THE PACK'S ALTAMUNAR: The Vampire's Little Kitten

THE PACK'S ALTAMUNAR: The Vampire's Little Kitten

By:  R.K Austinnite  Ongoing
Language: English
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Imprisoned in the dungeon due to her forbidden lineage, Luna yearned for freedom and reunion with her family. Destined to two powerful beings—a vampire king and a werewolf—she unwittingly posed a threat to her pack. Even after eliminating the danger, Luna found herself locked away by the alpha, her dreams of freedom seemingly shattered. But fate took a surprising turn. One day, the vampire king, Ashford, devised a daring plan to rescue her and pledged unwavering support for her ambitions. "You poisoned her?" Luna gasped, her eyes wide with astonishment. A sly smile curled on Ashford's lips as he gently touched her nose. "You're grateful, aren't you?" he teased. In the magical world they live in, friendships will be challenged, trust will be broken, and Luna's future will change forever. ------ [Book 2 in the Series] Under The Midnight Moon Series Book 1: Moonbound Es Book 2: The Pack's Altamunar: The Vampire's Little Kitten (Note: Each book in the series is a standalone story, but reading the first one will help you understand the characters better. I highly recommend you check out the first one, but you can read this one and understand it as well.)

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LUNAPerhaps she was not going to have the chance to glance at the sunlight. It had been a month since she had been sitting in the dungeon, her mates had promised to do something about it. However, she hadn't seen any improvement nor been taken out.After she had brought threat to the pack she had grown into. She had gotten rid of the threat with most people by her side, she had thought getting rid of the threat she created was going to make her belong to the pack but she was thrown into the dungeon. She never knew what they wanted to do her now. She had always hidden all her life, always finding solace in her room and when she decided to get a little bit of freedom and found her mates. Everything crumbled when she was scented by the hybires and became wanted. All thanks to her vampire mate, she was able to overcome the hybires and get rid of them.She took in a deep breath as she glanced out the dungeon rods. She was clutching tightly to it and gazing out of the cell. It was dark bu
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"Do you know why you were let out of the dungeon?" Dean asked.Luna raised her head to look at him, he was staring at her. Their eyes locked, Dean brows furrowed, she was looking at the current Alpha in the eye. Despite the fact that she was his son's mate, he had been the one to throw her into the dungeon."I have no idea, why was I released?" She questioned.Ashford hadn't told her why she was released, he had only told her about her release. She remembered the first day she was trapped in the dungeon, she had asked him to release her in a way that the pack would know her worth. What did he do?"Father, she is just getting out of the cell." Adrian's voice echoed around the office. Luna spun around to look at him, he was walking in through the door and into his father's office. Unlike the excitement she had felt when she saw her vampire mate, she didn't feel any excitement as she glanced at Adrian, her werewolf mate."I haven't made an announcement about her release, how do you know
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Luna walked towards the current Luna and glanced down at her. Her eyes were closed, her body was pale and she was barely breathing. Luna was nervous, she hadn't tried to heal someone who was poisoned before. The only person she had healed was Adrian and it wasn't from poison.She rolled her hand around Luna's chest. Golden lights emitted from her hand and she placed her hand on Luna's forehead. The blue lights went through Luna and moved inside her. Luna waited and a few minutes later, Luna's eyes flung open. The pack doctor that was watching Luna eyes grew wide with amusement.Adrian and Dean hurried over to her as soon as her eyes opened. Luna made her way towards the door, her job was done and she needed to go home. She wanted to see her father, she wanted to talk to him and feel his hug. It had been a month since she saw him."Luna, Luna." The pack doctor called after her and hurried towards her.Luna stopped and glanced over her shoulder. "Yes?""Would you love to work with me and
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Ashford on the other hand walked down the stairs, he spotted Bartram moving around the dining table. He walked into the kitchen with Bartarm, the aroma of the food was intoxicating. "Smells nice, father." Ashford complimented.Bartram glanced at him. "Thank you, the food is ready but my daughter is a vegetarian.""I know that but don't you think she should eat some meat? She is a werewolf and a vampire.""The choice is hers." Bartram said. "Would you mind passing me the spoon please?"Ashford reached out for the spoon and grabbed it, handing the spoon to Bartram he glanced over to the dining table. Bartram had set up the table with different kinds of food and now he was stuffing it with veggies and no blood.Ashford walked towards the table, vampires do get enough strength when they drink blood and Luna hadn't drank blood yet except his blood. After both men were finished from setting the table. Luna finally appeared above the stairs, she had changed into something else. A red gown, t
