The Luna's Choice: Betrayed By My Alpha

The Luna's Choice: Betrayed By My Alpha

By:  Vixara  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Noah, Don't do this…please!” Lucy pleaded desperately. The storm clouds that had gathered above them as they argued, and the deluge that had followed soon after, seemed quite fitting considering everything that had gone on today. Almost ten years of devoted love had been thrown away in what to Lucy seemed like nothing more than a heartbeat. “I told you already Lucy, it's over between us. I don't want this anymore.” **** After discovering her mate's betrayal with none other than her best friend, Cassandra, Lucy didn't think that life could get much worse, but Cassandra wasn't finished with her just yet. After paying the ultimate price Lucy finds herself thrust into an encounter with the Goddess herself who grants her an opportunity to return to her previous life in an effort to save not just her life, but her babies lives too. Once she is reborn she is faced with a choice, does she continue to pursue the man who cast her aside so easily? Or will she find herself drawn to the man from her youth that she had all but forgotten?

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Rales Wise
Is this book going to be completed?? The last update was last year..
2024-03-17 19:48:08
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Estella D.
read reviews fironst always. and dont read ongoing books. i only read finished ones
2024-03-27 15:18:54
46 Chapters
Chapter One -The Beginning of the End...
“Noah, Don’t do this…please!” Lucy pleaded desperately. The storm clouds that had gathered above them as they argued, and the deluge that had followed soon after seemed quite fitting considering everything that had gone on today. Almost ten years of devoted love had been thrown away in what to Lucy seemed like nothing more than a heartbeat. Everything had been fine when they had gone to bed last night, and this morning when she woke, Noah was nowhere to be seen. She hadn’t thought too much of it at the time, and even now that small detail didn’t seem significant in the slightest but perhaps it had been the start of whatever this madness was that she was confronted with now. “I told you already Lucy, it’s over between us. I don’t want this anymore.” Noah hissed furiously as he tried to pull away from the fingers that grasped desperately at his arm. With a final violent tug, he managed to pull his arm free, but the force of the motion had sent Lucy sprawling on the floor in f
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Chapter Two - Betrayed Again
The Guest Quarters were a lot smaller than she was used to, but at this moment in time, Lucy was just grateful to be out of the cold. As soon as she closed the door behind her, she shivered and her teeth began chattering against one another involuntarily. Cassandra looked back at her in irritation and rolled her eyes as she made her way to the kitchen and flicked the kettle on. “Go and take a shower and get changed. You look a mess.” She snapped. Lucy scowled at her and wrapped her arms around herself as she moved across to the fireplace and stood in front of the roaring fire. “What’s going on Cassy? I thought we were friends..” Cassandra snorted as she pulled two mugs from the cupboards and set about making drinks for them both. “I told you to go and shower Lucy. At least get yourself warm before we have this conversation,” she replied imperiously, refusing to meet Lucy’s accusing glare. Lucy’s wolf was furious at the callous disregard in the way in which she spoke to her.
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Chapter Three - A Terrible Choice
Lucy wasn’t sure how much time had passed as she forced her eyes open, but the cold hard surface underneath her back and the pungent smell of disinfectant told her that something was wrong. Her eyes opened to be greeted with the sight of a dank room shrouded in darkness and a vicious pounding began in her head as a wave of nausea washed over her. It felt as though she had spent the night drinking and woken up with a hangover, yet all she remembered was drinking tea with…Cassandra. Icy fingers of dread worked their way down her spine as she tried desperately to bring her hands up to her head and at least try to massage it. It took her a second to realize that her inability to lift her arms wasn’t because of a lack of coordination on her part, but because something that was burning her skin was holding her in place.She bent her neck at an awkward angle to try and look around the room that she was in and as her eyes adjusted to the darkness she realized with a sense of foreboding that
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Chapter Four - Selene
As soon as the pain had receded, Lucy felt a strange warmth envelop her as she seemed to float above her body and look down on the scene below her. The sight of her blood-soaked body, the cascade crimson liquid that had splattered against the walls after the first incision now pumped out in slow spurts and pooled on the floor beneath her, didn’t fill her with any sort of emotion. The only sadness she felt was when she gazed at the still-swollen belly and thought of the life that her pups would never get to live. Frederick was bent over her lifeless body, sobs wracking his body as he wailed loudly, clearly not hearing the sound of approaching footsteps. “Ugh. Did you have to do it so messily? Goddess…no wonder this place is so disgusting…” Cassandra sneered. Frederick looked up at her with hatred burning in his eyes as she tiptoed through the blood on the floor and smiled happily down at Lucy’s lifeless body. “Perfect. Now I won’t have to worry about any nasty little surprises f
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Chapter Five - A Second Chance
