The Prohibited Abomination

The Prohibited Abomination

By:  Rylee J B Nichols  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I was just having dinner with some friends" I said causing him to let out a fake chuckle. "I heard you" he said suddenly. "Is his princess a little tease" Felix continued tauntingly before turning me around to look down at me with his eyes dark and jaw clenched. "Maybe he should know your not his" he growled out causing a shiver to run up my spine as Ezra's body pushes up against my back. Markus staring at me smirking evilly causing me to feel a bit worried. Suddenly my chin gets grabbed tightly pulling my chin up to look at Ezra. "Maybe we should teacher her who she belongs to" Ezra growled out causing me to stare into his eyes as my breathing increases with all their eyes piercing my skin. Follow Claire on her adventure to a new school after being taken from her parents. The school holds strangers who are not at all human. Will Claire discover the truth behind why she is there? Will she learn who she truly is? How will Claire go through the pain and torment from the other students due to the fact that she seems to be human. Will her tormentors become her lovers? And will she ever get to uncover the secrets of her life?

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Marsha Couturier
when is the next update for this story?? kinda just left it hanging....
2022-11-25 19:43:10
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T L Nichols
Great story so far, can't wait for more.
2022-09-30 23:33:16
38 Chapters
Chapter 1: School
Claire's POV:Walking through the dimly lit hallway I let a sigh escape my lips at the crowded area I now stand in.Trying to reach my locker I see two kids making out on it, well more like trying to fuck on it "you have to be fucking kidding me" I said while a groan escaped my lips.Feeling a little angry, mainly due to the crowd I walk over to the two before pushing them off "move" I growled out getting them off of my locker.Rolling my eye's I hear the girl scoff as I open my locker.Letting out a little laugh I shake my head before leaning my head back to look at the blonde girl."What?" I asked in a bored tone."What?!" the girl exclaimed in a loud voice causing me to sigh and move things through my locker to grab my books and note books for my first class."What, is your problem?" the girl finally asked getting closer to my face."I don't have a problem, you were just in my way and I have shit to do" I said grabbing a few pens and placing my main bag inside."Well whatever it is
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Chapter 2: Taken
Claire's POV:The door flings hitting the wall causing a loud bang and my mother to gasp.The light from outside the door shined in as if the dark clouds only parted to place light upon the two figures standing at the door step."You can't have her" my father growled and for a moment I though I saw his eye's glow a shade of orange but it must just be from the sun light peaking in past the two figures."Run" my mother said pushing me away a little but I don't move instead I stand there in confusion."Run" she yelled this time shoving me towards the back door.This time I listen, pushing open the back glass doors I begin running, the tiled patio soon turning into a grassy land as more trees came into view.I don't look back, or stop running small branches cut across me and one loges itself in my bare foot causing me to let out a loud moan at the pain but I don't stop my movements.I keep going my breathing getting heavier until I cant go anymore, my body suddenly becomes stiff like and
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Chapter 3: Waking Up
Claire's POV:A groan passes my lips as I turn a little on my side to feel pain scatter through my whole body."Claire" a woman's voice said causing me to feel confused, it didn't sound like my mother."Claire" the woman called my name again trying to open my eye's a bright light shines causing me to shut them tightly."Oops, sorry hun" the woman said with a little giggle in her voice."Mikael, make it a bit darker would you" her voice asked softly causing the man to groan a little."Fine, Elizabeth" his griff voice sounded out "and tune it down yourself how do you and Eli expect the angels to learn if you don't do it yourself" the man finished."You can open your eye's now" the woman said, so slowly I peak my left eye open to see the blonde woman in all white next to my bed smiling brightly.All of my memories suddenly flashed back at me causing me to gasp and move backwards towards the wall."It's alright" she said softly while reaching out to me."Don't touch me" I said roughly pul
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Chapter 4: Placement
Claire's POV:Looking at the door my breath gets caught in my throat "well hello Claire" the man says.He walks closer causing me to shuffle back a little "leave her be, Elias" Charles said looking at the man that found me in the woods, the one that controlled me."Well I haven't done anything yet, Im just simply walking into the room" he stated with a smirk a purple swirl going through his eyes when he looked over at me.I take a small gulp as my breathing intensifies "no need to fear much, unless of course you step out of line" he stated.Charles rolls his eye's "what are you doing here Elias?" he asked."Checking on the new student of course, Mikael told me she was up" he replied cockily."Anyway continue on with your conversation" he said walking over to a chair, sitting down and crossing his arms.Charles looks at me "so, what were you asking" he questioned."Oh, um I was wondering what an elder was" I stated and Charles nods his head."The elders are a group of some of the oldes
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Chapter 5: Room Set Up
