The Sage Story of Longwu Continent

The Sage Story of Longwu Continent

By:  Jimmy Chuu  Completed
Language: English
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Welcome to the Longwu Continent, the stage for five magnificent Empires ruled by high martial and magical talents. In the spotlight, a figure will gain fame and a brilliant scene. On this Continent, resources were abundant for those who mastered the two crucial talents: Mingzhu energy for outstanding martial arts and Nebula energy for mesmerizing spiritual skills. For those who do not possess both talents, their lives seem to be erased and forgotten by the world. Li Wei, a young man from the small town of Shuimiao in the Terra Empire, seemed to be a mere nobody with neither martial nor magical talent. However, he aspires to become a Sage, a half-immortal human. Luck arrived in the form of an unexpected encounter with a legendary creature one night, changing his life forever. Li Wei awoke to find that he possessed extraordinary talents in two things coveted by millions: martial arts and magic. These prodigies were not the result of mere chance but rather the intervention of a supernatural creature sea monster known as Longxu. Now, Li Wei enters the world of Cultivators and Magus on the Longwu Continent, carrying the promise of a secret society that makes him the target of truth-hungry experts. Will Li Wei achieve the dream of becoming a half-immortal as he desires? What is the big secret that makes him the hunted on Longwu Continent? Find out in this epic tale, "The Sage Story of Longwu Continent."

