The Light Through His Darkness

The Light Through His Darkness

By:  Toxic_Sweetie  Ongoing
Language: English
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Isabella Knight, a caring and gentle young woman, works at her Mom's humble pastry shop despite their financial struggles. Wealth means little to her as long as she has her loving family by her side. Justin Antonio Martínez, a wealthy and powerful businessman, the owner of the Martínez Fashion & Design Industry Limited. Haunted by a tragic past, his arrogance and ruthlessness was well known to the prying eyes of the media. Although money has always meant everything to him, it has now become the top priority in his life. As Justin embarks on a quest to find the perfect woman to be his wife, he discovers a bright shining light in his world of darkness, Isabella. What unfolds when these two contrasting worlds collide is a tale of love, family drama, unexpected twists and redemption. Will Isabella's warmth be enough to melt the icy barriers around Justin's heart? Can love bridge the gap between their vastly different lives? Join them on a journey as they navigate through challenges, deceit, secrets and suspense that await.

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23 Chapters
The Plan
Justin Martínez POV "Sir, we have a problem." Noah, my personal assistant, spoke through my office phone and the blonde chick stopped in the midst of the blowjob. "Can it wait?" I questioned over the phone and I nodded to the blonde to continue. She smirked at me before she continued, once more and I relaxed in my chair while trying to enjoy the sensation of my cock in her mouth. "It is quite important sir, regarding your family's bank." The blonde... I couldn't recall the employee's name at the disturbing moment, but she slowly stood up before me, "Fine." I responded to Noah over the phone, "Give me five minutes." "Okay, sir." He confirmed. "Does that mean I should go, babe?" The blonde smiled, twirling a loose strand of her hair as her eyes remained on me. I buckled my pants while checking her out for the second time of the day. She's puny and was definitely not my type of woman, but she seems to be good in bed, as far as my cock could see, seconds ago. "Get out of my face..
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The Millionaire
Justin POV There was a knock on my office door and I answered by saying 'enter' then Noah walked inside with approximately ten employees. I inhaled a deep breath, taking up my cup of coffee from my desk. "Are these the individuals who are slowing down my company?" I took a sip as I leaned back in my chair. Noah nods. "Sir, please don't fire me." A male employee spoke, taking a step forward from the group. "I've been working here for almost ten years now and I've also been working for your father as well." I realized he was a web designer as he continued to plead for his job and reputation. "My wife is very sick and I have kids about to start school including a baby, sir." He slightly trembled in my presence. Noah looked at me with sympathy on his face and I raised a brow at the employee since I couldn't recall addressing him from the beginning. "I'm disinterested about whatever you have to say to me." I stated, callously before I took a next sip of my coffee with my eyes narrow
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Life Comes With Choices
Isabella Knight POV "Thank you for helping me with the orphans today, Bella." The headmistress expressed her gratitude. "You don't have to thank me, I had a good time baking with the children." I smiled at her. "May you be blessed and good luck with the opportunity of working overseas, the kids are going to miss you." She escorted me to the front doors of the orphanage. "I'm going to miss them too and please remember to give the toddlers their gifts when they wake up." I touched her on the shoulder and she nodded. "Absolutely. They will be so happy, but they won't get to see you." She exhaled, sadly. "I will try to stop by tomorrow." I reassured her as we stood at the front doors. "Have a safe trip." She told me, opening the doors and I nodded, exiting the orphanage to fetch a cab on the streets. ************ "Didn't you see him?" Pearl, my beloved best friend, asked as we both walked towards the bus stop and I sighed for the second time. She grinned, amused. Pearl and I hav
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The Form Of An Angel
Isabella POV I quickly joined the stream of pedestrians, making my way across the street as I glanced up at the towering skyscraper, where my Dad works for Justin Martínez. The company was rightfully founded in Justin's authority after his Father's tragic death and my sister has been dreaming of becoming a model for the company, but unfortunately she never got accepted. My Father accidentally forgot his lunch at home, which he tends to do a lot, so I had to be the responsible daughter as usual and bring it over since Jean is currently out with her boyfriend. After everything that happened yesterday, I wanted to cry my heart out, completely not ready for marriage, but I couldn't find my tears. My Dad has been encouraging me not to think negatively, but all I know is that this offeror could be a criminal, a psychopath or even worse, Justin Martínez himself, which would be completely chaotic, but why would he marry me, right, though he's in charge of the wedding. I'm already stuck i
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Wedding Drama
