The Lost Alpha Princess

The Lost Alpha Princess

By:  Riley Above Story  Ongoing
Language: English
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As the adopted kid at home, I’m ignored by my parents and verbally abused by my sister. I didn‘t expect I will see a stunning Alpha Billionaire standing in front of my door, with luxury gifts in his hands."So ... you’re Mr. Wilson's lost child." "No … Wait…what? What … what do you mean?” My mind spun. "I’m your fiancé," he said with an attractive smile.It has to be a joke. Expensive gifts, a billionaire father, and a hot fiancé….How am I supposed to process everything?!

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Hi ! May i know when is the next update ?
2024-03-02 15:04:40
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Christine Owings
151 chapters 2/23/24
2024-02-24 04:57:15
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How often is this updates?
2024-02-22 12:28:18
402 Chapters
#Chapter 1 The Bad Birthday
“Daisy, I’m so sorry that I can’t celebrate your birthday with you,” my only friend Amy told me over the phone. “I would definitely be there for you if I wasn't sick…”“Amy. It’s fine. I already got the cake you ordered for me and it looks delicious,” I said, looking at the small yet beautifully decorated birthday cake in my hand.Amy was my best and only friend at school. I wanted to tell her that school days when she couldn’t attend were long and lonely. But I don’t want her to feel worse.“I didn’t have my first shift last night, so today can’t be my actual birthday. You still have your chance to make it up to me,” I said.Orphans like me don’t know when we were born or if we are Alphas or Betas until our first shift. Werewolves never shift until midnight on their eighteenth birthday.Today was September 5th, the birthdate on my adoption papers. It was assigned to me by officials when I was only a few months old.A shy, geeky werewolf like me couldn’t be an Alpha, but I didn’t care
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#Chapter 2 A Missing Alpha princess
I turned away from the TV to keep my foster family from noticing my interest in the news. I especially didn’t want Andrea to see me staring at the handsome Alpha male who was the missing girl’s fiancé.I could still hear the reporter's words as he delivered the story. His voice seemed to echo through my mind.“So, I have a message for all you girls who will soon be eighteen,” the reporter said. “If you have thick eyebrows and naturally curly hair, please call the number at the bottom of the screen. You could be Alberta Wilson, the heiress of dying billionaire Alex Wilson.”“You should call the number, Daisy.” Cecilia tugged on a lock of my wild, unruly hair. “Maybe this is your real family.”Andrea let out a whoop of mocking laughter that made me cringe.“Daisy ... a missing heiress!” Andrea laughed again. “Alex Wilson is the leader of The United Association of Alphas.” She rolled her eyes. “No way is Daisy an Alpha.”“Sweetheart, stop it.” Cecilia winked at her daughter. “There’s no
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#Chapter 3 Three Thousand Dollars
Victor stared at his stained clothes, his face filled with shock and anger.I … I’m so … so suh … sorry,” I stuttered and rushed to the ladies’ room, where I vomited, over and over, into the toilet. After my stomach settled, I leaned against the wall to catch my breath. I threw up on Victor Klein! I’d never been this embarrassed in my life.I let myself slide down the bathroom wall until I was seated on the floor. Then I pulled my knees to my face and cried. What I had done wasn't good for the restaurant. What if Amy’s dad fired me? Where else could I get a job?I had to return to the dining room, find Victor, and apologize. Hopefully, Victor wouldn’t blame the restaurant for what I had done.After rising to my feet, I washed my face and hands before rinsing my mouth and checking my clothing and apron for vomit. They were okay. Most of my spew had hit Victor. Ugh! The situation was unbelievable.When I got up the courage to walk back into the dining room, I saw a young man I recognize
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#Chapter 4 The Test
I wanted to do the test as soon as possible, but the earliest I could schedule an appointment was the following Saturday. I guess there were more girls taking the test than I thought.I arrived at the clinic on time. The number of other girls my age with curly hair waiting for their turn with the nurses was staggering. They were seated in every available chair, but most stood in long lines as they waited their turn to speak to ten different nurses.I never saw so many girls with curly hair all in one place. As soon as one of the girls finished speaking with one of the nurses, another girl took her place. Many left abruptly after answering the nurse's questions, while others went through a different door and into another room.I overheard chatter from two curly-haired girls around me. They claimed the girls who left had been rejected when the nurses felt they couldn’t be Alberta Wilson. The others were considered possible matches and continued on to the DNA testing—the girls who were c
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#Chapter 5 Unexpected Fiancé
Early the next morning, I woke up and wished I could stay in bed all day. I hadn’t slept well, and I looked more of a mess than usual. But it suited my mood.I was about to wash up and go downstairs to eat breakfast when someone rang the doorbell. After pulling on my old sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt, I ran to the front door. It was still early, and the house was quiet. Cecilia, Andrew, and Andrea must still be sleeping.I looked through the peephole and saw Amy impatiently shifting her weight from foot to foot. What had her so excited already this morning? I opened the door and motioned her inside.“You’re up early,” I said as I led her to the kitchen. “Want some juice?”Amy shook her head. “Did you do the genetic test for Alex Wilson and give them the referral information?”“Yeah, why?” I replied while pouring myself a glass of orange juice.Amy held up an envelope addressed to me. The return address was Alex Wilson’s corporation.“Oh, yeah. I used your address. Cecilia was on