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Nice Book, keep Fighting!
2024-02-02 18:16:57
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i like the story
2023-10-21 14:41:15
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Saadia Gure
Does It mean the book ended Uncompleted? I don't understand dear author and the way i was glued waiting for new chapters
2024-02-15 07:29:29
70 Chapters
Shuimiao City
Chapter 1. Duk!The fourteen-year-old sat down. The first released by another child, who was the same age as him, landed heavily on his chest.Although blood flowed from his nose, Yang Shao and his friend Wang Yan did not become pity. There they bullied the child even more."It turns out that you are just a weakling! Entertainment house music player, with a maid's aunt, who is shameless!"Wan Yan spat once again on the face of the kid named Li Wei.He just kept silent, not daring to resist. Yang Shao and Wang Yan were students from the later rising Martial Arts School in Shuimiao City.The matter is only trivial.Just because of a girl named Chen Xin, who worshipped Li Wei for his cleverness in playing Erhu music, this Wang Yan felt jealous. He has long harbored a passion, making Chen Xin a lover.Unfortunately, Chen Xin is a gentle girl interested in musical arts. One night, Li Wei, with his aunt, was invited to a nobleman's event. He played Erhu music while his aunt danced a simple
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Two White-robed Figures
Chapter 2: Li Wei shouted for help, looking at the figure on the ridge that looked majestic as if it was about to crush him. "Help me!" but all that sounded was an incoherent hiss. Cold sweat broke out on his temples."I'm going to die!" cried Li Wei inwardly when the hooded figure was seen floating, with two fingers pointed at him, precisely at the forehead between his eyebrows.The sound of his robe rustling added to Li Wei's fear; he seemed hypnotized. Meanwhile, Xin Yue and Li Hua had initially run away from Li Wei."Hold the movement!" Two other figures instantly appeared from behind the night. They snatched quickly towards the hooded figure. The sound of a howling sword in the hands of this newcomer couple sounded, following the gust of sword wind; it was cold to the distance where Li Wei was sculpting.Trang! The palm of the figure seemed to be hooded, hitting the newcomer's two sword auras, bursting out in a harsh sound. The hooded figure was thrown back and instantly made a
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Black Hooded Longxu
Chapter 3. Eight years ago in Shuimiao Town."Since the beginning of the world, there have been five continents in it." The man explained seriously."Unfortunately, the existence of each continent is separated by a very long distance; ordinary people can't cross. And the ability to cross between continents belongs only to the elite." Li Tan said while looking at the little boy in front of him.Little Li Wei, sitting transfixed to the story told by his father, Li Tan. When he was six, Li Wei was very happy to hear stories of heroism, especially about heroes like the Sages.Li Tan continued the story. "Those are the five major continents in that world. The names are Xianjing Continent, Longwu Continent, Zhuoguo Continent, Tianming Continent, and Hengcheng Continent. The world is in a Universe called the Nebula."And the core story of Li Tan that made little Li Wei interested was about the Sages, demigods. They are the managing experts of Mingzhu Energy – for physical combat and Nebula
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Pigeon Trail Martial Arts School
Chapter 4. Li Wei woke up the next day when the time struck Wu Shi's period, which was between 11:00 and 13:00. It's quite a day to wake up from a long night's sleep. Wei Fang's aunt has yet to return home.Usually, if the aunt stays outside for work reasons overnight, Aunt Wei Fang will return home at the earliest when the sun is dusk the next day.That afternoon Li Wei felt that his whole body was full of a strange sense of comfort."What is this phenomenon? Never in my life have I felt such an incredible thing now."Li Wei tried to perform the martial arts moves he saw on the night of the Longxu fight.Tap – tap – tap. All his movements were very light.He tried again, not believing the results of the experiment.Hap! His footsteps felt sturdy and robust. "Is this because I have swallowed Longxu's Energy Pearl?" a spark of hope grew in his heart."Does this mean, I will be able to cultivate Mingzhu energy and be able to practice martial arts?" Li Wei wondered, hoping anxiously.Hi
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Audition at Martial Arts School part - i
Chapter 5. Seo Feng Jie and Jian Hua, the two arrogant young people, looked at Li Wei probingly. From the movement of the eyes alone, Li Wei had already guessed. The two young people are looking for loopholes, looking for their shortcomings, and then passionately will attack him verbally."Who are you and what do you want to this place?" Jian Hua made a loud voice. He bullied Li Wei, wanting to show his power as a senior.Li Wei gave Jian Hua a kind look. He wasn't afraid of the bluff. If it were Li Wei's figure two years ago, he might have shrunk already. But today is different. Li Wei now feels confident. After last night's incident, the process of transplanting the Energy Pearl from Longxu's figure-the energy pearl that many experts hunted, Li Wei was not afraid anymore.Li Wei smiled faintly. It is said. "Although I don't know how to control, let alone use the energy of Longxu Pearl, but I am not afraid of your oppression. At any time, there is no way I can even beat you!""Now t
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Audition at Martial Arts School, part - ii
Chapter 6. The sound of laughing loudly containing Mingzhu Energy resonated throughout the front yard of the martial arts school. Jiang Hong and Feng Jie staggered, but Li Wei did not budge, although his legs trembled.Master Seo Park emerged from inside the hall dramatically.His hair was combed slippery upwards to form a neat loop. At the coil's base, his hair is in locks with abstract carved silver clasps, which are useful to strengthen the hairdo and the character of the face. His face looked hard. Also authoritative. A moustache and a thin beard are decorations on that fierce face. Anyone who looks at Master Seo's face will feel respect for his appearance."Master Seo?" Li Wei hissed. He bowed low and saluted.The two young couples also bowed, saluting.Master Seo wears a long shirt lined with a silk coat. The satin belt is striking compared to the colour of the robe and tunic. Embroidery and embroidery with pigeon characters a beautiful look adorning the left chest of the red r
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Elemental Pen
Chapter 7. Huo Zhi came forward to fulfil the call as a participant in that audition.With steady steps, he pretended to be a flamboyant man. Hair to silver, shiny reflected in sunlight.The hall was wallless, so free sunlight poured in, some stopping by his silver hair.Since Huo Zhi's early arrival, the daughter of martial arts school master Seo Feng Jie has been captivated by her appearance.With his handsome face, he coupled with a cold and slightly haughty style-not to mention those expensive material clothes. Master Seo Park's only daughter girl instantly fell in love at first sight.Feng Jie scolded Huo Zhin."Come on, cheer up!" is a sign of the spirit of 'Jia you' - a kind of slogan or encouraging word according to the custom on the continent.Huo Zhi writhing mischievously, his lips curled upward. He served the girl with a flirtatious look.Suo Feng Jie almost fainted with happiness, apparently, for that.Meanwhile, Jian Hua, the girl's male comrade, the young man starting
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Yunxiu Bridge
Chapter 8. Shuimiao City, towards dusk, looks gloomy. The sky began to cloud, intermittently luminous lightning frightening. The sound of thunder sounded roaring, louder than the roar of the Lion. No one intends to leave the house when the dim resemblance to midnight paints the city.In that sturdy building made of special materials, the Pigeon Strip Martial Arts School stands.The school's signboard was written big in gold; the background was black and looked eye-catching.At that time, the five human figures in the Pigeon Trail School were in a state of shock. They were all glued to the audition performance in the hall when a simple-looking young man appeared to be clutching a pen made of crystal.The colour of the crystal pen was fiery red - brilliant like the colour of crimson cloth. Five figures surrounded the young man, looking amazed.In his entire life, when Master Seo Park always held auditions for prospective new students, no one had ever produced such a bright red tinge of
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Yunxiu Bridge, Shuimiao Town - Part two
Chapter. 9. The sky is dark. The sun was covered with mist and clusters of black clouds. The rainwater slapped Li Wei in the face. Pain is felt when entering between the eyes.Yang Shao and Wang Yan, the know-how has been in sight. The distance is only about one spear. The faces of the two teenagers are no longer fierce. Evil!Li Wei heard Wang Yang speak in a cold voice between the gurgling rainwater. It was harder than rain back then."Niece of the maid! I heard news. You are now a student at the Pigeon Trail School. And they said, 'You challenged me to a duel? Arrogant!" Wang Yan's face looked bad. He still holds grudges - old events.Chen Xin, the girl, cut off relations with him completely. Someone gave me the news. Wang Yan, with Yang Shao, tortured Li Wei after a night of performance in the past.That said, Li Wei almost died.Wang Yan was angry."You are of despicable despicable. How dare to interfere with my love affairs with Miss Chen Xin." It's a demon."Don't call me Wang
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Fire Element Heir Youth
Chapter 10. "I-I can explain everything...Please don't kill me. This is Wang Yan's wiles." Yang Shao was pale, his hands pointing fingers at the rigid figure.Yang Shao added a sad impression. He burst into tears. His behaviour before was like an adult. Vile and evil. But now he looks like a 14-year-old boy. The arrogance and cruelty are gone.Thunderous lightning, lightning flashed. The rainwater was getting heavier and heavier, but the gurgling sound did not block the killing intent in Li Wei's heart. Inexplicably, something dark energy surrounded his mind; it made him turn cruel.Li Wei came forward, stepping two ways, getting closer and closer to Yang Shao.The child howled even more. Afraid of Wang Yan's similar incident befalling him. But his voice was submerged in the gurgling rain, bouncing over Yunxiu Qiao's bridge.Li Wei whispered. Almost inaudible at all."Hopefully in your future life, reincarnate into a better person."Yang Shao glared. The charade of pretending to be
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