The Rejected Luna is the Goddess' Blessed

The Rejected Luna is the Goddess' Blessed

By:  Myositisin  Updated just now
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Mallory was forced to watch as a vampire kills her family, only to accidentally trigger her ‘Blessing’ and killing the vampire. In her escape with her friend, Oddny, they got rescued by Leofric, who became her destined mate. However, he rejected her. Mallory went to find a clue to break their bond, and when their bond broke, the vampire attacked their new pack, and Mallory got kidnapped. Leofric could no longer feel their bond. After realizing what he's done, he desperately tries to find Mallory. But Mallory doesn’t want to involve herself with him anymore. She wants to part ways with him but to kill their enemies, the vampires, she needs to shake hands with him and cooperate. Now, how would Leofric redeem himself when Mallory can’t even stand the sight of him? And how would Mallory carry her duties as the Goddess’ Blessed when she had someone by her side that she didn't trust?

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03.08.24 chapter 10. I'll come back
2024-03-08 20:06:03
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Winter Grace
so far so good.
2024-03-08 18:55:34
85 Chapters
Chapter One: The Birth of the Savior and the Threat
VOLUME 1CHAPTER ONE (NEW MOON)ARC ONE: Landow Pack: The Landow’s Home and GraveyardChapter One: The Birth of the Savior and the Threat...Long ago, in a world ruled by vampires, the creatures of the night held dominion with their immortality and deadly prowess. Humans were mere prey, easily slaughtered without resistance. Terrified, they sought refuge in the forest and underground, desperate to avoid attracting the vampires' attention.Even werewolves, blessed with strength under the moon's glow, proved inferior to the undead. Their only defenses were sunlight and silver, but both had limitations; one can’t be with them for too long, while the other is equally poison to them. Faced with the vampires' unyielding immortality, werewolves retreated to the wilderness, hiding for survival.Then, a prophecy emerged, foretelling the birth of the Goddess Blessed. This prophecy threw the vampires into chaos, leading them to mercilessly hunt and slaughter werewolves in a desperate attempt to
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Chapter Two: History Repeats Itself
CHAPTER TWO (NEW MOON)Chapter Two: History Repeats Itself---She is The Goddess' Blessed, Was told to save her people from their fate. But the Goddess' Blessed couldn't save herself from her own fate.---“Mallory!” Damian’s voice rang out, making her look up in surprise. He was standing a few feet away, his hands on his hips, a playful grin on his face. His blue hair gently flowed in the wind. “Fishing again?”Mallory blinked, momentarily taken aback by his sudden appearance. “Damian! Yeah, I don’t know what else to do…” she replied sheepishly.He chuckled and walked closer. He looked at the bucket, half of it full of water. Fish swam in the tight space, wriggling out in an attempt to escape.Jokingly, he said, “If you keep this up, there will be a shortage of fish next season.” Then his eyes found their way back to hers. He beckoned. “Come on, we’re up for lunch. Ma and Oddny are preparing something delicious,” he said, reaching out to help her up.Mallory nodded, setting aside
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Chapter Three: Blood Gushes from Open Wounds
CHAPTER THREE (NEW MOON)Chapter Three: Blood Gushes from Open WoundsBang!Mallory instinctively sat up as the sharp, booming sound penetrated her ears. Her eyes quickly shut close. Her pale, skinny hands were pressed tightly against her ears, her whole person was trembling like leaves against a heavy storm. Amidst the cacophonous ringing in her ears, Mallory heard the distinct chaos happening outside the house.Woods were breaking. She could hear flesh tearing and smell blood in the air.Her heart raced, feeling a sense of familiarity in her heart. That made her almost deny the reality, but the noise of destruction and screams of terror only continued.This brought her sense of self, and immediately, she stood up and left her room to look outside the window.And just in time, she saw a figure piercing one of her kind with a rapier, its hilt covered in gold. The man looked down at his bloody chest, his eyes gleaming with malice and unacceptance.The figure’s face was slowly illuminat
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 Chapter Four: The Goddess’ Blessed
  CHAPTER FOUR (NEW MOON)  Chapter 4: The Goddess’ Blessed  At that moment, the noble vampire still had a person in his arms. He had his head down while diligently sucking on her neck. Mallory’s gaze slowly went down and realized how awfully familiar the figure in his deathly embrace was. Her body lay down on his lap motionlessly as if she were already dead, but the weak rising and falling movement chest says otherwise. Her hand was on the floor, the seashell bracelet scrapping on it. Her face was white as a sheet of paper, and her eyes were staring blankly at her.  Mallory’s pupils dilated and her breathing became heavier. Her mind went blank as her heartbeat accelerated. Deep in her soul, Mallory felt an invisible connection, which was a mysterious power surging through her body. She felt her body he
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 Chapter Five: The Unfortunate One