Claire's POV:Squinting my eye's the only thought process I had was the need to put in blinds for the windows.Relaxing a little I let my eye's adjust to the morning sun rays, after awhile I stare up at the ceiling while letting out a little groan when realizing my surroundings.Sitting up I look around before looking towards the windows.The one on the right had a sudden movement outside of it catching my off guard.Slowly I stand up my head tilted to the right a little as I step closer 'this is how everyone ends up dying in a horror movie' I thought to myself while stopping my movements.Walking backwards I look down at the bags sticking out of one is a piece of glass which looks like it got stuck on the side like the bag was placed down on the glass.Reaching over I pull it out holding it in my hand I watch the window, suddenly light pink hair could be seen with crystal blue eye's popping up with it.The males eye's widen when he finds me staring at him.Walking up to the window wi
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Chapter 6: Tour
Claire's POV:After setting up the desk I start fixing all of my art supplies in between the two windows."Do you like the room?" Charles asked me."Very much" I said nodding my head."Good, Im glad" he said smiling at me causing me to smile back."Why do you guys have this room, if everyone's supposed to be in divisions?" I asked him."Well, when I started teaching here a few years ago I designed it" he stated like it was nothing."What?" I questioned him "then why are you letting me stay here?" I asked."Well, I made it for my mate, but I never found her" he said sighing "so I thought it deserved to get some good use anyway" he stated shrugging his shoulders."What's a mate?" I asked looking back at him."I forgot you don't know anything" he said quietly."Sorry" I whispered looking down towards the floor."No, don't be, I apologize I shouldn't have said it like that" he said."It's alright" I replied looking up at him through my eye lashes."A mate is someone your destined to be wi
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Chapter 7: Meeting An Old Friend
Claire's POV:For the rest of the weekend I practically hid away in my room only opening the door when someone left food for me to eat.The ringing of an alarm rang through the room causing me to groan and turn over.Rolling to far I land onto the ground with a loud bang causing me to let out a groan in pain.Slowly opening my eye's I reach up to the bedside table and press the alarm button to turn it off.Placing my face back on the ground I let out a whine about having to get up for school.Feeling frustrated I sit up on the ground before standing up and begining to make my bed, feeling a little satisfied when I'm done I climb down the latter.Walking into the restroom I begin to do my morning routine washing my face and brushing my teeth.Letting out a yawn I turn off the bathroom light on my way out.Going to my closet, I remember there isn't really a dress code, but each section is supposed to were a certain color to represent it.Vampires wear red, witches wear purple, demons we
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Chapter 8: Witches Are Bitches
Claire's POV:Opening the door I step inside to see everyone already sitting down causing me to hold my breath."Claire Thompson" Elias' voice rang out in a taunting manor as he turned in his chair to look at me "you're late" his words rang out with venom lacing them, causing me to swallow."I'm sorry sir, I did not mean to be" I stated in a quiet voice hoping for everyone's attention to be off of me."This behavior is punishable" Elias started but a woman cleared her throat from beside him catching my attention.The woman stood up a soft smile on her face "hello, you must be Claire" she said her voice coming out sweet and soft like honey catching me off guard.His hair was a deep red making her tan skin look paler, her face was like a rounded triangle with purple hues dancing in her eye's.She wore tighter clothing, her shirt being a tight button up with a tight black pencil skirt while her husband Elias stayed in the long trench coat, the same one I met him in.I have to admit she w
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Chapter 9: Meeting The Wife
Claire's POV:"Claire Thompson" Mikael said causing me to turn around."Here, let me escort you to your next class" he said standing up and dragging me from the room causing my eye's to widen from the sudden movement."What's your next class?" he asked and I looked at my paper."Umm, werewolves" I said in a whisper and he nods his head in reply.After a few seconds he speaks again "so, how are you adjusting?" "Fine, I guess" I said shrugging."You guess?" he questioned looking down at me."Yeah, I guess" I confirmed it and he rolled his eye's and gave me a pointed look practically telling me to elaborate."Well, its a good start you know" I said and he shook his head causing me to let out a breath "its as easy as can be, no friends, but out of three classes I already have five people who want to make my life a living hell" I said causing his eye's to widen."So pretty much like every other school, except this one the students have powers that they can easily kill me with without gett
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Chapter 10: Triplets?
Claire's POV: Vincents fangs graze my throat causing me to hold my breath."Vincent" a stern voice called out causing me to jump a little bit and Vincent to groan."Hello, Vera" he said leaning back to look at his wife."Leave the girl be, hun" she said walking all the way over to us.She gives me a soft smile while her husband pouts "but babe" he whined causing Vera to roll her eyes."No" she said sternly pulling him further away from me."We have a class to teach" she told her husband while fixing his attire."And you have a lot to learn" she said looking over at me and fixing my hair."So, lets go shall we" she said motioning to the door."The rest of the students are already inside" she said grabbing both of us to bring us into the class room.Walking in I look around the room, for the first time all the attention didn't shoot towards me making me feel a little bit better.The class was loud and people were throwing things around, laughing loudly, some of the students were standi
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