Isabella POV Jean, my big sister, exhaled a breath as she curled my hair like an expert and I admired her through the vanity mirror. It was apparently the wedding day, the dress was beyond elegant and the ambiance of the wedding was perfectly arranged including my hairstyle. The food, the presence of the Priest, the cunning bridesmaids who were clearly hired for the day and the graceful music; absolutely dazzling. There's approximately five thousand people and counting inside the church's divine sanctuary while the paparazzi and reporters were casually strolling on the outside as if this wedding was breaking news for the media. As Jean finished curling my hair, I turned around in my chair, watching her silently apply a light coat of mascara to my face. Curiosity filled my gaze as I observed her and breaking the silence, I asked, "Do you think the guy will be a good husband for the next six months?" "Well, I heard he's rich and I think he's an employee of the Martínez company,
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The Maids
Isabella POV I woke up to the warm sunlight streaming through the window and as I tried to roll over, a slight groan escaped my lips. But then I realized I was nestled in a bed that felt incredibly cozy, with the scent of a charming cologne wafting from the soft sheets and plush pillows.As my vision sharpened, I noticed the presence of a woman standing in the room. Gradually, I sat up in bed and she greeted me with a gentle smile.I took in my surroundings, realizing I was sitting on a luxurious queen-sized bed in a beautifully furnished bedroom, adorned in a rich, dark royal brown color scheme. Confusion washed over me as I questioned whether I was still dreaming or..."Buenos días, Señora Martínez." The woman greeted me, capturing my attention. Clad in a formal black and white maid uniform with the subtle presence of a few gray strands amidst her black hair which was styled in a bun, she exuded an air of elegance. "English, please." I mustered the effort to speak, even though
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His Palace
Isabella POV Once the servants finished setting up, Justin dismissed them with a wave of his hand and they promptly left the room."Take a seat, wife and let me explain what I need you to do for me." Justin said, motioning towards a chair at the table. I hesitantly lowered myself into the chair, which was positioned beside him at the dining table. My gaze shifted towards the mouthwatering breakfast spread that adorned the center of the table. "Can you stop calling me wife, it's quite annoying." I admitted; I was still trying to accept our marriage. He slightly chuckled, "Says the wife." I looked the other way, grumbling, until I heard him exhaling a deep breath, saying, "However..." "We will be meeting my family this weekend and I need you to be prepared." He spoke with demand in his husky voice as he straightened his tie. I raised an eyebrow, inquiring, "What do you mean by prepare?" "I need you to get this clear..." He said as he narrowed his attention to me, declaring, "You
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Isabella POVI was quite thrilled to find clothes that I liked and luckily there was a helpful female sales assistant who assisted me. I tried on the clothes in the changing room while Justin and the two bodyguards waited outside with the sales assistant. Most of the clothes fit perfectly, but for the ones that didn't, I returned them to the assistant. I stepped out from behind the curtains in yet another dress which felt like the millionth time. The bodyguards glanced at me and the sales assistant nodded with a smile, probably understanding my frustration. Justin, of course, was too busy on his phone to even look up. I rolled my eyes as I returned behind the curtains, removing the dress and adding it to the pile of others I had already tried on.I started trying on the undergarments, carefully examining myself in the mirror. After a few minutes, I finally tried on the last pair, a beautiful red lace bra and matching underwear. I couldn't help but smile as I held up my wavy hair
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The Party
Isabella POV "You look absolutely stunning, señora Martínez." Lora, the head maid, gushed.It was time to attend the celebration party at Justin's company though the wedding was orchestrated, but it had to appear authentic to the media.I was merely playing a role in Justin's crafted illusions. As I gazed at my reflection in the mirrors, I admired the way the light makeup enhanced my light brown eyes.My dress for the party accentuated my figure with a perfect fit; the fabric was incredibly soft and luxurious with a gold subtle shimmer. The dress had a flattering fit with a cinched waist, a flowing A-line skirt and the neckline was adorned with delicate lace detailing.My delicate earrings added a touch of sparkle, while the matching heels completed my dress and my hair was styled in soft, wavy locks. I was filled with uncertainty as I asked, "You really think so?" "Of course, señora Martínez, I would never deceive you." She declared, giving me a firm nod. "Thanks for helping me
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Dancing With Him
Isabella POV "Señor López and Señor Lucas, meet my lovely wife, Isabella." Justin introduced me to the two men, his hand gently resting on my lower back.They both appeared to be in their late 30s, exuding a vibrant Mexican aura.Although Justin's use of words caught me off guard, I chose to brush it aside and focus on the introductions."I'm López." I turned my attention to the man who spoke first. "It's an absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance, Señora Martínez." Señor López graciously greeted me, bowing slightly and extending his right hand. I cautiously placed my hand in his and feeling a gentle kiss on my knuckles, I smiled in return."The pleasure is mutual." I replied warmly as he released my hand.Señor Lucas stepped forward as well, letting me shift my attention to him while he spoke, "As the owner of the National Global Bank right here in the city, I extend my congratulations on your wedding.""It was a truly magnificent day." He said and I nodded."Enjoy the party."
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