The Runaway Heiress

The Runaway Heiress

By:  InjilScribes   Ongoing
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Used, insulted, tricked. I've been happily married to HIM for three years. Although his family has always been mistreating me and believes that I don't deserve him, I didn't care. The warmth of HIS LOVE and CARE is enough for me to stay — OR SO I THOUGHT. In our 3rd wedding anniversary, that hope is smashed as my heart have been teared into pieces. The gift that he gave me will forever be engraved in my memory— the sight of him on top of another woman in our own bedroom. And as if that wasn't enough, he even insulted and humiliated me in front of his mistress before throwing the divorce papers on my face. Turns out that he never loved me, not even once. I'm just a temporary replacement, and now that the woman he truly loves is back, he no longer need me thus he discarded me life piece of trash. Enraged and broken, I left with a heavy heart. I was cornered, with no other choice but to go back to the place where I truly belong. After so many years of hiding, running, and pretending, it turns out that I'll still come crawling back to the place that I once ran away from.

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8 Chapters
The Wife
"How useless! It's almost three years since you married but you never get pregnant!" her mother-in-law, Valentine Miller, crudely said as she eyed her figure. "Well I guess that's a good thing, you aren't worth it to bear my grandchildren after all. Without children, it will also be easier for my son to divorce you once he got tired of you." The family of Phoebe's husband never liked her, specially her mother-in-law who seems to be wishing for their divorce the moment she married her son.Her husband's siblings and father wasn't any different, all of them disliked her. They would always throw her insults and humiliate her whenever they get a chance, that's something that neither she nor her husband can do anything about. There are times like this when her husband is at work, Valentine would specifically go to their house just to throw her insults."You're just a gold digger, not worthy neither of my son nor my future grandchildren." Like how it always is, Phoebe just quietly listened
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Something Has Changed
"Thomas!" slightly irritated by the silent treatment from her husband, Phoebe's voice slightly raised.She stayed up this late, she waited for him for hours, constantly worrying about his safety, and now he'll just ignore her?!Phoebe instantly marched towards her husband and faced him. Breathing for a few times to relax, then she asked. "Tell me Honey, where have you been this late? Was it tough at work? Why are you drunk?" pushing back the doubts in her mind, Phoebe decided to listen to his explanation.Finally, there was a response this time. Thomas sighed before holding his wife's small hands. "Sorry Honey, something came up at the office. I'm really tired, can I please rest now?" Phoebe wasn't convinced, she has a feeling that there's more to it. Something felt wrong but she decided not to press any further.'Maybe he's really tired, and so am I. I'm exhausted that's why I'm having these thoughts.' Phoebe sighed at the thought and tried to smile gently."Is that so?" she said in
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The sun has already risen, the birds are singing while the trees are dancing with the wind. Everything is so peaceful and relaxing.Phoebe woke up this morning with a wide smile on her face. She heard that her mother-in-law is outside the country again, meaning no one (or at least one less person) will bother her for the time being.Aside from that, she's also very happy with how things are going between her and her husband. Like she wished for, after the conflicts of the company has been resolved, Thomas also came back to her— going back to the same sweet, loving, and gentle husband that he is.They are definitely back to being happily married.As Phoebe continued to fix the flowers in the vase that she personally picked out from the garden, Anna suddenly asked her. "Madamme, your 3rd wedding anniversary is nearly approaching, do you plan on celebrating it here in the mansion?" the older woman asked her." Hmm. What do you think Anna? Actually, we've been celebrating our last two ann
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Cheating Husband