CHAPTER FIVE (NEW MOON) Chapter Five: The Unfortunate OneThe vampire suddenly felt a terrible premonition. Before he can process what it was, right below his neck was a glowing silver dagger, ready to separate his head from his body.He didn’t know how and when she did it, but suddenly Mallory suddenly got into his side with a conjured silver dagger. His eyes contracted and his brain almost froze. But out of instinct, he blinked and arrived far away across the room.If he had a heart like them, the Noble vampire feels like it would already burst from beating so fast.The slight comfort in the distance gave him gave him an opportunity to look at the dagger. He can clearly see it shine with silver light and concluded that it was made by silver or at least coated by. Mallory was clenching it in her hand, and the sharp blade of the dagger was pointing towards him.  
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Chapter Six: Losing Two Souls
CHAPTER SIX (NEW MOON) Chapter Six: Losing Two SoulsShe felt like breaking down. She can’t determine what’s real between what she was seeing and the memories in her head. Mallory’s eyes throb painfully that she kneeled down to bear the pain. When she thought that she can’t escape the cycle of pain, a small whimper dragged her back into reality. Mallory gasped at the cold, rusty air in her lungs, finally feeling life breathing into her. The pain disappeared like magic and her memories returned in order. Mallory panted, trying to figure out what had just happened. She heard a weak voice calling, making her entire body whip in that direction. “Melita!” Mallory stood up and abandoned her previous thoughts. She ran towards her while carefully avoiding the dead bodies on the ground. Her heart kept on constricting as she sees familiar faces, but she
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 Chapter Seven: Landown Pack, the Halfcrest’s home, and their graveyard.
CHAPTER SEVEN (NEW MOON) Chapter Seven: Landown Pack, the Halfcrest’s home, and their graveyard.Bang! Bang! Bang!Mallory raised her head in alarm.Far away on a corner, she saw the trapdoor rattling. There was someone trying to push it open. Mallory raised her vigilance and tried to find a weapon to protect herself and found the dagger. However, it was far away from her. She panicked. Mallory released her grip on Melita’s now cold hands.Her sense of self still hasn’t come back. Her emotions were still all over the place. She couldn’t think of anything else, but one thing; escape!She needs to escape. To live. Because by living, she can fulfill her promises–to grow stronger, to take care of herself and Oddny whom she has yet to find, and to live well.Mallory had long
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Chapter Eight: Traveling with Strangers
 CHAPTER EIGHT (NEW MOON) ARC TWO: Re-journey---Chapter Eight: Traveling with StrangersThe unit had traveled a distance away from the scene in silence.Everyone had one way, or another agreed to travel without a single noise except for the sharp stomps of the horses and the crisp sounds of the dried leaves under their hooves. They would stop occasionally to see if they were still on the right track and to take a break.Oddny and Mallory huddled together whenever that happened, and aside from giving them a few rations, the others ignored them. The two were relieved from the lack of attention and ate the small dinner they had in silence.Someone approached them and sat a polite distance away. Mallory looked up and realized that it was the person who shared his horse with her.Sensing her gaze, he smiled at her. Mallory froze dumbly, unsure what to do. Meanwhile, Oddny retrea
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 Chapter Nine: A Fun Person
CHAPTER NINE (NEW MOON) Chapter Nine: A Fun Person“Mallory…”Mallory raised her head only to see Oddny looking at her with teary eyes.Frowning, Mallory set her fishing rod aside and held her hands. She asked, her voice full of concern. “Oddny? What’s wrong?”Oddny bit her lips, hesitation was clear from her subtle actions. Mallory caught her throwing anxious glances toward the others who were with them by the river.It’s their first week traveling with the Exploration Unit which saved them from the pursuit of their mortal enemy; the vampires. During this week, Mallory had already adjusted to the atmosphere within the group. She thought Oddny did too, but she didn’t. Not even the slightest.As the oldest of them, she did everything to make Oddny comfortable. She hunted, foraged, and fished for
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 Chapter Ten: Facing the Truth and Awakening it
CHAPTER TEN (NEW MOON) Chapter 10: Facing the Truth and Awakening itContrary to her expectations, she couldn’t find the right opportunity to talk with the man. As usual, he was surrounded by others, making it hard for outsiders to enter the circle. She didn’t push it, afraid that she’ll annoy the only person who was kind to them.Although she was a bit dejected with the situation, she was still happy that he kept his word.There was truly no one who bothered them during the trip. The nasty glances they received were already close to none when they entered the last week of their trip back home. This lifted their heavy nerves, and even Oddny started to smile a bit more again.Because of their slowly opening atmosphere, a certain someone started bringing herself inside their comfort zone.“Mallory, Oddny!”The two darted their eyes toward an incoming figure. She was shorter than Mallory by two inches, her hair is colored like the soil, and her skin was tan. She had an amicable smile on
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