The King's Wolfless Mate

The King's Wolfless Mate

By:  Ivy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rogues invasion was on the increase, most packs doubled their security and formed alliance with their neighbours for extra protection but for smaller packs that could not afford to double their security, they were invaded and destroyed by these rogue wolves. King Adrien the 36 years old king of all werewolf clans took it upon himself to visit all standing packs and help them in strengthening their packs well enough to fight off rogue wolves. He finally visits the red moon pack after postponing the visit for a week and was in the middle of a conversation with Alpha Tristan the Alpha of the Red moon Pack when he started becoming uneasy. His nose flared around and ears strengthened to know where the strawberry scent came from. Suddenly a servant walks into the meeting arena carrying a whiskey bottle on a tray and he immediately rises to his feet and takes her into his tight embrace before yelling the word 'mate' to everybody's surprise. All he wanted was one peaceful visit but after killing the Alpha of the Red moon Pack and taking Bella back to his castle as his mate, his life takes a negative turn as he struggles to handle the rogue invasion and getting his wolfless mate to have her first shift so he would not have to reject her and crown someone else as his queen.

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Great novel I highly recommend
2023-07-14 03:25:13
6 Chapters
Bella Smith, an omega and servant of the Red moon Pack is bullied by every member of her pack including by the Alpha's son.What will happen when King Adrien visits her pack and claims she's his mate.Will he reject her for being weak and wolfless or will he end the royal lineage and break the ancient law by marking her?Hello everyone thank you so much for chosen my novel to read, it's people like you that encourage me to continue writing.I promise you that you will not regret this journey, you won't regret clicking on this book neither would you regret adding it to your libraryLet's go shall we?
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BELLA'S POVI took my helmet from my nightstand and left my small apartment for school. I was late for my first class, but I hoped Mr Abel would not chastise me for being late.What was I thinking? Even though it wasn't my fault that I was late, no one wants to know if I had to get up at 3 a.m. today to scrub the floor of the entire pack house.I took a deep breath before entering the school building; no one was in the hallway because classes were in session, and I thanked God for that because I didn't want to be bullied today.I went straight to my classroom after retrieving my books from my locker.As expected Mr Abel yelled at me and called me various names before asking me to take my seat.Because there was only one empty seat, I hurried to it, bowing my head in respect to the Alpha's son, who happened to be my seatmate for the day.The bell rang immediately, and without waiting for Mr Abel to leave the classroom, Cassie, the school's Queen bee and Beta Christen's daughter, approa
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His body stiffened, and he drew away from his tight embrace, returning to his seat.Even though his embrace was tight, I almost reached out to grab his arm and wrap it around me again because of the sweet sensation it gave me.As he walked past them with his fingers balled up into a fist, everyone in the room bowed their heads in submission.I should have left the room right away, but my legs were too stiff to move."Get out!" Alpha Tristan yelled at me, and I quickly regained the strength to move and turned around to leave the room, but he stopped me again."Don't you dare move an inch," he said, his voice so powerful that it scared me.He jumped up from his seat and wrapped his hands around Alpha Tristan's neck."Never, ever speak to my mate in that manner again!" He yelled in a more ferocious tone than he used on me, and I saw Alpha Tristan struggle to free himself from his grip.He let go of him and took large steps towards me, making me recoil in fear.When he was very close to me
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I tried to cower and hide my skin under the blanket, but he yanked the blanket away and got off the bed."Get down!" He yelled at me, and I jumped out of bed.I stood naked in front of him, trying to cover myself with my hand as tears stung my eyesI watched him glare at my body before gritting his teeth and punching the wall behind him, making me jump up in fear."I'm not going to ask again," he said vehemently, and I gulped hard on my spit." many," I stuttered."A name," he growled."Alexander," I yelled, quickly covering my mouth with my hand.He punched the wall once more and stormed out of the room.I quickly grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around my body before sitting on the bed and sobbing.I knew I'd grown accustomed to how I was treated here and had stopped complaining, but my mate was about to make my stay in this pack ten times worse than it was.There's no telling what he'll do to Alexander after strangling Alpha Tristan.I'm not sure why that was the first nam
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I was awakened by the sound of people arguing.I thought they were arguing in my room, but when I turned around, there was no one there.So I tried to block out the noise by putting my pillow over my ears and sleeping back, but it didn't work, so I got out of bed."She cannot be crowned queen," someone yelled."I agree with Damian, she's too weak to be crowned queen of all clans," yelled another.When I realized I was the target of the disturbing yells, the sleep immediately left my eyes."I will not allow you to call my mate weak, and you will not disrespect her in my home," Adrien finally yelled angrily.A smile crept across my face at the thought of someone watching out for me, but it quickly faded when someone else spoke."She hasn't even shifted, how do you want to present a wolfless queen to everyone?" someone yelled, causing King Adrien to growl loudly.I got out of bed and left the room after hearing enough from this distance to have breakfast downstairs.I tried to be as quie
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BELLA I tried to jump out of the bed because I was having a bad dream but the chains on my left hand prevented me from going too far, waking me up in the process. Once again my wrist started to bleed from the cut, it had caused and I winced in pain. I looked around the dark room and gritted my teeth to prevent myself from shouting out in pain. There was no need to scream for help, since I've tried that since last night and no one answered me. I doubt they could hear me though because I was locked up somewhere in the basement. The only time the door was opened was when Sarah brought me my meals, which I always refused. I know I'll die here, so I don't need the energy that food would provide. As expected, I heard the lock from a distance, and a few minutes later, the lock on my door then slid open, revealing Sarah carrying a tray. I laid back down on the hard wooden bed and faced the wall to avoid making eye contact with her. I knew she'd have the typical pitying expression, and I
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