The Prince Pretty Witch

The Prince Pretty Witch

By:  Baby_Dottie  Ongoing
Language: English
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Noémie has a good life. A witch-in-training. Surrounded by her fathers and brothers and best friends. She's never known life outside of this. That was until she met him. Kalen. Kalen hated his life. A werewolf prince. Surrounded by envious relatives and strangers. Never fully trusting those that he meets because of the power he possess. He's never known a life outside of this. Until he meets her. Noémie.

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15 Chapters
Chapter 1
Thick welts of green vines bloomed with colorful flowers and weeds. They coiled amongst each other, tangled in a dangerous mess of pretty petals, poisonous bristles, and gentle lavender. The smell, slight and comforting, wafted from the entwined heap into the air, mingling pleasantly with the smell of my papa’s homemade fertilizer and my dad’s honeycomb. It was soothing. Sitting in the midst of my family garden, surrounded by the lot of pretty poisonous flowers, plump veggies, and thickening honey, it was something I found comforting. Perhaps it was the familiar smells that brought on my favorite memories. Whatever free time I have is usually spent here. I would be curled up at the top of my favorite tree, either with my tablet or my book, enjoying the atmosphere the garden offered. Hunkering down in the treehouse my dad made me, peeking out to watch my favorite plants slowly bloom and grow. Sweet strawberries. Ripening peaches and plums. Tart green apples. Blooming honeysu
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Chapter 2
I eagerly began to make my way towards our home. The idea of filling my stomach with as many grilled cheeses as I want excited me. Though the sun was shining, a cool breeze recently began to threaten the once warm weather. A warning that winter was approaching. Knowing that winter was coming, the craving for something hot has become a familiar occurrence. It usually happens when winter begins to roll around. Beef and potato riddles stews or spicy chili are my favorites for times like this. But since I'm hungry now, and papa doesn't have the time to make either one, I'll happily settle on a cheesy grilled cheese. I flung the door open, skipping into the kitchen. I tossed my gloves in their usual spot beside the door before making a bee-line towards the living room. I was tired from working in the garden all day and I wanted nothing more than to snuggle into my blanket cocoon and watch cartoons. Diving for the piles of blankets that I left on the couch, I easily manipulated it i
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Chapter 3
Papa hated it when people disturbed him while he was cooking. It doesn't matter what he was making. He could be boiling water, the second any of my brothers or my dad tries to talk to him, they get his wrath. It wasn't long before Antonio's dramatic tale turned into a squeal of pain. "What have I told you about coming into my kitchen while I'm cooking?!" Papa hollered. I peered around Joaquin, watching as papa dragged Antonio into the living room. With a firm grip on his ear, papa continued his scolding. "You may look like your dad, but you have my brain! How could you do something so stupid?!" "You just said I had your-ow! Papa!" Antonio screeched as papa tugged, "This is abuse!" "I'll show you abuse if you finish that sentence!" He threatened. Papa scowled down at my brother, rolling his eyes at the pout that grew on his lips. "You pout like your dad." "I'll take that as a compliment." "Do that." Papa turned his attention towards me. "Why did my second gremlin come barging
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Chapter 4
I wiggled out of my cocoon, ready to devour the mountain of sandwiches I’m sure my papa made me. My brothers hurriedly followed after me, stomachs loudly rumbling at the thought of eating their food. As we entered the kitchen, we were met with plates piled high with our desired sandwiches. I made a beeline towards my chair, plopping down and snatching a sandwich from the plate. Slivers of melted cheese and crunchy bacon poked from the sandwich. The bread was still warm, slightly greasy from the amount of butter he used to make it. I gave it a light squeeze, “Thank you, papa!” “Welcome, sweetie.” I sunk my teeth into the grilled cheese. Crispy bacon and hot cheese. It was one of the best things on earth. As my feet wiggled happily, barely chewing what was already in my mouth, I went in for another bite. I couldn’t shovel away like my brothers could. They both mastered the art of inhaling a mass amount of food. It’s a skill I yearned to have. “Slow down, Noémie.” Papa warne
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Chapter 5
“I smell sandwiches!” “Dad!” I squealed out with my mouth full. “Papa made me grilled cheese!” “I see. It looks delicious sweetheart.” He ruffled my messy curls. As I tried to dodge his rough tousle, dad turned his attention towards papa. “Do you think papa made dad any?” I grumbled, “I don’t know.” Papa snorted at my comment, swatting dad’s hand away from my hair. He planted a kiss on his sweaty cheek, grumbling in disgust at the feeling. “Tony, your face is covered in sweat.” “Don’t act like you don’t like it.” “Not when I’m not the cause of it.” Papa pouted. His pout grew as he gestured towards dad's shiny face. “This is disgusting.” “I’ll go wash my face.” “And I’ll plate your sub.” As dad left to wash his face, papa turned his attention to plating dad’s food. Unlike papa, dad enjoyed his meatball sub without any cheese. He’ll get a craving for one with it every now and then, but usually he enjoys it without it. It wasn’t long before dad came back downstairs. His face wa
