a thick stack of documents.Renee couldn’t care less about her sick state and skim through the pages quickly.After a few moments, a pleased grin formed on her lips. “Good. I knew these lawyers weren’t as ordinary as they seemed. They’re worth way more than what he offered as compensation!”“Tsk, but they’re Stefan Hunt’s employees. How great can they be?” Liam questioned, crossing his legs while leaning against the side rails of her bed. “I know lots of lawyers who are better than them. If you need any, I can give you some recommendations.” “No, I want them,” Renee said with a determined expression. She seemed in a great mood, absolutely unbothered by her divorce.“Boss, are you planning something? I feel like I can smell a scheme coming our way.” Liam expressed sheer excitement.‘Four years! It’s been four whole years! I’m so thrilled the goddess herself h
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Chapter 8
Stefan stood tall and proud, an indifferent look on his face as he pondered over his father's words.His eyes landed on Briar’s stomach, and he said dismissively, “As you can see, Briar is already three months pregnant. This child is part of the family bloodline, so she will need a proper title before the child is born. I’ve already proceeded with the divorce with Renee. Once we're legally separated, I will register my marriage with Briar.”Francine and Briar let out a sigh of relief at the same time after hearing this.However, this statement only made Alexander even more furious. He was on the verge of slapping his son. “You bastard! So, you’re serious about this?! You… You’re so foolish that you kicked your wife out to make space for your mistress! Are you insane?!“If Ren’s grandfather found out about this, how should he rest in peace? You should know that he used to be quite the soldier and was even appointed as an esteemed general! Aren't you worried that he’d haunt you in yo
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Chapter 9
If one could turn back time, Stefan was willing to risk everything to return to that night three months ago.That night, on the streets of Newrest, the two brothers were assaulted as they were chatting about the family’s future. Tristan had selflessly protected Stefan using his body and took a bullet for him. Moments before his death, Tristan mentioned that he had a girlfriend who he loved deeply, Briar Desrosiers. Moreover, Briar had just conceived their child. “Marry Briar and live on in my stead. Please… give them a complete family.”Stefan couldn’t possibly forget how his brother’s bloody hands held onto him, begging him with despair consuming him whole.Stefan would surely push his brother away if he could turn back time, as it would have been better if he had died instead.Hearing his answer, Briar continued with her pitiful act nonetheless. “Not only have you upset your father for me and the baby’s sake, but you’ve also hurt Ms. Everheart in the process! I feel really ba
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Chapter 10
Renee was extremely anxious when she arrived at the hospital. She was even more confused when she received the medical report from the nurse. “Ms. Everheart, according to your blood test, it would seem that your HCG and progesterone levels are higher than usual. You have been pregnant for a month or so.”“What the hell? I’m… one month pregnant?!”“Yes. Congratulations, you’re going to be a mother!”Even after the nurse had left, Renee remained rooted to the spot in shock. ‘There’s no way… right? I just fainted once. Once and I’m pregnant? How strong is my fertility? Or was it his fertility that was the problem here? Oh god, why me?!’However, there was no doubt that she was pregnant with Stefan’s child.About a month ago, the Hunt family was just finishing up with Tristan’s funeral as sorrow dawned upon the entire family. It was the first time Renee saw Stefan shed his distant and hostile act. He was so vulnerable that he seemed like a defenseless child, sobbing into his palms
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