Phoebe held her tummy.Pregnant? He made someone else pregnant?Pain struck her hard. How could he? He cheated on her! How can he do that?!She felt numb, the pain, anger, and confusion made her like that. As quietly as she can, Phoebe left the study and went to one of the guestrooms.She's quietly sobbing."I-I..." Did he cheat because I can't give him a child after all these years? Why couldn't he wait? Why did he have to cheat?"Hngg..." Phoebe painfully cried as she held her tummy. "He could've waited." she murmured."If only he waited, he wouldn't need to do it with someone else. He got someone else pregnant..." light sobs can be heard in the whole room. "But I'm already pregnant. What should I do?" "Thomas, how could you? How could you? Why are you doing this to me?" Who's the girl? When did he start to cheat?"How dare you, Thomas. You promised me... You said you'll only love me, want me."-----"Phoebe? Wife, are you in here?!" It's been hours since she hid inside this gues
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Happy Marriage
"You..." He remained shock. I smiled and turned around to face him as I held his face, "We're going to have a baby." You're happy right? You want a child, there it is. So please don't leave me behind. Phoebe stared at his eyes, she watched as Thomas' shocked expression changed into a happy one. "I'm going to be a Dad!" He beamed and hugged her tight. Then kissing her forehead he said," Thank you honey. Thank you so much! I love you. I love you. I love you! "Phoebe's heart was overcome with joy.'This is how it is supposed to be. Me, Thomas, and our children. Happily living a complete family.' She thought."I love you more, Thomas. So, so, so much." she said as she closed the gap between them and gave him a full and passionate kiss on the lips. She felt him kiss her back with the same intensity. The kiss made her drunk from too much happiness. As if her heart would burst. Every flick of their tongue brought her immense joy and pleasure. It was full of love and passion. Like what it
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Uh oh— The Evil Mother-in-law is Back
Valentina is quietly enjoying her time in Hawaii when she got a call from her son telling her of his wife's pregnancy. It should've been a good thing, but not for her."What?! You're wife's what?!" she was shocked. She was thankful until now and thought that her useless daughter-in-law is an infertile.(Infertile: Someone who doesn't have the capability to have a baby or a child.)["Phoebe's pregnant, Mom. You'll finally be a grandmother, aren't you happy?] No, she's not. She's not even a tiny bit happy, if one is going to ask her how she feels as of this moment, she's mad and annoyed with the news. But there's no way she'll let her son know that."O-Of course I'm happy. " Valentina is fully aware that she can't openly criticize her daughter-in-law in front of her son, that's why she's been tormenting her only in secret. "Okay then, Son. I have to go now. See you when I get home. I'll love to visit you and your wife." Valentina put down the call without waiting for her son's response
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Who? Just the Richest Tycoon
"Sire, the investors are insisting to see you." A man in suit uttered.The sound that the friction between the pen and the paper create is the only thing that can be heard in that humongous office.Tension could be felt as a man just continue to sign papers. "Okay, I'll inform them that you said no." The man in suit once again said and left the office, knowing all too well what his employer meant to say.As the man left, the other stopped signing papers. "Those fools. Tsk." He put down his pen and massaged his nose bridge.The scene that the investors make is truly stressing him out. If only he could get rid of them once and for all, he will surely give up a million dollar just to do so.It all started four years ago, after he suddenly disappeared from public. He only worked from home and made sure not to be seen everytime he went out, not once did he also visited the company nor did he grace them with his presence in any meetings. He only managed everything from home.Nikholas Pierre
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A Bad Feeling
The sun is high up and everything is lively yet peaceful at the same time. Like the usual, Phoebe is seated in a bench inside the garden and watching the beautiful scenery in front of her."The weather is good." said Phoebe while looking at the sky. "Maybe I could go someplace? Hmm."Standing up, she decided to go to a mall.'Come to think of it, our 3rd wedding anniversary is right around the corner. Should I go look for a present?' the thought made her excited hence, she immediately got ready to go out.It's Wednesday and Phoebe's husband, Thomas, is currently at work. The only ones who're at the house are the maids and her.As Phoebe set her foot inside the bathroom, she started to get even more excited to go to the mall. Thinking about all sorts of possible gift that her beloved husband might like.'Should I get him a watch? A necktie? Brooch? Hmm.'After shower, she just did her makeup and dressed up a bit before going outside."Anna!" The maid who was busy doing something looked
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