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#Chapter 6 Rejecting His Affection
All I could do was shake my head. I was too overwhelmed to speak. My mind spun, unable to accept what Victor had said. How could I be Alberta Wilson?And I didn’t want to be engaged to Victor. I couldn’t marry a man like him.Sure, he was handsome and charming, but I didn’t like him. How could I fall in love with a man I didn’t like? And he was used to dating beautiful female Alphas, like the woman with him at the restaurant. He could never love me.“It’s true, Daisy,” Victor said. “His voice was gentle and kind. “The DNA samples you gave at the clinic yesterday prove Alex Wilson is your father.” Victor gave me another charming smile that took my breath away.Looking at Victor's radiant, smiling face, I realized he didn’t remember me. That was hard for me to understand. If someone threw up on me, I’d never forget them. He must not really look at people. He probably hadn’t thought I was important enough to remember.“No! You have the wrong person,” Andrea shouted. Her eyes narrowed as
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#Chapter 7 The Alpha’s Mansion
The limousine drove into a wealthy neighborhood that I’d never seen before. The homes were large with well-manicured lawns. I was watching the expensive houses go by when I saw a high wall with a gated driveway.The gate opened, and the limousine I was riding in pulled in and traveled up the flower-lined driveway to a gigantic stone house.The house reminded me of a castle. It rose four stories into the air and was wide and deep enough to hold a hundred homes like the one where I had grown up. The front entrance was double wooden doors wide enough to drive a car through.Was this castle-like mansion to be my new home?The limousine stopped near the front entrance, and the Benson opened the door and gave me his hand to help me out of the car.Two older women waited by the open front entrance. They curtsied and said, “Welcome home,” as Benson led me inside the mansion.Other servants dressed in black with white collars and cuffs waited in the elegant entrance hall. The men stood on one
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#Chapter 8 Insincere Vows
“I hope I’m not interrupting anything important,” Victor said. He smiled confidently as he adjusted his tie and walked further into the room.“We were talking about Alberta’s future,” Alex replied.“Please, continue,” Victor said and sat in a leather club chair.“What were you about to tell me, dearest?” Alex asked.How could I tell Alex about the playboy side of Victor and his selfishness while Victor stood just feet away and smiled at me? Yet, I had to try.“I … I’ve suh … seen him before. I nah … nah … know things you … you duh … don’t nuh .. know.” I couldn’t continue. It was too embarrassing to sit there stammering while Victor grinned at me. I told Alex we would talk another time.Alex nodded. He looked tired and excused himself to go to his room and lie down.“But remember what I told you, Alberta,” Alex said as he made his way out of the living room. “You have a duty to this family and our kind to marry well and marry the man best suited to be our leader.”He made it to the do
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#Chapter 9 A Sweet Keepsake
I couldn't believe how casually Victor recited the sacred wedding vows. The way he seemed to mock and insult love and marriage was despicable. I got to my feet and put my hands on my hips.“Victor, how could you so carelessly make promises to me like that?” I asked. “Is being the leader of the United Association of Alphas so important to you that you feel it’s okay to make fun of something that means a great to me?”Victor stood and moved closer until his face was inches from mine. “Daisy, try to understand. Your rejection of me will hurt my public image. And I must be the next leader of the United Association of Alphas. Without the power of the office of the alliance's leader, I won’t be able to help others of our kind.”He placed a hand on my shoulder. “Power and wealth are the most important things a man can achieve. They are tools that will help me positively change our world.”I pulled away. “You can’t expect me to believe that you want to marry me just to help the world be a bet
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#Chapter 10 Mean Girls
I stood in my new bedroom the following day dressed in a fluffy bathrobe. I didn't know what to do after discovering the maids had left my old shirts and jeans at my adoptive parents' house. I had the debit card, but I had nothing to wear except the robe. And school started in an hour.I pushed the button near my headboard. Maybe I could borrow jeans and a shirt from one of the maids. The youngest maid looked about my size.But when an older maid arrived, she asked me to choose something from the closet.She opened the closet door, and pulled out a dress. It was made from a soft blue, shimmering fabric with a famous designer label.“Everything in this closet was chosen for you,” the maid told me. “It should all fit. Wear whatever you like. And let me know if you don't like any of them, I will remove those for you later.”"Oh...Okay. I like them all," I answered as quickly as I could. I was afraid that she would throw all these clothes away if I expressed any dislike. What a waste!I l
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