The Stranger He Became

The Stranger He Became

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After falling for and marrying one of the most powerful billionaires in New York, Kylian Kincaid, Chloe believed her life was perfect. It truly seemed so until Kylian began to change. The loving man she had married was gone, replaced by a monster she couldn't recognize. Emma, her cousin, became the sole source of love remaining in her life. Heartbroken, Chloe decided to divorce Kylian with the help and support of her dear cousin, Emma, as she attempted to rebuild her life. Little did she know the betrayal she would soon uncover and the horrific incident that would leave her scarred forever. Unintentionally, Chloe caught the attention of another billionaire, Max West, who was even more influential than Kylian. He was used to getting whatever he desired. Max and Kylian had been rivals since high school. What happens when Kylian discovers that his arch-enemy, Max, has fallen madly in love with his ex-wife, Chloe? Kylian swore to get her back from this overly possessive man willing to kill anyone who tried to take Chloe away from him. Chaos ensued as Chloe was torn between these two men while she sought swift revenge on the one woman who had initially ruined her marriage. Who was this mysterious woman?

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2024-02-05 10:13:07
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emily parker
obviously her friend
2023-11-22 04:30:10
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Yin & Yang
Chapters 90&91 are the same chapters
2023-06-25 07:25:13
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Amazing story. Well written
2023-05-29 20:23:19
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Delinda Schumacher
60 chapters 5-17-23
2023-05-18 00:46:30
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Mandy Rice
oh my, this is so steamy. I love the romance between Max and Chloe! damn!
2023-04-23 04:27:00
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Mandy Rice
I’m officially blushing. Max and Chloe are finally about to have a steamy moment. Please more updates, author.
2023-04-18 01:14:36
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Mandy Rice
Can't wait to read. more updates please.
2023-03-26 02:03:28
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Mandy Rice
Another captivating book
2023-03-26 02:03:09
143 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Don’t you have the balls to tell me what I have done wrong? Why are you treating me this way, Kylian? What have I done to deserve this? Talk to me!” Chloe had yelled at her husband, Kylian Kincaid, while trying to stop him in his tracks."You filthy pretender! I should have known better than to be deceived by your looks and lies!" Chloe Kincaid heard Kylian's words echo loud and clear in her head, as he stormed out of the house. Those were his words to her three days ago, when she had yelled at him to tell her what was happening between them.His words felt like a thousand needles in Chloe's heart, and thinking and crying about them didn't ease the pain. She felt like she was given a front-row seat as she watched her marriage disintegrate into a living hell. watching, helpless to do anything about it.Chloe sat down on the king-sized bed she once shared with her husband, Kylian Kincaid. She stared at it morosely and sighed sadly."How time flies," she muttered to herself, running her
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Chapter 2
Chloe scanned through her side of the wardrobe as she towel-dried herself and pushed down the pang of pain as she glanced at Kylian's side of the wardrobe, resisting the urge to run her fingers over his neatly pressed suits. It would just make her cry all over again, and she didn't want that.Just as it has been for a while now, Chloe is rarely in the mood for heavy outfits and makeup. having lost the drive to look good since Kylian stopped looking at her the way he used to.She slid into comfy jeans and a casual shirt and didn't bother to check out her reflection in the mirror before leaving the walk-in closet. As she headed for the bedroom door, Chloe grabbed her purse and phone and slipped into her sneakers.She was late, but she didn't care. She was the owner of THE GIRLY LUX. A fashion house that produced one of the best lingerie brands ever sold in New York. While Emma's fashion store, LA BEVA, produced the same things, they have both been successful in their own rights. There i
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Chapter 3
"Good morning, ma'am," Chorused greetings followed Chloe as she pushed through the revolving doors of her fashion store with two cups of coffee in hand.It was a big store. Chloe's sweat and toil. She always felt a sense of pride whenever she walked into it. It was proof of her hard work. She was proof that she was not a quitter.She merely nodded at her workers and made her way to her office at the back. walking past rows of assorted lingerie, pajamas, and bikinis of different colors, sizes, and fabrics, hanging on racks and mannequins for display.A few customers were walking down the aisles of clothing, giggling and whispering, but Chloe wasn't even remotely happy. Though Emma had lifted her spirits and she had made plans to get Kylian back, there was still a sliver of doubt in her gut.a sliver that won't go away.She reached her office, and just before she tried to set the cups she was holding on the floor to reach the key in her bag, brown hands shot out of thin air and took the
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Chapter 4
Kylian refused to look at the woman he called his wife. From the sound of her voice, he knew she was crying, and while a part of him wanted to go to her and hold her, he stayed put and pinned his eyes on the papers in front of him.She's getting what she deserves, he told himself."Y-you don't mean this," she said, trying to assure herself."Chloe, what part of my wanting a divorce don't you understand?" Kylian asked. He knew he was being mean to her and had never spoken to her that way, but he didn't care.She had lied to him! Made a fool of him!"Why, Kylian? I've never done anything to deserve this."His head whipped up at her statement, and his eyes held daggers. "You deserve much worse. You pretentious cheat!"Chloe took a step back, her lips quivering as his cruel words hit her like bullets. "Don't talk to me like that. You know me, Ky. You love me.""No. No. I don't." He pointed at her as he said each word. "I could never love someone so shallow and filthy... Marrying you, Chlo