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Chapter 6
I hated sweating. It made my curly hair poofy and I always felt gross afterwards. The yearn to scrub my grew as I laid sprawled out on the floor, huffing and puffing as I attempted to catch my breath. I’m taking a bubble bath as soon as I get home. Maybe I can convince my dads to let me use a bath bomb. I was in the mood to smell like a rose. “Break over!” A loud wave of groans echoed throughout the room. I slowly heaved myself off the cool floor, sauntering over to the cushioned rails. I easily shifted my body as the instructor demanded that we got in position. She glared at us, eyeing our position with a stern gaze. Her gaze would sharpen when she noticed something she didn’t approve of. A foot a few inches away from its proper place. A back not straightened as it should be. It took a few minutes before her gaze softened. She nodded in approval, “Good.” She gracefully sauntered over to the other side of the room, fishing a remote from her pocket. I forced myself to rel
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Chapter 7
Ruby snorted loudly when she heard that. Wandering over to where we are, Ruby joined me on the floor. She smugly teased Tawny, “I told you so.”“I forget that you two are so violent.”“You also forget that you're annoying.”“I’m not annoying!” Tawny scowls, “I’m unique. My mom says it's a part of my charm!”I giggled, “Uh-huh.”“Right.” Ruby sarcastically agreed.A playful scowl grew on Tawny’s face as we giggled at her. It took Ruby’s giggling turning into her familiar cackling snort for her to break. She shoved Ruby, “You sound like a pig!”“I can’t help it!” Ruby covers her face as she snorts again. “I’m unique! My mom says-”Tawny’s cheeks slowly began to bloom into a bright red. “Ruby!” She whines, “Shut up!” Ruby cackles at the sight of her flushed face. “Y-Your face!”“I can’t help it!” Tawny placed her hands on her cheeks. She slowly began to rub them, attempting to will the redness away. I raised my hands above my head, stretching my aching limbs as I listened to Tawny grum
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Chapter 8
The rest of the walk was full of playful banter. Antonio told me about his experiences when it came to salt baths. I giggled as he explained how Joaquin tricked him for taking a salt bath after a gnarly training. “He used his claws to cut me. Deeper than normal because he was not in a good mood.” “Uh-huh.” “I completely forgot about them when I wanted to take a bath.” He continued. “Do not do what I did.” He added with a snort, “The pain was horrible. Salt and open wounds do not mix at all.” “I’ll try to remember.” “You do that.” Antonio said as he strolled into our yard. “Let dad and papa know that I’m going to finish up my run with Joaquin. Will be back home a bit later.” “Kay!” I chirped as I carefully climbed down from my brother's back. Accepting my bag, I turned around and scurried towards the house. I know Antonio wouldn’t leave until he physically saw me entering our home. As soon as I entered the house, I could hear my parents arguing. It isn’t something that happens
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Chapter 9
“Traitor,” Antonio huffed to us. “I can’t believe he told on us.” Joaquin shrugs, “I can.” “What should we do?” As they quietly began to discuss a plan, I slowly began to inch towards the kitchen entrance. I wasn’t risking the chance to angering papa even more. The longer it took to show ourselves and face him, there was more of a chance for him to be angry at us. I would rather not have to face his wrath if I could help it. I offered an apologetic smile when I met the gaze of my fathers. Dad offered a warm smile back, waving me towards my seat. Papa kept his gaze on the entrance. “Of course my daughter is the only one brave enough to face me.” There was silence. “Do you think he’s talking about us?” “You’re an idiot.” I quickly climbed onto my seat, eyeing the spread of food papa prepared for me. A large bowl of sliced fruit with a sugary glaze drizzled on top. A pile of mini smoked ham and cheese sandwiches as well as a bowl of tomato soup. “Boys!” Papa snapped impatien
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Chapter 10
I eyed the slew of vegetables that were on the counter.Freshly rinsed potatoes and carrots clumped together in large bowls and cans of plump tomatoes.I hated the smell of fresh tomatoes. It was odd since I liked the smell of cooked tomatoes. It was something that my family and I could never get but it was an easy feat to fix. Sometimes I would help my papa and dad when it comes to preparing dinner, especially when it's about a request I make for dinner.With the wind cooling to an uncomfortable chill, I was desperately craving for stew beef and cheddar biscuits. “I’ll start peeling the potatoes.” Papa plucked the vegetable from the bowl. He eyed the potato, seemingly satisfied with the way it looked, and turned to me. “You can start cutting the carrots.” “Okay!” I chirped.Carefully picking up my knife, I grabbed the carrot with a glove covered hand. To my papa, I’m still too young to cut vegetables without supervision. To my dad, I’m also too young to cut vegetables without a gl
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