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Ashford's brows furrowed in confusion. "If you become his Luna, then what happens to me?"Luna peered at him, since she was mated to two and Adrian was also her mate. Getting engaged to Adrian might be the first step she had to take to achieve what she wanted and she wasn't going to let it slip. Although she liked Ashford and prefered him to Adrian, she had made up her mind."Nothing." She replied."Luna, you can't unite them. Your mother tried to but it didn't work." Bartram reminded her. "You can't take the risk and Dean gave me a list of rules for you to follow if you want to stay in the pack.""What does the list say?" Luna grumbled, her frustration evident in her voice."You have to embrace your werewolf side and only use your werewolf powers." Ashford answered. "That's unfair.""That's the only way I can stay in the pack." Luna muttered. "This is the main reason why I want to unite the species. If I do that, I wouldn't be forbidden anymore and I would be able to embrace my full p
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Phoebe pulled away from the hug."You can't say you miss me too?" Phoebe asked, storming into the room she jumped on Luna's bed. "Everyone missed your absence.""I don't believe that." Luna shrugged. "No one visited, no one missed me.""I could have." Phoebe confirmed. "But I wasn't allowed to go inside, you were not allowed to receive guests and Adrian was busy with practice and now that the full blood moon is near. You are going to be engaged to him, Alexa is going to have a breakdown."Luna groaned, this was the second time someone was mentioning that witch. She wondered why Alexa was going to give up the one sided love she has for Adrian. It was not as if Adrian was going to like her back."What do you have to say to me? Why are you here?" Luna asked as she took her seat next to Phoebe.Phoebe sat up and peered at Luna. "There is a lot but first, I have to take you to meet my brother, he is waiting.""Waiting for what?" Luna asked."You have to go pick an outfit for your engagement
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Dean sat down. "You have to go now, she will be waiting for you. You have to pick a perfect outfit for the engagement."At the mention of Adrian going to find her, she hurried away from the door and stood five miles away from it. After a few minutes, Adrian stepped out of the door and his gaze shifted to her. Luna peered at him, he had tried to stand up for her and at least show some support. She wondered if he was out doing it because he needed a Luna by his side. "Luna, you came?" He asked as he approached her.She shifted uncomfortably at his intense gaze. However she managed to maintain a straight face as he got to her. Before she could respond, he pulled her by the hand and pulled her towards the other side of the packhouse. Luna surveyed the environment as he pulled her. She recognized the place, it was the direction to his room. Phoebe had taken her there but they only stared at the door and left. She claimed her brother never let anyone inside his room with him. Soon he was o
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"He knew and he was okay with it unlike you." With that she turned around and left the room, wondering why he brought her into his room in the first place. Perhaps he wanted to show her the painting and make her get comfortable with him."Mooncat, wait up." He called as he slammed the door shut. "Have you moved around Lunar Crest? Do you know where the market is?"He didn't need to rub it in her face, ever since she had been born. She had never moved around the pack, she does not know the direction to anywhere in the pack that she had lived all her life. She took in a deep breath and halted."Lead the way then." She muttered. "I don't know anywhere and you don't have to rub it in my face."Adrian fell into step with her and glanced at her, she had a frown on her face."I can show you around the pack." He offered."No thanks." She glanced at him. "I am not new to the pack and it would be embarrassing for you to show me around."He raised a brow. "Don't worry, I will show you around as
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Adrian glanced at her. "Right." He gaze shifted to Emmett. "We will catch up later."Emmett nodded and waited for them to get on Maddox. Luna tensed up as she glanced at Emmett waving at them with that same smirk on his face. They were different person, she tried to convince herself but it didn't work. Adrian was sitting behind her and she could feel the heat of the his body. He was clutching to the rope connected to the derewolf and it was in front of her.He turned Maddox around and headed towards the direction of the market. Luna could no longer see Emmett but she was sure that he gaze was still on them. For some reason, she felt better since Adrian's body was covering hers and Emmett couldn't see her."Are you alright?" Adrian asked."I am fine." She replied almost immediately."You look tense.""It's nothing." There was silence and she spoke again. "I am fine."She wished Ashford was here, she was going to tell him and find comfort in his hug. Adrian placed his head on her shoulde
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"Well, let's pick an outfit. Show us one to pick." Adrian's voice was hard and Luna wondered what was up with the behavior.Had that one month changed his behavior? She peered at him curiously. Ashford seemed to be different too but her father was the same. Phoebe was different but still the talkative she was.'I haven't seen her before.' Someone whispered as they followed the middle aged woman.Luna met the girl's gaze and the girl glared at her. Luna stared at the outfit the girl was wearing, the girl was standing next to another girl and they had a glare on their face.'Isn't she the lady that brought a threat to the pack?' the other asked.'What is she doing with the Alpha?' The first one frowned harder.Luna was expecting it, she knew they were going to say that at her back. Although she hadn't expected it to be as fast as this. Adrian was paying no attention to what the ladies were saying. Luna knew he could hear it and he decided to say nothing about it.She wasn't going to let
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