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Chapter 5
Emma left the sitting room and came back a minute later with a bottle of vodka. She plopped down beside her cousin, opened the bottle, drank a mouthful, and passed it to Chloe."You know," Emma started, "I think the divorce is for the best."Beside her, Chloe gulped down the vodka and asked gloomily. "What?""Your marriage was already an unhappy one. You cried every day," Emma said, taking the bottle from Chloe. "There was no way it could've lasted, and even if it did, you would never be happy, Chloe, and you deserve happiness." She took a long swig and passed it back to Chloe.Chloe miserably drank and hiccupped. "I called him a monster, Em.""And that's what he is," Emma agreed. "Don't go thinking you don't deserve happiness simply because you called him a monster."Chloe took another mouthful and passed it to her. "It hurts, Em.""I know, but it won't hurt forever. It'll pass. Get a divorce, take half of his net worth, and travel to someplace nice and...""I didn't sign for alimony
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Chapter 6
Chloe could see why the girl would think that. She had left her office in a hurry and hadn't returned her calls or texts.What could a seventeen-year-old possibly know about love and heartbreak?"Calm down, Ollie. I'm not in any kind of danger. I'm just dealing with some things right now.""Dealing with what?" Ollie gasped over the phone. "OMG! Are you pregnant?""No, I'm not--" But Ollie no longer heard her; the girl was on a roll."Because that would explain your absence, the way you looked unwell, and you're also ignoring me. Pregnant women tend to need their men to do everything for them.""Ollie, I'm not—" Chloe frowned."Oh my gosh, can I come to visit? You forgot your purse here last week, so I can use that as an excuse. The girls say you live in a mansion and have servants for everything. Oh, can I be the fun aunt? Because I know you wouldn't let me be the godmother while Emma is around. I'm great with kids, so...”"I’m not pregnant, Ollie. I'm going through a divorce!" Chloe
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Chapter 7
How did it come to this?The question had nagged in Chloe's head, snatching away her attention from all other thoughts as her long, shaky fingers deposited the signed divorce papers on the dark, polished table in Kylian's study—her ex-husband's study.Ex-husband. The finality of it left a bitter taste in her mouth, like charred bread.The scent of him lingered in the study, like he was sitting on his chair, poring over some important document. The stacks of books on high shelves testified to his touch in creases, and the urge to run her fingers along their hard spines filled her. But it was a jilted woman's folly.If I don't get out of here, I'll never leave, she warned herself. Then she turned to go, but as her hand felt the cold knob of the door, she looked over her shoulder, taking one last look at the place she'd frequented many times to bring coffee or call him to the warm confines of their matrimonial bed. She inhaled long and deeply, his scent hovering around her like a blank
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Chapter 8
CHAPTER 8Kylian had been too impatient to wait for his driver to return from wherever he had strolled out to; it was a matter he would deal with later. Kylian loathed incompetence, and it was an abomination to look away when he perceived it.Presently, his eyebrows remained furrowed, and his blue eyes stared intently at the road ahead as he accelerated, almost driving at a prohibited speed level.Maybe he could make things work. His mother had made a lot of sense, and her visit had got him reshuffling his priorities and recalling the vows he offhandedly declared on the glorified altar when Chloe was adorned so perfectly in her wedding dress, an envy to all spectators.If she was ready to make things work, then he perceived that they could feel the love that once dwelt in their midst.The tires of his Bentley scratched the tarred driveway, and he stopped abruptly in the compound. A quick inspection of the fleet of cars parked under an ornamental shade gave him a false assurance that C
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Chapter 9
The single unattached button at the top of the gray, sleek shirt exposed a great deal of muscular chest—Max's dedication at the gym was showing off. Not that he hated wearing his suit or loved showing off his muscular body all the time, but the plan before him made him sweat even though the air conditioner was below room temperature. Max loved to make a statement. And he wanted his work to do the same. He peered down at the design the company's architect had dropped on his desk a few minutes ago. There was something he had to do to add the West signature. All over New York, his work was known for its uniqueness and sleek touch. Most importantly, he knew the priority that particular construction carried. It was a proposal he had gotten from one of their biggest clients. Once again, he had beaten the "almighty" Kylian Kincaid in their little rivalry competition. And it had been the reason he dropped one of his credit cards the previous night, giving every worker at West Construction
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Chapter 10
A feeling of emptiness rose within her, and the house suddenly became distasteful. Emma had been generous enough to welcome her into her apartment, although she was now away. The gentle breeze cascading through the environment pulled the hem of her long evening dress in its direction while Chloe focused on the birds twittering happily on the tree a few yards away. She held the red wine in her hand with little regard for its fragile balance, lost in thought as her restless mind drifted to the unhappy circumstances that had taken over her once joyful and ideal life. She never thought she would be this woman, sitting on a lone bench, mourning her ripped-apart marriage. Nor had she devised the thought that Kylian would toss her out like a useless rag doll. The wine and the cool evening breeze weren't giving her the comfort she desired. If anything, the wind was trying to rob her of her garment. With straining breath, she lifted herself off the garden bench and dropped the wine glass
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