As she fell through the darkness the warmth that had previously enveloped her disintegrated as a creeping chill washed over her. Lucy felt nothing but a resigned calm, knowing that she couldn’t fail. She had one chance at this, for her life and her baby's lives. A strange pressure mounted on her chest as a hazy light seemed to appear above her and suddenly she was tumbling in the currents of water that surrounded her. A mild panic seized her as her limbs began to encounter resistance as she moved them and she realized with a start that she was now very much underwater and desperate for air. Lucy looked frantically around her as she tried to find something, anything, that would pinpoint the location of the surface to her. The light that bloomed slightly above her and to the right gave her a good idea of where she needed to be heading and she shook the disorientation that she was feeling away as she dragged her arms and legs into motion, kicking desperately towards the surface. She
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Chapter Six - The Confession
“Lucy are you even listening to me?” Cassandra’s irritated voice sounded from her position next to her. Lucy tore her eyes from where Noah and the boys were playing beach volleyball and turned to face her former best friend with an unreadable expression. “No, I wasn’t. Sorry.” Lucy answered as nonchalantly as she could, fighting the anger that burned within her. Cassandra sighed dramatically and threw herself back on the lounger with an exasperated expression on her face. “Goddess Lucy, what’s with you today? You’ve been a little off with me since we first met up this morning. Is everything okay?” She asked, squinting her eyes up at her and wrinkling her nose. “Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that she ordered our cold-blooded murder and that of our unborn pups in a few years…funny how that changes your treatment of someone..” Maia growled. “She doesn’t know that though Maia, and it’s not like we can tell her either. How do you even accuse someone of something they
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Chapter Seven - Reliving the Past
It both saddened and infuriated Lucy that the mere sound of his voice could provoke such a strong reaction from her and Maia whined in agreement. She felt his body sit heavily next to her and his arm drape around her as he pulled Lucy closer to his side as he kissed the top of her head fondly. Every millimeter of her skin that touched his was infused with a comforting warmth and as it rippled through her body she felt her anger subside and a calmness wash over her.How was she supposed to figure everything out if she could still feel the pull so strongly? Damn mate bond. One thing was for sure, this time around Lucy didn’t miss the look of thinly veiled hatred and envy that Cassandra directed toward her as she was wrapped in Noah's arms. Cassandra stood up from the lounger abruptly, gathering her things hastily and with clear anger in her movements. “Everything’s fine. I just remembered I need to go and make sure everything’s ready for tonight. I’ll see you both later.” She sai
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Chapter Eight - A Forgotten Friend
Lucy made her way along the familiar pathways that led back to the University’s campus. The lake wasn’t too far from the center and she passed many groups of the younger students heading down there on her way back up. She smiled serenely to herself at the laughter of the people passing her, and inhaled deeply as the scent of honeysuckle wafted along in the warm air of the early summer. Even in her past life, whenever she had gotten even the barest hint of this scent, her mind had been flooded with so much nostalgia for her time here, and it was no different now. It sort of made sense, because she had technically already lived this life, and she had all of her memories from her time here before, even though she had gone back to this time period and had yet to make those memories in actuality, the paradox didn’t seem to affect her memories too much. All sorts of memories ran through her mind, the good times as well as the bad, and she chuckled softly to herself as she walked, reminis
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Chapter Nine - A Vision of the Past
The familiar smell of her dorm room assaulted her senses as she shut her bedroom door behind her and she smiled softly at the familiarity of this comfortable space that had been solely hers from the day she started. Lucy was luckier than most when it came to dorm rooms. Although the building itself was shared by many students, she had been one of the select few able to get her own personal room, as the daughter of two high ranking pack members. It was sad how their world continually seemed to revolve around rewarding the fittest and punishing the weak, but it wasn’t something that Lucy had been able to change in her past life much to her disappointment. Noah shared his fathers opinion, that defined structure within the packs ensured that everyone knew their place and minimized disruption. Lucy just felt that it was unfair that a wolf couldn’t improve their situation if they were born to the lower ranks unless they mated higher into the pack hierarchy. It was ridiculous and she h
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Chapter Ten - Cassandra's Ruse
“He has a perfectly good reason for rejecting her and casting her out..” Cassandra announced imperiously as she moved out from behind Noah. Noah’s father narrowed his eyes dangerously as an almost feral growl of fury erupted from his chest. “I wasn’t talking to you, you conniving little wench. Don’t EVER speak in my presence again unless I demand it, do you understand me?!” He roared as Cassandra’s face drained of color and she shrank back behind Noah. Noah’s face darkened instantly as he growled warningly back at his father and met his aggression head-on. “You have no right to speak to her like that. If it wasn’t for Cassy..” “So it’s Cassy now?!” His dad interrupted furiously, stepping forward and taking hold of Noah’s shirt by his collar. ‘Yes! You tell him! Traitorous bastard!” Maia growled enthusiastically inside of Lucy’s head. “If it hadn’t have been for Cassandra, then I never would have found out that Lucy was fucking other guys behind my back!” Noah roared as he force
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